Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs June 4 -10


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 9th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 12th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 3rd

8th – Mercury enters 4th

  • Expansion beckons
  • Your words evoke strong emotions
  • Become the explorer

With the lunar eclipse in your 9th house of travel, adventure and expansion followed by the Venus transit in your 3rd of communication and transport just two days later, you’re being called on to break free of current restrictions and broaden your horizons.

Where will this urge take you? Funny you should ask because Neptune, planet of other dimensions and all things hidden changed direction in your sector of secrets on the same day the eclipse occurred. You’re being urged to peek behind the curtain of your current circumstances. Venus making her once in a lifetime transit of the Sun means your words may have the effect of making others want to join you on your journey. Think about what Columbus might have said to get his crew to join him on a voyage to the New World. The fact the guy was looking for India but heading in totally the wrong direction sums up where you are coming from this week.

Yes, you have amazing powers of persuasion. And when it comes to a romantic adventure you have the means to get someone to sign on for the voyage. But when Mercury enters your sector of home and emotional security on the 8th you may be the one who decides that there’s no place like home after all unless the person you intend travelling with turns out to be your very own North Star.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 8th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 11th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 2nd

8th – Mercury enters 3rd

  • What are you worth?
  • What are you saying?
  • What, as opposed to who do you love?

The lunar eclipse on the 4th occurs in your sector of corporate or shared resources and transformations while the Venus transit (a once in a lifetime event), takes place in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth two days later on the 6th. This all adds up to you taking a step back and evaluating not just your own self-worth, but what you mean to others, dear Taurus. Do they value your presence in their lives? If not, why not? Or more importantly, if they are not acknowledging your value, why are you remaining with them? This goes double if you are evaluating a working or business relationship.

This week’s transits are more interpersonal than personal. In other words, you will be looking at the intrinsic value of situations and people and how they pertain to your material wellbeing and overall security. Make sure all your insurances are up to date. Does this all sound too materialistic? It’s not meant to. It’s all about what or who enhances your life – and how you enhance the wellbeing of others. When Mercury planet of communication enters your 3rd house on the 8th, you’ve worked out how to get this across to loved ones. We’re all worthy of honesty, integrity and respect. Let everybody know these are your true values.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 7th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 10th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 1st

8th – Mercury enters 2nd

  • You and me issues come to the fore
  • Breakthroughs are possible
  • Thoughts can build more than castles in the air

The partial lunar eclipse in your partnership sector on the 4th followed by the Venus transit in your own sign two days later means that ‘you and me’ issues come to the fore this week. Even if you have no special someone you will be looking closely at what it is you expect from partners – and what you are prepared to offer in return. You’re shocked to find it’s so much more now – despite previous setbacks. The reason? You’re the recipient of cosmic open-heart surgery this week, Gemini. All this activity is making you more generous and more open than ever before.

With Mercury your ruler entering your second house of assets and values on the 8th, getting a boost from Neptune which turned retrograde in your house of status on the 4th, you suddenly see that your goals are more than just wishful thinking. You have the ability to make them happen.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 6th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 9th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 12th

8th – Mercury enters 1st

  • Get grounded
  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions
  • Past loves – people, places, activities – dominate

The lunar eclipse in your 6th house of career and wellbeing is asking you to find your foundations. It could be all about your soul purpose of making that career-building move. If you’ve been drawn to a career in physics, metaphysics, travel, media or the healing arts, this week could see you embarking on making it a reality.

As Venus planet of love and beauty makes its rare transit of your 12th house you could find yourself thinking about past loves. This doesn’t necessarily mean people. What did you used to love to do? Is there a childhood hobby you used to love but felt you had to give up because others told you to ‘grow up’? Is there somewhere you used to love to visit? Or – the obvious – are you still holding a torch for an old flame? You could find yourself resurrecting that old pastime, visiting that stomping ground or hearing from that old lover and finding a new relevance in all of it.

Above all, avoid jumping to conclusions about anything or anyone until after Mercury planet of communication, leaves your 12th house and enters your 1st on the 8th. At this point if you been looking for the right words to say you suddenly find them and realise they were on the tip of your tongue all along.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 5th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 8th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 11th

8th – Mercury enters 12th

  • Share your vision
  • Something in the media tugs your heartstrings
  • Don’t allow anyone to drag you into their drama

The lunar eclipse in your 5th house on the 4th is asking you to look back at what happened around the time of the annular eclipse on May 20. What started around then? Did you have a creative idea? Did you meet someone new? If so, did you act on the opportunity? This week could see events begun around that time coming to fruition.

On the same day, Neptune turns retrograde in your sector of transformation, rebirth, endings and relationships where shared resources or sex are important. Expect to explore the deeper side of life, especially when it comes to attracting like-minded souls with which to do so, when Venus makes her once-in-a-lifetime transit of your 11th house on the 6th.

When Mercury enters your 12th on the 6th, you could be confronted with something in the media that brings out your altruistic nature and rallies you to a cause. Just make sure the cause is a worthy one and not that friend whose life lurches from one self-created drama to the next.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 4th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 7th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 10th

8th – Mercury enters 11th

  • Don’t just talk it – act on it!
  • Partners help you build for the future
  • Down to earth dreaming

Whatever you’ve been talking about or planning for sometime, this is the week to stop talking and take action, Virgo. You can’t just confine yourself to dreaming out loud. You of all signs know the value of planning but now you need to let the details take care of themselves as the lunar eclipse in your 4th house of security combined with a the powerhouse Venus transit in your 10th sector of status means you can bring those dreams into the material realm. Partners both personal and professional, are the key to achieving this now.

If you’ve lost touch of how important teamwork can be – especially when it comes to making your personal vision a reality, Neptune retrograde in your 7th house of partners gives you a timely reminder. Remember that our 10th house where Venus makes her transit rules our status and partners enhance that, so make sure you give them credit.

Single Virgos could well attract a long term prospect. When Mercury enters your 11th house of friends and groups on the 11th, reach out and accept all invitations. No more being the Lone Ranger for you. Time to find Tonto.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 3rd

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 6th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 9th

8th – Mercury enters 10th

  • Career detours are rectified
  • Long distance connections flourish
  • Keep everything in proportion

The lunar eclipse in your communication sector on the 3rd is just the beginning of a week where you get your life back on track, Libra. The main influence in all this is of course your ruler, Venus which makes a once-in-a-lifetime transit of your 9th house of expansion and adventure on the 6th. She’s daring you to take a chance and be all you can be and in doing so, if your career has got off track you’ll find it almost miraculously on course again helped by Neptune which turns retrograde in your career sector. This could of course entail a major change of direction but that’s all part of the adventure.

This week you could see long distance connections flourish. When Mercury enters your 10th house of status on the 8th, these could pave the way to life enhancing experiences. Or, if the people and experiences don’t come to you, you’ll be heading out to find them. Don’t whatever you do feel overwhelmed. If everything looks and feels larger than life there’s a reason for that. Time to live it up.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 2nd

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 5th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 8th

8th – Mercury enters 9th

  • Priorities change
  • All or nothing
  • You are more influential than you think

The themes this week are all right up your alley, Scorpio. The lunar eclipse in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth occurs on the same day that Neptune planet of secrets and spirituality, turns retrograde in your sector of love affairs and creativity. This could bring in a change of focus as you allow either personal projects or passion to take precedence.

Of course, as usual you are applying your ‘all or nothing’ approach which Venus making her transit of the Sun in your 8th house of transformation on the 6th could turn into an alchemical experience. Remember when we share an experience with another person both we and they are changed by it. Likewise, if we share our thoughts, skills, creative outpourings or ideas we transform all those who come into contact with them. When Mercury planet of communication enters your 9th house of big ideas you’re being asked to aim high now. You’re going to be seeing exactly the impact you can have when you’re aligned with your soul path – and you’ll reap the rewards accordingly.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 1st

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 4th

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 7th

8th – Mercury enters 8th

  • The world is your home
  • Create more space in your life
  • Other people back you up

This week is going to be all about how you relate to others and the world around you. The lunar eclipse in your sign occurs the same day Neptune turns retrograde in your sector of home and security. Of course, you can feel at home anyway, Sag and carry your security in your backpack. For those Sagittarians with a permanent base this transit will bring a desire to let the sunshine in and create more space in their lives. You could find yourself de-cluttering or opening a window on your soul you closed a long time ago.

Venus making her once in a lifetime transit of your 7th house of partners on the 6th means that you’ve been creating space in your life for a reason. Single Sagittarians could see someone special moving in while others just enjoy having all that room to move.

Take note when Mercury moves into your 8th house of shared resources on the 8th. You could receive help, funding or some kind of validation from others. This is also your sector of relationships where attraction is important. What you attract now is whatever you have hoped for or feared for some time. This week is all about what fascinates or frightens. But for you it’s all part of the adventure and you’ll take whatever comes in your stride and as usual – chalk it up to experience.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 12th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 3rd

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 6th

8th – Mercury enters 7th

  • Your sensitivity is at a peak
  • Make sure you are clear about others’ intentions
  • Health, career and wellbeing dominate


Intuitive and even psychic experiences dominate this week, Capricorn thanks to the lunar eclipse in your 12th house of spirituality occurring on the same day Neptune turns retrograde in your 3rd house of communication. You could receive hunches or even messages from the ‘other side’ – or this could be your Higher Self opening up a channel to guide you on the next stage of your soul journey.


Whatever the explanation, play attention to what you are being told now, especially with regards to any issues around your career or wellbeing when Venus makes her rare transit in your 6th house on the 6th. These are not hunches but signposts on your path. Follow them.


But when it comes to others – don’t let ambiguity creep in. Make sure you understand where they are coming from and that they understand what your expectations are when Mercury planet of communication enters your house of partnerships on the 8th. There’s no room for assumptions this week.




4th – Lunar Eclipse in 11th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 2nd

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 5th

8th – Mercury enters 6th

  • You get the ‘big picture’
  • Love is what you say it is
  • Freedom – to be yourself

There’s a lot going on in your sectors of career and assets this week Aquarius beginning on the 4th when Neptune turns retrograde in your 2nd house of values on the same day the lunar eclipse occurs in your 11th house of groups and friends. More than usual you’ll be seeking out situations and people where you can be your unique self and if your career or your social circle doesn’t allow you that freedom then you’ll be initiating some changes especially when Mercury planet of communication enters your career and wellbeing sector on the 8th

It’s all about the ‘big picture’ this week especially when Venus makes her transit of the Sun on your 5th house of creativity and love affairs on the 6th. Interestingly enough, Aquarian myths include that of Prometheus who defied the Gods to bring back fire (power and knowledge) for mankind. That big picture with a theme that resonates could be playing at a cinema near you. But the Venus transit for you is really all about what love means to you personally. And like a bolt out of the blue or Prometheus’s fire, once you’ve worked that one out, he or she is bound to show up in person.


4th – Lunar Eclipse in 10th

4th – Neptune Retrograde in 1st

6th – Venus Transit of the Sun in 4th

8th – Mercury enters 5th

  • You need music, beauty and art like others need food
  • Don’t even try to get to grips with the facts now
  • How dare they even try to convince you Santa/fairies/the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist!

Neptune your ruler turns retrograde in your sign on the 4th – the same day you’ll experience a lunar eclipse in your 10th house of status, Pisces. I know – I’ve already lost your attention. The beautiful things of life – art, music, poetry are status enhancing things to you. For Pisces working in the arts expect accolades or applause coming your way. For those Pisces working in other areas – I do hope you have an understanding boss because this week getting to grips with facts and figures or regurgitating data really isn’t your forte.

On the 6th Venus makes a once in a 117 year transit of the Sun in your 4th house of home and emotional security. You’ll feel a need to nurture – family, children, pets and also your dreams. You have your dreams for a reason so you’re right to defend them if somebody steps on them.

On the 8th, Mercury planet of transport and communication enters your 5th house of love affairs and creative ventures. Single Pisceans could attract someone who shares their otherworldly views – perhaps because they’ve travelled there. You’ll talk like a psychic this week and what you say to people may be spookily accurate. You’re only telling them what they (and you) already know.




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