Your free weekly astrological overview January 23rd -29th 2012

23rd – New Moon in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus , Mars retrograde trine Mercury in Capricorn

27th – Mercury in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra

28th – Mercury into Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus.

This week is characterised by new beginnings and a change in direction. New moon in Aquarius on the 23rd is all about finding ways to feel more free to be yourself and allowing others their space to do the same. Now is the time to conceive of ways you can be more open and true to yourself and what that might mean for you in future.

Jupiter squares this new moon, which means perspective is all important here; beliefs and opinions that used to bring you security (Jupiter in Taurus) can challenge the new you, but it’s good to feel that discord as it means you can change how you see things to be more in alignment with the person you are now.

Mars in Virgo helps with this, because also on this new moon day, Mars in Virgo begins a retrograde phase that will last till mid-April. Retrograde means that from our perspective on earth, it appears that the planet is moving backwards; it often coincides with a turning point in a situation that could currently benefit from a change in approach or direction.

Mars is the planet of action and motivation, so this reverse motion might indicate the best approach forward is actually to reverse or retreat for now. Or perhaps there’s a lesson from the past still to learn, or you are taking action that reconnects you to a previous path somehow.

Mars trines (harmonises) with Mercury in Capricorn as it makes the change of direction, which means thinking is clear and communication is constructive.

On the 27th, Mercury squares Saturn temporarily; which indicates potential communication problems due to feelings of lack of support, or lack of approval. Mercury/Saturn in challenging mode makes communication feel like a burden or obligation rather than a pleasure, so if it can wait, wait for a better feeling time.

Next day Mercury moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is all about becoming more open-minded, and tolerant of freedom of expression. Again, Jupiter moves into the mix by challenging Mercury’s ideas, so holding a perspective that works for you, and having faith in that perspective – courage of conviction, in other words – becomes important at this time.

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