The Magic of the Third House


Welcome to the Third House in astrology. The third house is associated with the sign of Gemini and is ruled by quicksilver Mercury. If you actually have Mercury in your third house (an astrologer can tell you) then chances are you were born with a silver tongue and are a born communicator. But our third house rules far more than communication – although this is a big part of it. The third house also rules our siblings and family relationships with people other than our parents – in other words aunts, uncles and cousins. It also rules our living environment (not our home as that comes under the fourth house), our early education, transport, short distance travel and animals smaller than a sheep – domestic pets and small animals. Higher education – such as university or college, long distance travel and large animals are all ruled by the ninth house and Sagittarius.


Because the third house rules early education, it has a huge influence on our school life. Whether you enjoyed your school years or not is a third house issue. So, you might not have enjoyed school very much but discover you love university, or return to study at a later date with great success despite not having done very well at school due to higher or further education being governed by a different house!


The third house rules our living environment as opposed to our home. It gives us clues as to the kind of environment we are happiest in and where we can thrive. So, if you’re living in the city but watching Escape to the Country and wondering whether you should or not, an astrologer can shed some light into whether or not this would be a good move for you.


Neighbours also come under the rulership of the third house as does problems with them. A conflict with a neighbour can be set off by a planet such as Mars making a transit through one party’s third house.


Transport – especially day-to-day travel such as commuting, is ruled by the third house. The decision to buy a new car can be triggered by a third house transit. Because Mercury rules transport and short journeys, this is why astrologers always tell you to allow extra time for travel during a Mercury retrograde – because when Mercury is going backwards breakdowns and delays can ensue!


Primarily, the third house is concerned with communication and also up-dating (which I will come to shortly). Communication, especially speech and how we come across to others, as well as our mental attitude, are all third house issues. Difficulties with speech or communication in childhood can often be resolved later in life by a significant transit of the third house. If you have seen the inspiring film The King’s Speech then King George’s ability to transcend his speech impediment would probably have coincided with a major third house transit – which could in turn have provided him with the means to do this in the form of Lionel Logue.


Astrologers tend to skim over the third house as many tend to dismiss it as irrelevant for adult clients due to its association with our early years. This is a major mistake. The gift of our third house is the constant opportunity it gives us for re-invention and up-dating. Often with major third house transits we open up to new experiences which lead us to adopt new attitudes towards life. We become more open-minded, looking at people and events from a new perspective. And when we change our minds or our thoughts, we quite literally change our world. This is the magic of the third house.


Don’t forget, life really is a wheel of stars and we are constantly being given new opportunities to broaden our horizons, learn and re-invent and rejuvenate ourselves as planets transit our houses time and time again throughout our lives. Our gifted astrologers can assist you with explaining which houses are highlighted right now.

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