Your Free Weeky Astrology Forecast – May 21st – 27th



21st – Venus retrograde in 3rd trine Neptune in 12th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 2nd


25th – Mercury enters 3rd


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 3rd sextile Uranus in 1st sextile Moon in 5th


  • Wait to take action
  • Changes could take place in your neighbourhood or extended family
  • Positive news regarding your assets or career


Be an observer not an instigator of changes this week, Aries. Yes, I know that goes against the grain for you but this week is all about being content to sit back and watch what unfolds around you. Tuesday could bring you positive news that affects your status in some way – even if it’s only to boost your ego. The eclipse which took place in Gemini on Sunday night heralds a week of action in your third house of communication, neighbours and extended family. As to how this all ultimately plays out – you are going to have to wait until the following eclipse in June to find out – which is the main reason for stepping back and letting others for once take action.


Venus planet of love, relationships and creativity is also retrograde in your third. She’s asking us all to take a look at how we have communicated in a specific area of our lives in the past. For you, this is going to be about how you communicate in general with a specific emphasis on extended family or people in your immediate environment. If you’ve fallen out with a neighbour or relative now’s the time to bake that apple pie (or buy one and pretend you did), and call around with an apology. The apple is one of Venus’s symbols. The asset you uncover in the process could be a previously undiscovered knack for diplomacy. Who knew?





21st – Venus retrograde in 2nd trine Neptune in 11th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 1st


25th – Mercury enters 2nd


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 2nd sextile Uranus in 12th sextile Moon in 4th


  • Get ready for change
  • Opportunities arrive to boost your bank balance
  • Think big


I know the word ‘change’ is usually enough to panic the average Taurean. After all, you’ve designed your life just the way you like it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is your motto. However, change is not only inevitable but also the only way our lives can improve and despite you feeling that things may be okay as they are right now, Taurus, there is room for improvement.


Venus your ruler is presently retrograde in your 2nd house of self-worth and assets. She’ll be joined there shortly by Mercury just after he’s made a sublime conjunction to Jupiter planet of expansion in your 1st. And let’s not forget the eclipse of the 20th which also took place in your 2nd. All this activity is nudging you to make some changes and this could all be related to your ideas. How are you communicating your ideas? If you’ve got an idea for starting a business or earning extra income now is the time to implement it. Are you getting paid what you feel you are worth? If not, why not?


Changes may be coming but don’t panic if it all sounds overwhelming. You’ve got between now and the next eclipse in June to adjust and get used to the idea.




21st – Venus retrograde in 1st trine Neptune in 10th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 12th


25th – Mercury enters 1st


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 1st sextile Uranus in 11th sextile Moon in 3rd


  • Eclipse in your sign brings breakthroughs and new beginnings
  • You become more open
  • Life takes on the element of a theme park ride – hang on!


The action in the sky is all focussed on you, Gemini. The eclipsed new Moon which takes place late Sunday night in your sign ushers in a week of cosmic activity. Venus presently retrograde in your 1st is encouraging you to show the world your vulnerabilities – and also to feel safe in doing so. You are happy to communicate from this softer, more empathic side. We know you are the sign of duality but friends and loved ones may comment you not only act different but are different in some way now.


Just as you let your barriers down however, along comes unexpected situations leading you to question your judgement. Don’t worry. If you feel like the events of the week have more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, you’re right. But what is happening now is putting you in a position to take advantage of the breathtaking changes that will occur between this eclipse and the next one in June. In the interim, if you can’t get off – hang on and enjoy the ride.




21st – Venus retrograde in 12th trine Neptune in 9th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 11th


25th – Mercury enters 12th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 12th sextile Uranus in 10th sextile Moon in 2nd


  • Events and people cause you to look at the deep side of life
  • Anything that isn’t working is discarded
  • The rose tinted glasses come off


There’s a need to express your feelings about what is happening around you this week, Cancer. Even if you don’t think of yourself as naturally ‘creative’ you may find yourself wanting to write, paint or find a creative outlet to express your feelings (how about baking – we know how you enjoy that and you can comfort yourself by eating the results). The reason for all this creative introspection is all the action centered on your 12th house of spirituality and secrets. You’re going to be looking below the surface thanks to Venus retrograde and then Mercury joining the Sun in there later in the week.


The new Moon eclipse which also took place in there on the 20th is preparing you for changes that will enter your life next month. In the interim, you’re examining people’s motivations and seeing if their words match up to their deeds. You may consult others for additional clarity but what this boils down to is the fact that you will know when something has out-lived its usefulness with regards to your soul growth now and move on. Yes, we know you want to avoid hurt feelings – especially your own, but time to draw the line in the sand and then move on.




21st – Venus retrograde in 11th trine Neptune in 8th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 10th


25th – Mercury enters 11th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 11th sextile Uranus in 9th sextile Moon in 1st


  • Social situations dominate
  • Know where your passport is
  • Who is that beautiful stranger?


With all the action centered on your 11th house of friend, groups and the collective this week, Leo, you’re going to find yourself looking at where you personally fit into them. You could well be examining your current social circle and looking at whether or not you still have the same connection or resonance. Other Leos could find themselves swept up in a new group or social circle that fills their calendars for several weeks to come. However, a connection that you thought had a lot of potential may disappoint.


On the 26th, Mercury meets the Sun in your 11th while making a fabulous aspect to Uranus planet of thrills in your 9th and the Moon in your 1st. Friends could offer an unexpected trip so know where your passport is. Meanwhile, Venus retrograde aspecting Neptune in your 8th house of transformation and intense attraction could have you asking just who that beautiful stranger is? Or perhaps you just caught a glimpse of your own reflection? If so, that’s exactly how others see you now.




21st – Venus retrograde in 10th trine Neptune in 7th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 9th


25th – Mercury enters 10th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 10th sextile Uranus in 8th sextile Moon in 12th


  • Don’t keep your goals a secret
  • Career progress is highlighted
  • Let the details take care of themselves


With Mars in your first house squaring off the eclipse on the 20th plus Mercury and the Sun in your 10th, nobody is going to blame you if you end up feeling rattled this week, Virgo. You may have to wait until the next eclipse in June for things to settle down but in the interim, Venus retrograde also in your 10th house is asking you to re-examine what it is you want to achieve and how you are going about it.  Do you have an ambition but have never shared it with anyone? If so, how do you expect to attain it? You may be all fired up to take action but don’t forget – we all need support and you’re no exception.


The reason I’m saying this is that the planets are all making fabulous aspects to the career and aspirations sectors of your chart this week. Many Virgos could make a game-changing move as a result. But if you’ve been keeping your ambitions a secret until now, why not involve others in your vision? And as for how you get there – trust and let the details take care of themselves. They can you know.





21st – Venus retrograde in 9th trine Neptune in 6th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 8th


25th – Mercury enters 9th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 9th sextile Uranus in 7th sextile Moon in 11th


  • Events move you on a grand scale
  • Exploration beckons
  • Vive la difference!


Venus your ruler is currently retrograde in your 9th house where coincidentally, the eclipse of the 20th also took place. There’s a lot of action going on there this week which could add up to you being swept up in larger than life events. No matter what is going on this week you’ve got the urge to push a few boundaries. For some Librans this could be a desire to literally see what’s beyond the horizon and head for far-flung places. Other Librans could well expand their comfort zones just by discovering what they are truly capable of. You could sign up for a course or take up a sport you might have baulked at before. The spirit of adventure beckons.


On the 26th Mercury planet of communication meets the Sun again in your 9th while sextiling the Moon in your 11th and Uranus in your 7th of partnerships. If single you could meet a prospective partner who is from a very different background to yours or who goes against your usual ‘type’ and find yourself unexpectedly – and quickly, involved with them. Whether this is forever or not doesn’t concern you for once. Opposites attract.





21st – Venus retrograde in 8th trine Neptune in 5th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 7th


25th – Mercury enters 8th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 8th sextile Uranus in 6th sextile Moon in 10th


  • Endings are new beginnings
  • Status-shaking transformations
  • You dig down deep


I’m not going to be so flip as to say that with all the planetary action centered on your 8th house of endings, transformations, death, re-birth, new beginnings and sex, you are in your element, Scorpio because that would be resorting to generalisations. What I will say is that you may be better placed to cope with them than most. You could find yourself in a two week period of upheavals and shake-ups but while these may be disruptive, they are not necessarily negative in the long term.


If a job or career path has lived out its purpose, nothing and no-one will keep you on it now as Mercury in your 8th house makes a sextile to revolutionary Uranus in your 6th of career and the Moon in your 10th of status. Changes will therefore only enhance your prospects in the long term.


As usual, you’re able to delve into the deeper meaning behind these events helped along by Venus also in your 8th, trineing Neptune in your 5th of creativity. That unique way you have of looking at the world has helped you in the past and it’s not going to fail you now. No matter how unusual your solution – know it’s the right one.





21st – Venus retrograde in 7th trine Neptune in 4th


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 6th


25th – Mercury enters 7th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 7th sextile Uranus in 5th sextile Moon in 9th


  • Partnerships of all kinds in focus
  • Career and creativity go hand in hand
  • Go boldly


The eclipse on the 20th in your partnership sector is just the start of a host of partnership-related activity Sag, which will culminate with the next eclipse which will take place in your own sign on June 4.  In the interim, get ready for partnerships – romantic, business, creative or close friendships, to dominate this week especially if it’s a partner you live with or share a premises with of any kind.


No partner? Venus retrograde in your partnership sector gives you the opportunity to review past connections and see where you’ve gone wrong either in your choice of partner or in how you communicate with potential ones. Use this to heal and be ready to put your insights into action when she moves direct next month to bring in someone new.


This week your career and your creativity can be made to work together. By the time Mercury meets the Sun in your 7th on the 26th, making superb aspects to both Uranus and the Moon, you’ll be ready to put your ideas into action. Go boldly and think big.




21st – Venus retrograde in 6th trine Neptune in 3rd


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 5th


25th – Mercury enters 6th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 6th sextile Uranus in 4th sextile Moon in 8th

  • Don’t take things too seriously
  • Watch your energy levels
  • Make a career-bustin’ move


Time to busta move this week Capricorn, when it comes to your career. The New Moon eclipse which took place in your 6th house on the 20th is just the start of some career-making aspects that take place for you this week. If you’ve been sitting in a job knowing you’re meant for better things and that your boss is an idiot then this week take action. No, I’m not advocating telling your boss exactly what you think of him or her – leave that to reckless Sagittarians! What I am telling you is to make the most of this week’s planetary line up and get that resume out there as this energy will culminate in a couple of weeks so you could by then reap the benefits of your actions.


If you’re happy with what you’re doing just make sure you’re not over-extended. You can’t do your job or even enjoy it if you’ve taken on too much. Don’t be afraid to delegate both at work and at home – others may welcome the opportunity to take more responsibility. You never know – it may be good for their growth as well as yours. Remember – just because they don’t do things exactly the way you would doesn’t mean the job isn’t being done to your own exacting standards. It’s just being done differently. Accept that and enjoy some down-time.




21st – Venus retrograde in 5th trine Neptune in 2nd


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 4th


25th – Mercury enters 5th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 5th sextile Uranus in 3rd sextile Moon in 7th


  • Release your inner lover or artist
  • Lovers or partners rock or shock
  • Why are you hesitating?


Time to get creative this week, Aquarius with Venus planet of love and creativity retrograde in your 5th house of – guess what? – love and creativity! It’s time to express the inner lover or artist you may have been holding back. When Mercury also enters your 5th on the 25th, you may find just the way you’ve been looking for to express this.


A lover or a partner could have something to tell you that will either rock or shock your world however. If it’s the latter then don’t do what you usually do which is retreat from the world and pretend you’re not hurt. Express rather than suppress yourself via art, decorating, writing or photography or make some changes you’ve been putting off (you know what they are).


In fact, if you’ve been hesitating over committing to a course of action now is the time to ask yourself why? Is it the other person or situation you don’t trust or is it simply your own judgement?




21st – Venus retrograde in 4th trine Neptune in 1st


22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 3rd


25th – Mercury enters 4th


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 4th sextile Uranus in 2nd sextile Moon in 6th


  • Home and nurturing is important
  • Pets may feature
  • Don’t take negativity on board


If you feel you need a hug after all that’s being going on in your sign over the past few weeks, Pisces, then don’t be afraid to admit it – or ask for it. Venus retrograde in your 4th house of home, security and nurturing means you need emotional support – or others may be looking to you to provide it. In fact, most of this week’s star action is about your 4th house so expect these themes to dominate. You could be making your home extra ‘homely’ as a result. It’s a beacon for those looking for a safe harbour and that includes stray animals. If you attract a four-legged visitor expect it to stay.


Pisces who have ideas for a business they could run from home will find Mercury planet of commerce and communication which enters their 4th on the 25th, brings ideas and even messages on how to make that possible.


Of course, just when you’re at your most sensitive and vulnerable you encounter the nay-sayers who just seem determined to erode your confidence and spread their negativity around like cheap jam. Be careful in whom you confide your hopes and fears this week. And remember – when someone tells you that you can’t do something – they are telling you their story – not yours.