Free weekly astrology overview March 5th – 11th 2012

5th – Venus into Taurus

6th – Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

8th – Full moon in Virgo

It’s a week for grounding and stability, starting with Venus, planet of love, relationship, values and self-worth, moving into the materially-minded sign of Taurus on the 5th. Venus is happy in this wholesome, earthy sign, and encourages us to value our physical nature and harmonise with the physical world we are part of.

It’s also about appreciating what we have, even though there’s always more to receive, and the positive sextile aspect between Venus and Neptune on the 6th is going to encourage that kind of vibe in situations too, as well as promoting the value of love and romance, as this earth/water combination of planets is capable of setting up the kind of sensual love fest that can make a believer out of anyone.

The full moon on the 8th falls in the sign of Virgo, another earth sign, which compliments all this Taurus focus nicely. Full moon in Virgo can amplify fed up feelings, especially being fed up of clutter or chaos in situations, while enhancing the urge for order, stream-lining and efficiency. It’s the annual ‘sort it out’ full moon, so go with the Sun in Pisces flow and surrender to solutions and answers that are going to make life feel so much easier.

This full moon holds plenty of potential for growth and expansion too, as the pattern of planets includes the beginning of a beautiful Grand Trine aspect that is due to form into full alignment next week. It’s an aspect that again emphasises the earth element, and physical nature, and is designed for positive change and transformation. More on that next week…

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