Your Free Monthly Astrology Overview June 2012

4th – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

4th – Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in Gemini

8th – Mercury enters Cancer

12th – Jupiter enters Gemini

19th – New Moon in Gemini

21st – Sun enters Cancer

25th – Saturn direct in Libra

27th – Mercury enters Leo

27th – Venus direct in Gemini

All eyes are on the skies this month. The partial lunar eclipse which occurs in Sagittarius on the 4th is eclipsed by this month’s main event – the rare Venus transit of the Sun which occurs approximately once every 115 years taking place in Gemini on the 6th. Grab your protective glasses and head out early as it will be visible. All this action on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is going to have all of us looking at how we have communicated our creativity and above all, our needs in relationships in the past and bringing these insights into line with what it is we need to say today.

On the same day as the lunar eclipse, Neptune planet of spirituality and secrets turns retrograde in Pisces. Neptune provides us with glimpses of higher dimensions which can lead to insights into ourselves and how we perceive our world. Think of the word ‘inspiration’. In-spirit. What will you be inspired to do? Or will you see doors open to other worlds? If they do, make sure you take a guide book and don’t get lost there as Neptune can also fuel the desire to escape via mind-altering experiences. Remember, when Theseus entered the maze of the Minatour, he had Ariande’s thread to guide him back out. If you’re going to explore strange new worlds, take a reliable guide.

There’s still more planetary action taking place in Gemini with Jupiter planet of expansion and adventure entering that sign for a 12 month stay on the 12th and a beautiful new Moon occurring there on the 19th. Right after that the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, heralding the summer solstice.  This month could see new ways of communicating occurring – any technology launched to help us reach out during this month will receive an enthusiastic take-up. Likewise, if you’ve got a few ideas to reach out and touch people in a big way – even if it’s only to your larger social circle, expect big results.

On the 25th, Saturn planet of structure, karma and restriction finally moves forward in Libra sign of partnerships. When Venus follows on the 27th expect any roadblocks to partnerships or creative endeavours to be magically removed. A word of warning however – if you’ve not used the retrograde period of both planets to review or revise what it is you want to say or achieve, you could be placed back in a holding pattern again until you get it right. But really it’s all about building a future based on what you’ve learned from the past. Provided you’ve integrated both, June will be all about green lights and cruise control. Enjoy!

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