Your free weekly astrology February 21st to 28th 2012


21st – new moon in 12th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retrograde in 7th.

22nd – mercury in 12th opposite mars retrograde in 6th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 12th sextile Jupiter in 2nd. 27th – sun in 12th sextile pluto in 10th.

It’s a hazy, mystical, magical week for you with so much going on in your 12th house. This is all about illusion, spiritual enlightenment and transcendent love or on the other side, it can tempt you into debauchery.  It has the opportunity to be one thing or the other, or everything all at once.  There are such extremes in the universe.  You may find youself obsessing about someone and falling into a cloud like dream, or have a moment of instant enlightenment.  The new Moon is saying, make a wish to evolve your soul and open up to the true purpose of your life.  On the other side, if you don’t follow your spiritual calling, you may find yourself getting lost in alcohol, drugs or some extreme experience where you are trying to escape reality.  Take time to tune into yourself.  You should also have some very profound and intense exchanges with others.  These could even border on the dream like and make you confused as it’s all a bit mysterious and fluffy.  In a nutshell, you can be transcendent or debauched.  As with anything in life, it’s all up to you. 


21st – new moon in 11th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 6th

22nd – mercury in 11th opposite mars retro in 5th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 11th sextile Jupiter in Taurus.

27th – sun in 11th sextile pluto in 9th.

There is so much going on.  Something extraordinary should happen with your friendships this week.  It could be that you meet a friend from overseas who has a profound impact on you or that you suddenly work out what’s going on with all your friendships and let some go.You could even be inspired to look at how you are as a friend.  Have you got into some ruts or patterns?  This theme of friendships also spills over into your romantic relationships, where you’ll be asking whether you are each others friends or maybe even wondering why you are more like friends than lovers.  Look around you and see if there are those who need your friendship or a bit more of your attention.  If you surrender to all of this examination, there will be a real gift in it for you. Also, as new Moons are all about us making a wish and this one falls in the area of your chart related to friendship, you can make a wish for the kind of friend that you want or want to be.  I find when making an order to the universe, it’s always best to ask for the right thing for you, so ask the universe to send you the friend that is the right one for you in your soul’s journey.


21st – new moon in 10th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 5th.

22nd – mercury in 10th opposite mars retro in 4th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 10th sextile Jupiter in 12th.

27th – sun in 10th sextile pluto in 8th.

There is a stunning opportunity for you this week with so much going on in your 10th house, which is the house of your career.  As the new Moon falls in this house, you can make a wish for a new start in something career related.  At the moment, with what is going on in the wider world there can be a slightly depressing vibe where people are maybe giving up on their dreams to hang on to what they’ve got.  I believe that it’s important to hang on and nurture our dreams as what we think, we create.  In other words, make your wish about what you truly want to create rather than making it from fear or a feeling of scarcity.  Think about the joy you used to have in the past about work.  What was it that make you laugh or filled you with passion?  Ask the universe to bring you passion and joy.  There is a cosmic energy around your career and your desires. You need something that gives you meaning, and what you put out there should come back your way this week.  Make sure you feel you deserve any good thing that could happen to you.  When it comes to love, it’s all about communication. You want continuity and you want to express some more serious ideas.  If you haven’t been getting what you want in an existing relationship, part of you is going to want to explore whether it’s the right one  for you.  If you’re single, someone could turn up unexpectedly who could rock your world.    Ultimately, you should be the centre of your universe.  You are lovable, quick witted and brilliant and that’s what you want to be sending out into the universe. Make sure you love you and that you put out the right energy so that the universe can mirror it back to you. 


21st – new moon in 9th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 4th.

22nd – mercury in 9th opposite mars retro in 3rd.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 9th sextile Jupiter in 11th.

27th – sun in 9th sextile pluto in 7th.

This is quite a special week that kicks off with the new Moon in your 9th house that is conjuct Neptune.  This is all about new beginnings.  It’s also about a gift or a clue in the relation to the house it falls in and the 9th house is all about adventures, stretching yourself, looking at the world from a more philosophical angle and opening up to your adventurous spirit.  Regarding your love life, the fact that you are being more adventurous, confident and out there should have a massive and very positive impact on your relationships across the board.  It really is up to you to step into your power.  These really are extraordinary times and this really is an incredible awakening of your spirit.  It’s magical and full on.  Listen to what your soul is saying and to the warrior of love that is waking up within you.


21st – new moon in 8th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 3rd.

22nd – mercury in 8th opposite mars retro in 2nd.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 8th sextile Jupiter in 10th.

27th – sun in 8th sextile pluto in 6th.

The new moon falls in your 8th house, and it’s conjunct powerful, life transforming, soul awakening Neptune.  This might feel quite intense, especially with all of the other activity in your 8th house.  It will make you want to go within and especially to explore your shadow.  Anything that you’ve hidden about yourself or that you’ve sensed hidden in others is going to be revealed.  New Moons mean new starts and you’re fearless about dealing with any blockages or what is revealed in others.  And actually you’re in a good place to do it because it’s also all about being non judgemental. You can be a lot more understanding about yourself and other people’s troubles and woes.  It’s all about sex and transformation, power and powerlessness.  It would be well worth exploring what power means to you.  You’ll also be very charismatic, as though on one level you’re turning into a bit of a Scorpio with tons of depth alongside that fabulous compelling persona of yours.  Pay attention to your depths and dreams.   Tune in to what’s going on for you and ask what’s going on for others.  It’s magical, deep and intense.


21st – new moon in 7th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 2nd.

 22nd – mercury in 7th opposite mars retro in virgo.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 7th sextile Jupiter in 9th.

27th – sun in 7th sextile pluto in 5th.

What an incredibly important week it is with the new moon in your 7th house of relationships conjucting Neptune.  This is a beginning and an initiation into that.  You should be much luckier when it comes to love and you’ve got the potential to enter into a more spiritual way of being in your relationships.  As you transform, your relationships will too.  This is one of the great spiritual truths that we can harness in alchemy so that, rather than focusing on trying to change others who are only mirroring us anyway, we change ourselves and any relationship we are in has to change too.  You may have a revelation about the way you are.  Later on in the week, anything to do with travel should be very good for you.  You might also feel a bit angry or come across a few people who are angry.  You might feel that anger is unseemly, but anger in its right form and right place is okay, so don’t be frightened of your intense feelings if they do come up and don’t allow yourself to be cowed by the intensity of others.  Stand in your truth and radiate compassion and you can transform anger into clarity and evolve whatever situation you find yourself in.


21st – new moon in 6th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in libra.

22nd – mercury in 6th opposite mars retro in 12th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 6th sextile Jupiter in 8th.

27th – sun in 6th sextile pluto in 4th.

Much of what happens this week is down to the new Moon in your sixth house conjuncting Neptune.  New moons bring new beginnings, and I’ve been talking a lot about the major effects that Neptune is bringing.  For you, it’s all happening in the house that relates to health and wellbeing.  So you’ll be paying attention to your health and nutrition, but also paying attention to the details in your life and by changing those bringing about a big transformation.  If your first response is, hang on, I’ve been a vegetarian for years and do yoga every day at 6am,  so what could I possibly need to do to be healthier? Remember that it’s all about balance.  Overdoing anything isn’t that good for you, and that means the crash or crazy diets or obsessive exercising too and that’s what you’ll also want to be careful of.  Other than that, there could be a bit of magic, mystery, joy and some sort of sensual excitement that captivates you.  Overall, however, this is the beginning of the awakening of your soul.


21st – new moon in 5th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 12th.

22nd – mercury in 5th opposite mars retro in 11th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 5th sextile Jupiter in 7th.

27th – sun in 5th sextile pluto in 3rd.

This week is incredibly important. I’ve been talking a lot about Neptune bringing us all an awakening, and for you it’s in your 5th house which is all about fun and pleasure.  You should be feeling a lot lighter and much more open to fun.  It’s a heavy burden being a Scorpio as no one quite realises the pain that comes with seeing the truth in every situation, as you can do.  This week, you get to see that the truth also has a light side that you can overlook when you obsess over the shadow. You can see the joy in each situation and it all kicks off with the new Moon on the 21st.  This is your initiation into seeing the world in a whole new way.  The only other thing to be aware of is that as you change, you may become aware of friends who celebrate either when you’re down or when you’re up.  That might sound strange, but when we begin to change we can sometimes see that others don’t like it even when we are changing for the better.  If you suspect that there are those around you who seem to be happy when you’re unhappy, very gently steer yourself towards the ones who mirror their pleasure in your pleasure.  This week, you’ll be showing others a huge difference in you as you awaken to your childlike, playful side.  As with any other skill or quality, it might take you a while to fully integrate it into who you are, but this is the start of your life having a big sprinkling of happiness.  It’s like new superpower is coming your way, one that allows you to see the joy in any situation.


21st – new moon in 4th conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 11th.

22nd – mercury in 4th opposite mars retro in 10th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 4th sextile Jupiter in 6th.

27th – sun in 4th sextile pluto in 2nd.

I’ve been talking about the major effect of Neptune this year which is calling us all to awaken in what I feel is the major astrological event of the century.  It’s conjunct the new Moon, which falls in your 4th house, which is all about your home, closeness to people, feeling love and settled with the people around you.  The new Moon should give you a gift or plant a seed of new beginnings, especially around your home.  If you want to cast a wish about transforming energy in your home this is the week to do it.  Along with that, there could be a very positive change in relation to security.  Sagittarians are wild, free spirits who find it difficult to settle down but funnily enough Neptune is awakening your soul to the fact that you want some kind of security and some kind of loving, gentle comfort.  That’s not necessarily in a traditional way as you are an exotic creature, but you are opening up to the fact that you can commit to some things and this is a joyful experience for you.  This week is the beginning of it all and you deserve it.


21st – new moon in 3rd conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 10th.

22nd – mercury in 3rd opposite mars retro in 9th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 3rd sextile Jupiter in 5th.

27th – sun in 3rd sextile pluto in Capricorn.

This is it – the awaking has begun.  We’re all going through a massive shift and for you its all about communication.  You can awaken your soul through your ability to communicate.  This week brings a brand new cycle thanks to the new Moon whichis all about a new start or initiation into this process.  Cast out a wish related to your ability to communicate.  This is a magical and deep week that is bringing all of us a little unfurling of the soul. For you , it’s even stronger.  You can go through a transformation but it’s sweet rather than intense. 


21st – new moon in 2nd conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 9th.

22nd – mercury in 2nd opposite mars retro in 8th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in 2nd sextile Jupiter in 4th.

27th – sun in 2nd sextile pluto in 12th.

This week brings a magical incredible unfurling of your soul as the new Moon conjuncts Neptune in your second house.  This is all about security and a lot of people think that it just talks about financial security, but I believe that along with that it’s all about security within yourself.  It brings a deep grounding and commitment to who you are.  You can feel safe in the world with your feet solidly on the ground which is big news for you.  Usually your mind is in the future, but this is all about you being fully present as if you are grounded you can express all of your amazing ideas and should be feeling clear about it all rather than a bit fuzzy or out there.  Along with that, it’s as if you realise that being grounded and secure in yourself is a spiritual experience for you.  You spend a lot of your life running ahead of yourself.  Now you can be the genius that you are and it’s almost as if you’re being given amazing food from the Gods so you can feel abundant with your ideas but grounded at the same time.  Other than that, something from your past that made you want to run away could come up again, but you mustn’t run away from that.  The new Moon means that you can be reborn and you can stand your ground and transform.


 21st – new moon in pisces conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn retro in 8th.

22nd – mercury in pisces opposite mars retro in 7th.

24th – sun conjunct chiron in pisces sextile Jupiter in 3rd.

27th – sun in pisces sextile pluto in 11th.

This is it – the whole world should be in fanfare for you this week.  You might actually find it full on as the whole world is a bit you.  It’s officially your very own new year and it brings you a gift.  Make sure you ask the universe for a gift, a sign, or something fabulous.  Now, if you’re in your shadow you’re being debauched or obsessive or trying to escape in some way.  That could be your fear of really coming into your power.  It’s up to you now.  You have the fire of the universe within you and your soul is waking up to your creative ability.  Communicate, tell the world who you are and who you want to be.  If you recognise that fear is coming up, you should be able to recognise it and grow beyond it.  These are important times for us all, but it’s also your time so have the courage to sieze your moment and grow.

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