Your free horoscopes March 13 – 19 2012

Mercury, planet of communication, goes retrograde or appears to be moving backwards this week.  Overall, this can create a bit of mayhem and confusion and throw a few spanners in the works.  Its influence differs according to where it falls in your chart, but here is the overview of how it will impact all signs in general.


 13th – venus/Jupiter in 2nd trine pluto in 10th trine mars retro in 6th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in aries

 It’s a magical week with lots of opportunities, adventures and possibilities.  Pluto is bringing you regeneration and Jupiter is bringing good fortune.  Understand that you have an extra dose of charm when it comes to your career but you’re also being urged to pay attention to detail.  You’re also a bit of a love magnet this week and could be seduced away from taking care of the details in the pursuit of passion.  As Mercury goes retrograde in your sign and it’s conjunct Uranus, either you could say something that blows someone’s mind or someone could do the same for you.  It’s also possible that a past promise could rear up and bite you.  However, don’t focus on that – focus on joy, happiness and good fortune that is also coming your way.


13th – venus/Jupiter in Taurus trine pluto in 9th trine mars retro in 5th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 12th

Tidings of joy this week as Venus and Jupiter are in your sign, bringing love magic. Something unexpected, bright cheerful and expansive is coming your way in terms of relationships. You also have the opportunity for fun, adventure or travel or to do something that bit different. Push yourself to embrace it and accept the fact that change is good and accept the gift the planets are sending your way.  We also have Mercury retrograde that can send communications haywire and send emails astray.  Trust your intuitions but it might not be the best time to talk about what you are picking up.  Wait until you have some solid foundations for your hunches.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 12th trine pluto in 8th trine mars retro in 4th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 11th

Venus and Jupiter are in the 12th house trine Pluto in the 8th, so basically you’re feeling deep and intense.  An intuition or gut feel is going to give you the courage to make a big transformation.  Secrets will be revealed, mysteries will be unravelled and you’ll feel a lot clearer at the end of it all.  Mercury goes retrograde conjunct Uranus in the 11th.  It could be a friend says something shocking or unexpected, or perhaps they say one thing and you think they mean another.  Whatever you do, don’t jump to any conclusions when it comes to friendship.  Take your time before responding to things after the 12th as Uranus can cause a lot of complications.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 11th trine pluto in 7th trine mars retro in 3rd

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 10th

The fabulous Venus and Jupiter connection in your house of friendship is making you feel cheerful in yourself and great about friends and they are loving you.  It’s also trine Pluto in your 7th so you may develop strong feelings for a friend or one could declare strong feelings for you.  You’re feeling close and able to communicate what’s in your heart.  You’ve got the courage to go forward and be a Warrior of Love and could even heal a rift between you and someone close.  Around the 12th, we have Mercury retrograde, so even though your friendships are strong, you may feel argumentative and confused with someone at work.  Focus on the love and connection you have, don’t take this too seriously and know that it shall pass.


13th venus/Jupiter in 10th trine pluto in 6th trine mars retro in 2nd

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 9th

This week kicks off with Mercury retrograde and indeed there is a bit of the usual fuzziness associated with this.  For you, it’s conjunct Uranus in the house associated with travel, so if you do have any plans to get on the move pay attention to the detail or people could get confused about details of meetings or anything like that.  It’s also suggesting that if this comes up, you can go back to the past to transform what’s happening in the present.  You also have a lovely connection between Venus and Jupiter that means people are loving you at work and there should be a bit of extra good fortune around your career, connecting and communicating.  People are really responding to your open, golden heart.  Pay attention as one tiny detail relating to work could be the key to a major career transformation.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 9th trine pluto in 5th trine mars retro in virgo

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 8th

Pesky old Mercury is going retrograde.  Be very careful that you don’t go snooping about trying to unearth secrets.  Communication is unclear and, whilst you’re keen to go ferreting around in your or someone else’s unconscious, what you pull up could take you off on the wrong track.  Normally you’re the Queen or King of analytics but this week you could get the wrong end of the stick.  Be a psychic detective, but hold off until you’ve got concrete proof of what you discover.  The real good news is that you should also have joy and happiness related to travel or expanding your soul in some way.  I think that the real gift of this week is about opening up to new people and adventures that will stretch your mind.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 8th trine pluto in 4th trine mars retro in 12th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 7th

Mercury goes retrograde and causes a bit of confusion.  Whilst you’ve had a  lot of clarity regarding your relationships, this week could bring a misunderstanding.  Maybe someone will send you a text and you’ll read a totally different meaning to the one intended. Don’t let Mercury mess with your mojo and you should be fine.  Particularly as there is a fabulous aspect between love planet Venus and good fortune Jupiter.  You’re opening up to your sensuality and surrendering to your desires, whether you’re single or taken you might have a temptation that’s a bit naughty.  You’re also looking at your home.  Allow yourself to indulge yourself there and see the mystery and magic of your family.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 7th trine pluto in 3rd trine mars retro in 11.

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 6th

Please don’t be over self critical this week.  You have to look at how you see yourself and especially if that energy comes from fear.  Turn that energy into something positive.  Someone else might have an idea about how you could benefit by doing something healthy and you might not be that into it.  The very good news is that you’re breaking through and able to communicate much more clearly this week.  Also, if you’re loved up there is some love magic in the air.  There should be a lot of fun, joy and pleasure in your heart this week.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 6th trine pluto in 2nd trine mars retro in 10th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 5th

Mercury is going retrograde and for you it could mean a bit of miscommunication around fun and pleasure.  You might say something that someone takes the wrong way, but don’t take it to heart as better news is in the sky.  Something in your life is going to get serious or healthy and you’re getting news on how to transform things in a way that makes you feel more secure.  You feel that life is turning around.  You have the solution to have fun and also take care of yourself, and that puts your life on solid foundations.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 5th trine pluto in Capricorn trine mars retro in 9th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 4th

If you’ve been feeling really secure and loved up of late, something could happen that you don’t understand or that makes you feel misunderstood.  This is not the case.  It’s just a bit of Mercury messing so be patient and loving and all will transform very soon. You should also have a bit of joy to your relationships and something that brings a spring to your step.  You’re learning to love and have fun differently, to open up and be at one with yourself.  Your spirit is evolving.  Sometimes you might feel torn between adventure and commitment, especially to your family, but this week you have a clue about how to balance both.  


13th – venus/Jupiter in 4th trine pluto in 12th trine mars retro in 8th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 4th

Recently you might have been thinking how well everything is going but this week someone could throw a spanner into the works.  Don’t worry about it.  It’s all down to Mercury, planet of communication, going retrograde and tinkering with all of our mojos.  Just think before you speak and don’t leap to any conclusions.  You might want to change your mind about something you said in the past.  The good news is that you’re feeling close to your family, friends and home.  It’s the perfect time to have a dinner party.  You may have some kind of spiritual revelation that guides you on your path to transformation.  An awaking of spirit allows you to feel very secure within yourself and also reignite your passion and spirituality.


13th – venus/Jupiter in 3rd trine pluto in 11th trine mars retro in 7th

18th – mercury retro conjunct Uranus in 3rd

There could be something unexpected that makes you feel rocked to your foundations this week.  Do not fear, you are a warrior of love and this is an important time for you to trust your own sense of groundedness.  The joyful news this week is that you’ve got great communication and you’re opening up to share really deep truths with others and feeling loved by the universe.  Friendships are so important to you and you could meet someone you feel you’ve known for all eternity, so there is much magic to be had this week.

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