Your free weekly horoscope March 6 – 11th 2012


8th – full moon in 6th

12th – mercury retro in aries

When we have a full moon, our batteries get charged but we sometimes feel extreme.  We have a full moon this week and it’s in your sixth house, so that means you should be thinking about looking after yourself.  The sixth house is quite subtle in that it’s all about small details having a big impact.  You’ve got the chance to reflect, spend some time on your own and think about the little things that could make a huge difference to you.  If you aren’t using this energy in a positive way you could find that you’re being very self-critical or insecure, or pointing out other people’s faults.  Try to avoid that as it could end up causing an argument.  Talk to yourself as if you’re your own best friend.  You are in control of the inner script and what we think, we create so that’s important.  Try and get anything done before the 12th.  You’re in quite a powerful position but tie up the loose ends before then.


6th – venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in 11th,

8th – full moon in 5th

12th – mercury retrograde in 12th

There are lots of lovely things going on for you this week.  You should have a lot of fun with friends and bask in some all round appreciation.  You’re feeling very friendly in general to loads of people and aware that we’re all connected.  The full moon gives you a dose of extreme energy around pleasure, generosity of spirit and sharing joy. We’re one big consciousness and it’s been scientifically proven that happiness is catching.  When you’re happy, it spreads throughout your social circle so get to it.  The shadow side could tempt you to debauchery or extravagance, so watch that. You might be doubting past spiritual beliefs.  We all have our own version of spirituality so try not to pull down anyone else’s beliefs as you explore yours.  If you’ve got any questions left unanswered, it’s best to try and sort them out before the 12th if you can.


8th – full moon in 4th

12th – mercury retro in 11th

For you, the full moon falls in your house of home and family.  Part of you wants to snuggle up with the people you adore and the best time to do that is around the 8th.  Our home is a reflection of who we are and also gives us a solid foundation for our vibration.  It’s useful to check in every so often to see if there’s a good match. Look at each room and ask yourself what it says about you and whether you need to make any changes.  Mercury goes retrograde or backwards around the 11th.  Up until then, you can communicate with the whole world as if it’s your friend.  Around that time, don’t worry about any misunderstandings or communications that go astray which is part of what can happen when Mercury goes retrograde.  Take it in your stride because otherwise life is sweet.


6th Venus in 11th sextile Neptune in 9th

8th full moon in 3rd

12th mercury retro in 10th

Right at the beginning of this week you might find that you’re in the mood for an adventure where you’re around likeminded people.  It lightens your soul and you feel a lot of love for others.  The full moon has a massive impact on you as it’s your ruler.  This time, it’s all about communication.  You can have extreme emotions around the full moon, so try not to blurt anything out and communicate with love and from the heart instead.  Do that, and you could have quite a profound talk with someone.  When mercury goes retrograde on the 12th, you might have some confusing conversations around work.  Don’t focus on it as you can transform it.  But if there is anything you need to sort out relating to work, perhaps it’s best to do it before then.


8th – full moon in 2nd

12th mercury retro in 9th

The full moon means part of you is digging deep and thinking about your security.  You’re full of energy to address what makes you feel safe and grounded in the world.  You want to be settled and have solid foundations.  Mercury is in the 9th house so that’s great as it makes you feel adventurous and in the mood to explore other philosophies.  Bear in mind that mercury goes retrograde around the 12th.  That’s usually linked to slowdowns or confusion.  I think you can influence that energy in a positive way, but just to be on the safe side, work along the lines that you’re going to get the most positive response to any travel plans or deep talks before then.


8th – full moon in virgo

12th – mercury retro in 8th

The full moon this week is in your sign which gives you blast of energy and magic.  Full moons take us to emotional extremes, so that’s great if you’re feeling fabulous but if you’re feeling sad, not such good news.  The moon does this to bring our feelings to the surface so that we can deal with them, so if you find tricky emotions coming to the surface, write them down, light a candle.  Find a way to work them through.  Secrets may be rising to the surface and you’re an explorer delving in to all things deep and sexy.  A secret from the past might come to the surface in an unusual way, or if you do need to have any deep talks, it might be best to stage them before the 12th when Mercury goes retrograde, or appears to go backwards.  You’re in control of your destiny, but it’s always great to work with the energy of the planets.


6th – venus in 8th sextile Neptune in 6th

8th – full moon in 12th

12th – mercury retro in 7th

Intensity and desire are the themes of this week.  We’ve got temptation versus the virgin, and you might possibly have a desire you shouldn’t.  Neptune is helping you to go to the depths of your desires without judgment and merge them with your spirituality.  Whatever you’re feeling around the full moon, make it open to your highest good.  Pay attention to your dreams and write them down and look to see what the universe and your soul is trying to communicate with you.  If you find yourself giving your power away to a desire, the gift is that you will be very conscious of it.  You’re in charge of your destiny, but if you want to work with the energy of the mercury retrograde around the 7th, you can either get any deep talks done before that date or pay special attention to your intuition after it.


6th – venus in 7th sextile Neptune in 5th

8th – full moon in 11th

12th – mercury retro in 6th

Everything connected to friendship is full on for you.  That’s great news if it’s all going smoothly, but any arguments are going to get more intense around the full Moon.  Avoid getting to any conflict but pay attention to any conflict that comes up.  It’s a great time to socialise.  It’s also a good time for romance and fun and having a great time with a lover when you can express all the deep love in your heart.  If you’re single, you can get out there and be a love magnet.  Mercury goes retrograde from the 12th, so if you’re tweaking any details designed to make your life better, do it before then as after that someone else might have a different idea of what’s important.   


8th – full moon in 10th

12th – mercury retro in 5th

Everything connected to your career is magnified and you’re thinking about it in an extreme way.  Bear in mind this could be a great thing as you’re passionately expressing your ideas, but if you aren’t quite feeling it that’s going to be intensified too.  This is all down to the full Moon, which is encouraging you to experience the full on version of your emotions so you can deal with them.  Mercury is allowing you to have fun, but as it goes retrograde it’s asking you to examine how you have fun, or maybe even connect with how you used to have fun (especially if you aren’t having any right now!).  It could also mean that others are a bit critical of how you have fun, but you can handle that.


6th – venus in 5th sextile Neptune in 3rd

8th – full moon in 9th

12th – mercury retro in 4th

You’re having pleasure and joy in your relationships and could be communicating on a really spiritual level.  You’ve got the chance to express yourself in love like never before.  Infused with adventure, you want to embrace new cultures and push yourself forward and express to the world that you want to expand in every direction.  Expect excess or revelations around the 8th.  Around the 12th, mercury goes retrograde and that could burst any pink bubbles around your home.  Up until then, it’s all looking pretty cosy but retrogrades have a way of slowing things down or reversing them.  Keep that pink bubble going in your heart, however, and any emotional spanners in the works will have much less of an impact and you could even turn it around altogether.


6th – venus in 4th sextile Neptune in 2nd

8th – full moon in 8th

12th – mercury retro in 3rd

The full moon is all about mystery, powerlessness, obsession and all sorts of things that are mysterious and beneath the surface.  The full moon is going to shine its light on whatever is hidden in you or others.  You might be tempted to do something naughty.  It might all be a bit disconcerting, but you can cope with anything that comes up and integrate it with your fabulous intellect.  You should feel very secure within yourself.  If you’ve been dealing with family challenges, the universe is cheering you on so look for signs and signals that will help you deal with anything that needs sorting out.  Around the 12th, you think you’re being clear, but it’s all a bit on full spin. Don’t let anything like that get to you and you can handle any curve balls that mercury chucks your way.


6th venus in 3rd sextile Neptune in pisces

8th full moon in 7th

12th mercury retro in 2nd

Exciting news in store for you.  You’re coming into your power and able to express yourself and your needs, supported by Neptune.  Neptune is urging you to add power to your sensitivity and express that within the world.  The full moon is going to illuminate whatever is going on underneath the surface of your relationships.  So if they are great, that gets even better and you’re fully energised.  If you’re in one that isn’t going on too well, don’t panic.  It just means that whatever you need to deal with will be highlighted and remember Neptune is on your side to help you handle it with a deep spiritual touch.  If you do have to get anything done, try and finish off before mercury goes retrograde around the 12th.  I’m not fatalistic about astrology, and mercury retrograde can be useful as sometimes we do need to slow down and take our time over things.  But if you want to work when the planets are pushing you on, tie it all up before then.

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