Your free weekly astrology overview February 27th – 4th March 2012

2nd – Mercury into Aries

4th – Venus in Aries opposite Saturn retrograde in Libra. Sun in Pisces opposite Mars retrograde in Virgo. Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries.

Communication planet Mercury moves into the assertive sign of Aries from March 2nd. Aries is an ‘as the crow flies’ kind of sign – straight to the point without bothering with the scenic route – which bodes well for messages and dialogue of all kinds as there’s less likelihood of crossed wires, or hesitant speech.

Mercury is also associated with the mind and cognitive process, and in Aries the mind works quickly and usually with a touch of impatience if others aren’t up to speed. Aries likes to take the lead, so leaping into action and making the first move is going make sense for the next few weeks… second guessing wastes time, and wasting time isn’t part of the Mercury in Aries agenda.

It’s a busy astro day on the 4th; lots happening at once, which Mercury in Aries will relish, especially as it’s included in the happenings, as it conjuncts (sits next to) wild child planet Uranus.

Mercury/Uranus can symbolise lots of unpredictable energy in situations, especially around communication. Expect unexpected messages, thoughts, and conversations. Uranus is the planet that symbolises all things electric, so messages might feel magnetic, highly charged, hair-raising, or just plain shocking.

Mercury/Uranus doesn’t play by the rules and likes to shake up stuck situations, which is something likely to help any situation that is reflecting the challenging Venus opposite Saturn aspect on the same day. Venus (relationships, money, values) is at odds with Saturn (limits, boundaries, authority), which means commitments and responsibilities might feel more of an obligation or burden than usual.

It also often brings up feelings of unworthiness, or issues around deservability when it comes to relationships and money; Saturn’s stern eye of disapproval can often trigger self-doubt around ability or right to receive, or around feeling lovable. Saturn often feels ‘not good enough’, and easily sees what is lacking in a situation, and it takes strong self-talk and a refusal to buy into negative reasoning from others to rise above old or empty expectations of love and abundance.

The Sun opposite Mars aspect, also on the 4th, is another powerful, challenging aspect but as the signs involved are not particularly confrontational then any clashes aren’t likely to come to serious blows; it’s more like creative conflict, which ends up more productive than destructive.

Mars in Virgo is driven by detail, Sun in Pisces is ‘big picture’ orientated. Who is right and who is wrong? It’s the nature of the opposition aspect to drive the message home that all sides in any situation have their place, and every perspective has a part to play, and this Mars/Sun aspect is no different; a blend of sharp mindedness and soft heartedness makes for an empowering rather than an overpowering kind of week.

Barbara is a psychic astrologer.  

“Wow!  I was blown away with Barbara’s reading!  Not only once, but twice!  Sometimes when things happen in life, you need somebody who is not a friend, who doesn’t know you (or the other person) to help you see things in another light.  This is what Barbara did for me.  Thank you – Barbara rocks!”  Michelle B

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