Your free weekly astrological overview February 6 – 12 2012

7th – FULL MOON in Leo, Saturn retrograde in Libra

8th – Venus into Aries

Full moon in Leo on the 7th is the party moon. Leo energy seldom needs much of an excuse to organise something fun filled and fabulous, and can easily find any cause for celebration.

Really this moon is about celebrating you. Shining through the creative and attractive power that you are. Some call it showing off, some call it pride, but whatever it is, this is the week for it. Attention-seeking often has negative connotations but don’t let others rain on your parade by telling you to tone it down; whatever it takes to be you will do.

Being bold and true to yourself is a theme this week as Venus moves into intrepid Aries, which means be brave and make a move, preferably the first one. Venus in Aries loves a challenge and loves to be swept away by the irresistibility of action, so the coming weeks aren’t a time for sitting back and waiting for fate to happen to you.

Saturn turns retrograde (appearing to move backwards) this week, lasting till June 25th.  Saturn symbolises the underlying structure of something, the foundation or plan of it, and in retrograde can mean revisions or restructuring is taking place, especially within relationships or contracts and agreements, as Saturn is still in the partnership orientated Libra.

It also represents construction and steps and stages in the formation and achievement of plans, so there may also be schedule changes, a turning point or change of direction when it comes to progress forward.

Saturn also represents limits and boundaries, so it can also mean on a positive note that a situation which has been throwing up barriers to progress now does a U-turn, clearing the road ahead for future use.

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