Monthly Astrological Overview February 2012

1st  – Mars retrograde in Virgo opposite Venus in Pisces

3rd  – Neptune into Pisces

7th – FULL MOON in Leo  – Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, Saturn turns retrograde

8th – Venus into Aries

9th – Venus conjunct Uranus

13th – Mercury in Aquarius trine Saturn in Libra

14th – Mercury into Pisces conjunct Neptune

15th – Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

18th – Sun in Aquarius trine Saturn in Libra

19th – Sun into Pisces conjunct Neptune

21st – NEW MOON in Pisces conjunct Neptune trine Saturn in Libra

22nd – Mercury in Pisces opposite mars retrograde in Virgo

24th – Sun sextile Jupiter in Taurus

27th – Sun sextile Pluto

The Mars/Venus opposition on the 1st means as far as relationships go, thoughtful and precise meets dreamy and romantic, so calls and texts are bang on time, or perhaps it’s all said with flowers.

But the big news of the month is that Neptune moves into Pisces on the 3rd and isn’t shifting for years to come. Neptune is the planetary ruler of the sign Pisces, so it’s  right at home there, easy and comfy energy, romance-loving, and spiritual too.

On the 7th there’s a full moon in spotlight-loving Leo. The sun conjuncts (sits next to) communication planet Mercury in Aquarius, while the moon stands opposite, shining bright in Leo. It’s a warm and friendly combination of energies that amplifies the feel good factor of any situation or event.

And on the same day Saturn begins a retrograde phase (where it appears to move backwards) till June. This retro phase happens every year, so it’s not an unusual occurrence, and it indicates it’s a good time for a restructuring of plans or for reorganising a current set-up in order for progress and productivity to continue.

On the 8th, Venus moves into bold and feisty Aries, and immediately meets Uranus there on the 9th. Venus conjunct Uranus indicates unexpected or sudden events in relationships; sudden connections or disconnections, and an increased need for space and freedom to express individuality. Venus also loves to make the first move, which is a good sign for leap year lovers.

Mercury in Aquarius trines (harmonises) with Saturn retrograde in Libra on the 13th, which bodes well for good communication between anyone but especially within key relationships. This is an aspect that encourages clear and logical discussion, but don’t worry that emotions are going to be forgotten about because next day, Mercury moves into mega-emotional Pisces and immediately meets up with Neptune for a soft-focus, rose-tinted Valentine’s day special.

Meanwhile Venus is heading for a square aspect with Pluto on the 15th, which might mean the Valentine honeymoon is over quickly, as a Venus/Pluto square is challenging for all relationships, especially romantic ones. Don’t get sucked into or stuck in power struggles and messy emotional dynamics, as Pluto’s challenge is to transform toxic feelings by rising above them, phoenix-like, to a more loving perspective of self and others. Especially self.

Sun in humanitarian Aquarius harmonises with supportive Saturn on the 18th, which helps this process enormously; and next day the Sun moves into compassionate Pisces, and meets Neptune, which softens any sharp edges to situations, and encourages a go with the flow attitude.

This vibe is still strong for the new moon in Pisces on the 21st; the moon meets sun and Neptune, while still supported by Saturn’s harmonising trine aspect, which means there’s nothing flakey about this new moon, or the feelings it encourages to flow forth from folk. This helps dissolve potential communication conflict or misunderstanding before it starts, or at least mute its sharper effects, when Mars in Virgo opposes Mercury in Pisces on the 22nd.

And it also enhances the remaining positive aspects of the month: an abundance-orientated sextile aspect between the Sun and Jupiter on the 24th, and an empowering sextile aspect between Sun and Pluto on the 27th. Both bode well for finances and joint interests, but also for just general good vibes… Jupiter uplifts while Pluto intensifies, which means the Sun (creative power) is heightened in all ways for the remainder of February.

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