Your Best Place on Earth – Astrocartography and a Sense of Place

For most of her professional life Sue* lived and worked in Los Angeles. Although her career gave her a great deal of satisfaction and financial rewards, success in matters of the heart eluded her. Of course she dated and some relationships lasted longer than others, but real commitment remained elusive and something that happened to other people. Finally after 23 years in the City of Angels, Sue made the decision to make a major life change and moved to Santa Fe in New Mexico – some 850 miles to the east. Within eight weeks of her arrival Sue had met the man she would marry just six months later. So, after almost a quarter of a century of being reluctantly single, what brought about the change? The answer lies in the art of Astrocartography.

Astrocartography is a type of location-based astrology which shows where on a map of the Earth the planets in your birthchart form an angle to your ascendant, descendant, zenith or nadir. Obviously this kind of astrology is relatively new as it is only recently with the advent of computers to calculate the number of angles, that it has been possible or practical to do this.

As most of you know, an astrologer will usually ask you not only for the time of your birth but the place of your birth as well. This determines your rising sign or ascendant and therefore the position of the houses in your chart. In Astrocartography your time of birth of course remains the same, but when we change your place of birth to a different location this of course gives you a different rising sign above the horizon and therefore different angles of your houses and can shift the planets within them into others. For example, someone born in one country could have Libra rising but if they relocated to another they could then have Pisces rising.

If we go back to Sue’s story which we began with, in Los Angeles Sue’s 5th house which rules where our relationships begin, was under pressure which stopped her ‘Mr. Right’ from appearing. Other aspects of the Los Angeles chart were very supportive of her career however. But with a move of almost 900 miles, Sue’s chart radically shifted. Her rising sign changed and the pressure on her 5th house was released as the planets causing it moved into other houses where they were more ‘comfortable’. The result: Sue was easily able to attract a partner when she moved to her new location.


If you are thinking of moving overseas, Astrocartography can be an invaluable tool as it allows an astrologer to create a new ‘birthchart’ for you and based on that, look at the events that are likely to occur while you are living there. Perhaps now you can understand why when some people emigrate they lead radically different lives to the one they were living before – that is because they are different people on an astrological level. Change your location and you can literally change your destiny.


You can also use Astrocartography to check out holiday destinations as the same principles apply. In terms of karmic or reincarnation astrology, Astrocartography can also reveal if you have lived somewhere before – if a place seems familiar to you even though you have never been there before it could be you have – just not in this lifetime!


Astrocartography does require that you know your time and place of birth. If you are interested in finding out just what your life would be like if you moved abroad, then one of our astrologers who specialise in relocation astrology will be glad to help you discover exactly where the best place on earth is for you.


* Name has been changed.

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