Your free weekly astrological overview January 2nd – 8th 2012

8th – mercury into Capricorn

Yup, it’s a quiet introduction to 2012, which suits the current Sun in Capricorn style – less is more when it comes to grand openings, especially when it comes to bells, whistles and bling.

Mercury moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn on the 8th ends a long journey for Mercury; it normally fast tracks through a sign in a month or less, but because of the recent retrograde phase there was a much longer pause to more fully experience all the joys of Sag.

Mercury, planet of mind and communication, was upbeat, uplifting and positive in Sagittarius when firing on all cylinders… but a little bit off centre or feeling slightly off colour and the positivity turns to over-confidence, over-stretching, and over-stepping the mark.

In Capricorn, mind and communication become focused on good timing, good support, and good structure. Off the mark, mercury in Capricorn is too reserved, too approval-seeking, and too fond of sticking to irrelevant rules and regs.

But in general, this switch in mood for Mercury gives us a chance to be more methodical with plans, more realistic about what’s currently achievable (not forever, just for now), and more respectful of those who have walked further down the path of life and grounded the experience into solid wisdom…. It’s also a week to connect with right mentors and teachers for where we stand now, and to enjoy the responsibility that comes with learning something new about tried and tested approaches.

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