Your Free Horoscope May 7 – 13



8th – Mercury in 1st trine Mars in 6th trine Pluto in 10th


8th – Mercury in 1st sextile Venus in 3rd sextile Neptune in 12th


8th – Venus in 3rd trine Saturn in 7th trine Neptune in 12th


10th – Mercury enters 2nd


  • Hidden opportunities emerge
  • News arrives to boost your wellbeing
  • Action can be an act of love now


Last week’s Grand Earth trine is quickly followed by two more grand trines and while both are out-of-element (in other words only two of the three planets in each trine is in the same element), they are occurring the sectors of your chart which relate to your assets, status, career and partnerships Aries.


Mercury planet of communication is still in your first house but on the 10th he enters your second which could herald good news concerning any actions you took relating to your career or finances during last week’s Grand Trine. But the good news may not just be confined to material benefits. On the 8th, Venus planet of love gets involved in the second Grand Trine taking place in your houses of communication, travel, partnerships, intuition and hidden opportunities. At the same time Mercury makes a dynamic aspect to both Venus sitting in Mercury’s own house the 3rd, and Neptune in your 12th.  Expect harmonious negotiations to take place in business or career matters. Your intuition is at a peak and could lead you to uncover hidden or missed opportunities or you could be surprised to learn you have a secret admirer.


In the midst of all this let’s not forget your ruler Mars. He’s part of the grand trine involving Mercury in your 1st and Pluto in your 10th – while opposing Neptune in your 12th. Aries is all about taking action. Standing still is impossible for you. But Neptune unveils the hidden power behind your actions by turning everything you do into an act of beauty and love. And in doing so you conquer all before you.





8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 1st


8th – Mercury in 12th trine Mars in 5th trine Pluto in 9th


8th – Venus in 2nd trine Saturn in 6th trine Neptune in 11th


10th – Mercury enters 1st


  • Business and pleasure mix
  • Social interactions bring unexpected benefits
  • Your soul path opens up


This week the Sun meets Jupiter in your first house where they are joined by Mercury, planet of commerce, and communication on the 10th. Expect a flurry of communications and some serious opportunities to come your way. You’re also on a lucky streak – or some people may see you that way as something (or someone) you’ve wanted for some time just seems to fall into your lap.


All this takes place against a backdrop of two out-of-element grand trines which follow on from last weeks Grand Earth trine. For you it’s all about attracting what you need now with Venus your ruler in your second house of your talents, assets and self-worth making a fabulous aspect to Saturn in your career sector. Meanwhile Pluto planet of transformation in your 9th house combined with Mercury in your 12th of hidden opportunities and Mars in your creativity section are all conspiring to put your feet firmly on the path you were meant to tread. We know you love routine Taurus but in this case resistance is futile – embrace the change.


Get out an about this week. You may find business and pleasure mix quite well especially if it involves large gatherings or groups of people. If travelling you could be surprised by an upgrade. If you find yourself sitting in first class ask yourself whether this is where you are really meant to be? You know the answer.





8th – Venus in 1st trine Saturn in 5th trine Neptune in 10th


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 12th


8th – Mercury in 11th trine Mars in 4th trine Pluto in 8th


10th – Mercury enters 12th


  • Dust off old projects
  • Socialise around the home – do your own Come Dine with Me
  • Is it love or lust?


Once more all of us are benefiting from Grand trines lighting up the skies. This week we have two out-of-element Grand trines – in other words only two planets in each trine share the same element. The other planet involved is in-orb but occupying a sign with a different element. For example – Venus is in your sign and Saturn is in your 5th house in fellow air-sign Libra. However, Neptune has moved out of Aquarius and into watery Pisces (your 10th house) but remains in-orb to the other planets. So, we have trines with ‘added elements’ this week.


The Venus/Saturn/Neptune trine in your 1st, 5th and 10th houses is all about how you can use the power of your creativity to attract whatever it is you want. Dust off that old creative project, business plan or manuscript. What is it you want to attract into your life? The Sun and Jupiter conjunct in your 12th house of hidden opportunities says you already have everything you need to get everything you want. It’s how you use your resources that counts. By the time Mercury your ruler moves into your 12th house on the 10th you should understand how to work this to your advantage.


In the interim you should be on the receiving end of some invitations or if not – why not issue a few of your own? Mars in your 4th house of home trineing Mercury in your 11th of friends and Pluto in your 8th of transformations says there’s no better time for a house or dinner party. However, if it’s dinner for two you’re planning is the main course love or lust? A friend of mine told me she once mistook sex for love – and it was great while it lasted! Just make sure you know exactly what’s on the menu before moving on to dessert.





8th – Venus in 12th trine Saturn in 4th trine Neptune in 9th


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 11th


8th – Mercury in 10th trine Mars in 3rd trine Pluto in 7th


10th – Mercury enters 11th


  • Possible conflicts between security and freedom
  • Siblings either help or hinder
  • Forget the hermit crab – you’re a social butterfly


This week’s out-of-element Grand trines force you to look at your need for security (always important for you dear Cancer) versus your desire to explore or perhaps simply be more in the world. There’s a deep seated need for stability and permanence on the home front with Saturn planet of structure in your 4th house. However, this week he’s all caught up in a trine with Venus in your 12th and Neptune in your 9th. Mysterious new horizons beckon.


What to do? On the 8th the Sun meets Jupiter planet of expansion, luck and long-distance travel in your 9th house. If you don’t want to go out and explore the world expect the world (or opportunity) to come knocking. You could run into people from far away or from radically different backgrounds to you right outside your front door.


If there’s a long standing issue between you and a sibling then don’t look to them for help this week. Both of you may exchange words – especially if a disagreement involves a partner. However, your sibling could be the best possible partner to approach with a business idea or plan now.


On the 10th Mercury enters your 11th house of friends and large groups of people where he joins the Sun and Jupiter. Ditch the rags Cinderella. You’re going to the ball.





8th – Venus in 11th trine Saturn in 3rd trine Neptune in 8th


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 10th


8th – Mercury in 9th trine Mars in 2nd trine Pluto in 6th


10th – Mercury enters 10th


  • Career- centric communications dominate
  • If someone new appears too good to be true they probably are
  • All the world’s a stage and you’re the actor, writer and director


This week Leo you’re the Magician. If you own a tarot deck take out the Magician card and study it. Notice how the Magician has a cup, wand, sword and pentacle on a table in front of him. This symbolises he is in control of all the elements. This is you this week.


Hopefully last week’s Grand Earth trine enabled you to take the first step towards a significant goal or dream. This week’s two out-of-element Grand trines now propel you down your path. With Mars planet of action in your 2nd house of talents and assets trineing Pluto in your 6th house of career and Mercury in your 9th house of mass media, law, entertainment and travel it’s time to showcase what you can offer. Sell yourself better than you have done in the past.


On the 8th, the Sun and Jupiter meet in your 10th house of status and reputation. Venus in your 11th house trines Saturn in your 3rd and Neptune in your 8th. If you’re meeting someone new, choose to meet them in a public place. If socialising and you meet someone who seems like a good contact check them out. They may be all talk and no substance.


Career issues dominate especially on the 10th when Mercury joins the Sun and Jupiter in your 10th house. If you have an interview or presentation to give it will be a command performance. Alternatively, play the role you have always wanted to in your own life. You’re free to be whoever you want to be.


The stage is yours to command.




8th – Mars in 1st, trine Mercury in 8th, trine Pluto in 5th


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 9th


8th – Venus in 10th trine Saturn in 2nd trine Neptune in 7th


10th – Mercury enters 9th


  • The question: Where in the world? is on your mind.
  • Relationships become life-affirming
  • You are the Law of Attraction in Action


Again, trines dominate the astro news this week. After last week’s Grand Earth trine in which your own sign of Virgo featured prominently, this week brings two out-of-element Grand trines (the third planet of the trine sitting in orb but in another element). Mars still sits in your first house and he makes a trine to Pluto in your 5th and Mercury in firey Aries. At the same time Neptune in Pisces in your 7th aligns with Venus in your 10th and Saturn in your 2nd – both in air signs while the Sun moves to conjunct Jupiter in your 9th.


Trines are basically good news but this one has you broadening your horizons in some way. Travel is highlighted and if you’re not literally packing your bag and heading to the airport ask yourself where in the world you want to go. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to experience but thought you couldn’t? This week put the landing gear up and start researching your destination at the very least. By the time Mercury enters your 9th house on the 10th, you could be further along with your plans than you thought possible. Where your energy goes now attraction will follow.


With Venus in your 10th house of status making sexy eyes at sugar daddy Saturn in your 2nd and sentimental Neptune in your 7th, expect all partnerships to enhance your life in some way. Single Virgos could find themselves swayed by an older, creative type.  Just for once Virgo let go of the ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and let them transform your world.




8th – Saturn in 1st, trine Venus in 9th, trine Neptune in 6th


8th – Mars in 12th, trine Mercury in 7th, trine Pluto in 4th


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 8th


10th – Mercury enters 8th


  • Life gets a make-over
  • You act decisively
  • Past actions impact on the present


The criticism levelled against Librans is often that’s it’s impossible to get a decision out of them as they see what’s on both sides so clear they take up permanent residency sitting on the fence. That was last week. This week sees you acting with decisiveness and wisdom. Solomon would be hard-pushed to match your judgement now, Libra.


Saturn in your 1st house trineing your ruler Venus in your 9th house of luck and adventure and Neptune in your 6th means that when it comes to decisions regarding your career you’re making all the right moves.


Of course, I mentioned make-over. Libra loves nothing more than a new look and you may decide to showcase your inner changes with a new image this week as Venus in your 9th propels you out into the department stores. Don’t worry. Saturn in your 1st ensures you stay within your limits. It’s not just about beauty – it’s about investment.


A lot of this week’s trines (two to be exact) and planetary activity involve areas of your chart connected with your past and even your past lives. The Sun and Jupiter will meet in your 8th house of transformation on the 8th and will be joined there on the 10th by Mercury. Meanwhile Mars is in your 12th house entangled in a grand trine with Mercury and Pluto. Karma comes knocking as you see the results of past actions. People from your past or even your past lives could turn up this week. Their purpose? To clear a path to your future in some way. What’s that involve? Wait for the eclipse later this month to find out.





8th – Saturn in 12th, trine Venus in 8th, trine Neptune in 5th


8th – Mars in 11th, trine Mercury in 6th, trine Pluto in 3rd


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 7th


10th – Mercury enters 7th

  • Mr. or Ms. Big could arrive
  • Relationships which have been lived-out transform
  • Opportunities open in areas dealing with groups of people


Any other sign would get uncomfortable with so much activity in areas of their chart governing sex, endings, transformations and things that go ‘bump’ in the closet, but not you, Scorpio.  It’s food and drink to you. This week’s two grand trines which take place on the 8th ensure that any relationship that no longer serves your growth has a line drawn under it. If skeletons tumble out of the closet as a result there’s a sense of relief attached. It has to hurt for it to heal and nobody knows that better than you, the Phoenix of the signs.


If you’re hurt you’ll hide it from the world like you usually do. But why aren’t you unduly worried? Perhaps because of the astounding planetary line-up in your 7th house of partnerships involving the Sun and Jupiter which will be joined by Mercury on the 10th.  You could cement an existing relationship or single Scorpios could meet that sexy someone they know is a serious prospect because they have the right combination of depth and their own handcuffs. The trines are shining on you right now.


Doors are opening too. Scorpios in search of new career direction should look to any area that involves dealing with the public at large, groups of people or the collective in some way. If you’re already working in such an area expect to be telling a success story shortly. You could stage a rock concert or rave, be the next Dr. Phil or else find yourself blogging. Whatever it is, you’ll bring that added Scorpio depth to it that resonates deeply with people. Did you realise that’s your gift?





8th – Saturn in 11th, trine Venus in 7th, trine Neptune in 4th


8th – Mars in 10th, trine Mercury in 5th, trine Pluto in 2nd


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 6th


10th – Mercury enters 6th


  • Calculated risks in career matters pay off
  • Showcase your talents
  • You meet the person of your dreams right outside your front door


Hold your horses, Sagittarius. Instead of galloping off into the sunset, this week’s two Grand (but out of element) trines are asking you to rein in your steed and put it back in its paddock to munch the grass. For once what you want (or need) isn’t over the horizon but right where you are right now. You’re shocked, I know.


Saturn in your 11th house of the collective trineing Venus in your 7th of partnerships and Neptune in your 4th of home and security is saying that everything you need this week can be found your neighbourhood. If you’re travelling (the favourite Sag activity), you may be shaken by a Dorothy moment. There’s no place like home.


But this week for you is all about career moves. You’re making all the right ones. Mercury in your 5th house until the 10th ensures you’re showcasing your talents to their best ability. When he moves into your 6th house of career, joining the Sun and Jupiter your ruler on the 10th, you can expect good news and opportunity to come knocking.


If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to start a business or head in a new direction work-wise the moment arrives. Sure it’s a risk but it’s a calculated one. But without a gamble or two you know life would be very dull indeed and dull you just don’t do. Roll the dice, Sagittarius. You could just be on a winning streak this week.





8th – Pluto in 1st, trine Mars in 9th, trine Mercury in 4th


8th – Saturn in 10th, trine Venus in 6th, trine Neptune in 3rd


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 5th


10th – Mercury enters 5th


  • Bah to boring! You’re way too sexy
  • Look at communications relating to career carefully
  • Everything you say and do comes from the heart


They’ve tried to pigeon hole you as the dull, predictable workhorse (or is that workgoat) of the zodiac for years, haven’t they Capricorn? Good thing you’re patient but this week it’s finally payback time. What they have all forgotten about you is that your symbol of the Sea Goat is just one facet of you. Your other symbol is the over-flowing cornucopia of physical pleasure and earthly delights. But you knew that. You were just waiting for the planets to align so you could show everyone.


It’s all to do with the Sun and Jupiter meeting in your 5th house of creativity and sexual attraction on the 8th and they’ll be joined by Mercury planet of communication on the 10th. You’ve got Mars planet of action all caught up in one of this week’s grand trines in your 9th house of travel, expansion and opportunity along with Pluto in your 1st. Remember that song from Right Said Fred? That’s you. Too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan. Whether you travel or stay home this week you exude sex appeal.


This weeks other grand trine hits your career and communications sector. Capricorns whose job involves art, design, beauty or creativity are filled with inspiration. But all Capi’s need to make sure a contract or job offer is all it seems to be. Others may try to mislead you or you may find that dream job is not what you thought it would be. Not everybody has your integrity. But so long as you operate from a heart space the cornucopia overflows this week.





8th – Pluto in 12th, trine Mars in 8th, trine Mercury in 3rd


8th – Saturn in 9th, trine Venus in 5th, trine Neptune in 2nd


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 4th


10th – Mercury enters 4th


  • Déjà vu’s dominate
  • Opportunities arrive on the home front
  • Take care if travelling


You know you like to do everything at the moment nobody either wants or expects to you to do it, Aquarius. There’s a great quote from The Wild One when Mildred (Peggy Maley) says to Johnny (Marlon Brandon in his most iconic role): Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against? and Johnny replies:  Whaddaya got?


It’s not that you’re rebelling for the sake of it. Just that you understand better than anyone the need for change. This week however the grand trine involving Pluto in your 12th, Mars in your 8th and Mercury in your 3rd will bring about a feeling that you’ve been through all this before. Perhaps the biggest shake-up you can manage is therefore to do nothing – which of course has the exact effect you were hoping for – it’s so out of character it shocks everybody to their core.


Perhaps all this stems from the realisation you don’t have to set the world on fire this week due to the Sun moving to conjunct Jupiter in your 4th house of home and security on the 8th. Opportunities open up on the home front – either from a new home, running a business from home or from improving your living environment in some way. Your mother or an older woman could also feature this week.


Travel plans may be fraught with obstacles or delays. Allow extra time. If you are travelling somewhere new or to a radically different culture then make sure you stick to safe areas, know the local customs and refrain from any kind of over-indulgence especially in the company of people you don’t know well. The upside of all this can be you feeling more universally connected than ever before.




8th – Neptune in 1st, trine Saturn in 8th, trine Venus in 4th


8th – Pluto in 11th, trine Mars in 7th, trine Mercury in 2nd


8th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 3rd


10th – Mercury enters 3rd


  • Deep spiritual experiences connect you to universal truths
  • Larger than life people and events dominate
  • You reach out – and touch everybody


This week’s two grand trines are all about your place in the universe, Pisces. Of course, Neptune in your 1st house is all about seeing the purpose behind your soul journey and this week as it trines Saturn in your 8th house and Venus in your 4th, the realisation hits you that you really are a child of the universe.


Just as you’re contemplating both the beauty and simplicity of this – bump! Reality check provided by another trine involving Pluto planet of transformation in your 11th trineing Mars in your 7th and Mercury in your 2nd. It’s all about how you translate your insights into living in the material world. It could even be a question of how you relate to a real life person in the material world too. Single Pisces could meet a warrior prince or princess at a social event. Are you worried they won’t like the ‘real’ you? Don’t worry. They may be an ogre too.


Magical Neptune in your 1st however showers you with an ethereal air that beguiles. On the 8th the Sun moves to conjunct expansive Jupiter in your 3rd house and Mercury joins them on the 10th. Enter larger than life people, events and opportunities. Long distance travel, the law, higher education, sport, gambling, explorers, adventure, luck, foreigners, large animals (bigger than a dog), mass media, big business and mass communications can all feature this week. But you’re okay with all that. It’s all part of the bigger picture and you know your place within it.




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