The magic of Mercury retrograde in Aries 2012

Mercury in Aries is all about speaking your mind. It allows us to express ourselves spontaneously, to be impulsive and generally speak our childlike truth. The shadow side of this is that as Aries is also the lord of war, people can be quick tempered, angry and aggressive. Use the transformative power of Mercury in Aries to give you freedom of speech but also count to ten if you feel like screaming! Mercury in Aries is volcanic and impulsive, truthful and charming, heroic and beguiling. If you have had problems expressing yourself or speaking your mind, then this Mercury can help you with that.

The message of Aries is, don’t leave things unsaid until you explode ( a Scorpio trait) but speak when you feel and things won’t mount up. Mars is also retrograde so if you are an Aries, you might feel as if things are in limbo, although really everything is preparing for a new cycle

Mercury is going retrograde on the 12th. It appears to be going backwards. Mercury retrograde often has a bad press. It is considered to be a bad time to sign contracts or rely on what is being said. It can cause travel chaos or bring about unexpected connections from the past. Mercury retrograde in Aries may bring you into contact with someone from the past with whom you have unresolved issues. Handle it with love. Take the Aries magic and know that you have moved on.  Aries experience something, react, forgive and forget! It also gives you the freedom to say ‘I love you’ and express your passion but make sure you do it at the right time, not standing on a table in the work canteen!

If you feel compelled to ring someone up to give them a piece of your mind from the past, Aries tells you you have better things to do, like have fun in the moment. An ex lover may be in contact but the message could be confusing. Old passions may surface but is it for real? Uranus is joining the fray (Mercury conjunct Uranus 18th March prepare for the unexpected) to bring about a shake up but Jupiter the planet of good fortune is being helpful and whispering “it’s all for a reason and that reason is for your greater good”

Mercury also slips into Pisces on the 23rd to bring up some old emotions. Go within and don’t get lost on a Neptunian trip of nostalgia! Experience the past but life is too exciting and too full of potential for you to need to relive it.

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