Your Moon Sign – the Difference Between Night and Day

When most people hear the word ‘astrology’ they usually think about Sun signs – the sign of the zodiac the Sun was in on the day they were born. The Sun’s all about us – our ego, our creativity and the particular way we interact with the world and often how the world sees us in return. Each sign of the zodiac has a particular set of personality and character traits which most of us are familiar with – or we’re at least familiar with our own and those of the people closest to us.

Moon signs are very different. Unlike your Sun sign which governs everyone born within a 30 day period, the Moon changes zodiac signs every two and a half days. And while your Sun sign is all about ‘doing’ in the world, materialism and fulfilling an ‘outer’ purpose; your Moon is all about ‘being’ and holds the key to your emotional needs and ‘soul’ purpose. The Moon resonates with who we truly are and what we really need. It is our inner emotional self. To put it simply, it’s literally the difference between night and day!

This can take some understanding as a big part of our soul journey can be unravelling the difference between our needs rather than our wants. Have you ever wanted something and known you couldn’t really afford it yet bought it anyway? If you have then this was your Sun sign talking to you as the Sun rules the ego (and also possessions!). On the other hand have you ever felt completely happy with what you had and how your life was unfolding at a particular moment? This was your Moon talking to you for she is the one supplying your needs. As we go through life our needs change and there will also be fluctuations on our soul journey – after all, doesn’t the Moon go through phases? But when we look within and start to understand the difference between our needs (emotional – love, security, friendship etc) and our wants (material – possessions, success, money), our needs will always be met once we begin to see that the Moon will always supply whatever it is we need.

As the Moon changes signs every couple of days it is also highly likely that most of you will have your Moon in a different sign to that of your Sun – for example, I have an Aries Sun but a Pisces Moon. It is the sign the Moon occupies that tells us what your emotional need is. For example, Moon in Cancer gives an emotional need for home and family. Moon in Taurus for roots and stability while a Sagittarius Moon will convey the opposite bringing an emotional need for freedom and adventure! So, once you know what sign your Moon is in, you can begin to understand the emotional need which is fueling your soul journey and go directly to that need and fill it. Once filled, you have completed a big part of the fabulous, mystical puzzle of understanding what makes you ‘tick’ which leaves you free to evolve in other areas of your life.

Your Moon sign is also related to motherhood and your relationship with your own mother and women in general. It can be very revealing about the karmic connection we have with our mother and even their personality.

You can easily find out what sign the Moon occupied on the day you were born by looking up your date of birth in an astrological ephemeris. There are many free ones available on line. Once you know your Moon sign then don’t forget to watch my weekly and monthly video forecasts for your Moon sign as well as your Sun sign because if you do you may discover what I have to say has increased meaning and relevance for you. If you would like an in-depth look at your Moon sign and how it affects both your emotional and soul journey, then a session with one of our talented astrologers can illuminate your path with the light of the full Moon.

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