Your Free Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs for July


3rd – Full Moon in 10th

4th – Mars enters 7th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 1st

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 3rd trine Mars in 7th sextile Mercury in 5th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 5th

19th – New Moon in 4th

23rd – Sun enters 5th

31st – Venus in 3rd trine Saturn in 7th

  • You put your feelings into words
  • Personal boundaries are important
  • This month proves you CAN hurry love

The start of this month brings business and professional issues to the fore – marked by the full Moon in your 10th house which occurs on the 3rd. The next day Mars your ruler enters your 7th house of partnerships indicating this month is going to be all about boundaries in relationships be they business or professional ones. As your ruling planet has long been associated with assertiveness if not actual conflict, it may surprise other signs to hear that occasionally you have boundary issues. But are they really yours? Chances are it’s the other party who doesn’t know when to draw the line.

Fortunately for you a superb stellar line-up is helping you find just the right (diplomatic) way to express yourself if somebody does step over the mark or to put the boundaries back in place if you’re feeling put-upon. This is thanks not only to Mars but the superb conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon in your communication sector on the 15th helped along by smooth-talking Mercury.

By the time the new Moon occurs in your home and security sector on the 19th you’re feeling you’ve achieved the balance you’ve been searching for.

With Mercury retrograde in your 5th house of romance if a new love interest beckons you won’t want to waste any time. However, if the other party is dragging their feet your attention will most likely drift elsewhere. But with Venus still in your communication sector beaming across at Saturn now direct in your partnership house, you can be sure whatever you have to say will have a lasting effect on others.


3rd – Full Moon in 9th

4th – Mars enters 6th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 12th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 2nd trine Mars in 6th sextile Mercury in 4th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 4th

19th – New Moon in 3rd

23rd – Sun enters 4th

31st – Venus in 2nd trine Saturn in 6th

  • You want to get away and stay home both at the same time!
  • Your Freudian slip could be showing
  • Feast or famine, all or nothing – which is it for you right now?

Should I stay or should I go? That’s the question for you this month Taurus. It may be as simple as the desire to get away from it all thanks to the full Moon in your house of travel and adventure on the 3rd. However, Mercury retrograde in your sector of home and security on the 15th is telling you to stay put and be grateful for what’s to hand.

This may apply to work and career issues where you may find yourself caught between a staying put or else striking out either on your own or with a new venture that involves a bit of a risk. Watch out when Uranus planet of surprises (not all of them pleasant but usually necessary ones) turns retrograde in your 12th house of hidden motivations on the 13th. If you open your mouth and self-sabotage results then take this as a sign that your Higher Self has made the decision for you.

On the 15th, Venus your ruler is conjunct Jupiter planet of luck and expansion as well as the Moon in your 2nd house of assets while beaming at Mars who entered your career sector on the 4th and which now sextiles Mercury which turns retrograde in your 4th house. This could signal what you’ve been working towards for a long time coming to fruition now. It’s certainly the time to take a risk when it comes to career decisions. You can’t sit this one out on the fence or just put one toe in the water. It’s stay out or take the plunge. Resign yourself to the fact your life this month is one of extremes. Stay in bed and hide under the duvet or pack your bag and head for destinations unknown.


3rd – Full Moon in 8th

4th – Mars enters 5th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 11th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 1st trine Mars in 5th sextile Mercury in 3rd

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 3rd

19th – New Moon in 2nd

23rd – Sun enters 3rd

31st – Venus in 1st trine Saturn in 5th

  • You won’t tolerate rivals – whether in the bedroom or the boardroom!
  • You start a major lifestyle overhaul
  • Don’t throw caution to the winds

Some Geminis may have been thinking they will never get another date again. For those of you who have been trudging through the dating desert – take heart. An oasis is in sight and you may catch a glimpse of it by the light of the full Moon which occurs on the 3rd in your 8th house of relationships where sex and passion are important. When Mars planet of action enters your 5th house of new love and creativity the next day, you’re ready to sweep away any obstacles between you and what you want – be it that hot new love interest you encountered in the lift or that career-boosting project. The fact you have competition will only make you all the more determined to convince the object of your desires (or your boss) that you are the more worthy candidate.

Uranus retrograde in your 11th house on the 13th could herald a revolution in your lifestyle which could mark you initiating radical changes in how you appear or come across to others especially when coupled with the fabulous line-up in your 1st house of You which occurs on the 15th. Don’t forget when we make inner changes on the soul level we have to change the ‘outer’ us to match.

At the end of the month Venus planet of love still in your 1st house makes a superb aspect to Saturn now moving forward in your 5th house. While Mars is making you throw caution to the winds, Saturn is now asking you to stop, look and listen. When you use their energies together you end up with more than just a one night stand – or a one hit wonder, but something that can be worked on to go the distance.


3rd – Full Moon in 7th

4th – Mars enters 4th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 10th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 12th trine Mars in 4th sextile Mercury in 2nd

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 2nd

19th – New Moon in 1st

23rd – Sun enters 2nd

31st – Venus in 12th trine Saturn in 4th

  • If anything’s wrong it’s now obvious what it is
  • You caring side surfaces
  • Changes in work and career beckon

There’s plenty of activity in your sectors of partnerships and close relationships and spirituality and secrets this month, Cancer. The Full Moon occurs in your partnership house on the 3rd and on the 15th, the Moon makes a conjunction to Jupiter planet of expansion and Venus in your 12th house. If you have been pestered by the nagging feeling something isn’t right this line up with confirm your intuition and fortunately for you, action-oriented Mars moved into your 4th house of security issues early in the month enabling you to do something about it at long last.

The 12th house also rules our ability to care for others and you may be called upon offer help to people close to you this month. Putting others first often means putting our own plans on the back-burner. However, Uranus planet of innovation and change turned retrograde in your 10th house of career and status on the 13th. On the 15th, Mercury planet of communication turns retrograde in your 2nd house of assets and abilities. He’ll be joined in there by the Sun on the 23rd. Even if you feel plans are on hold changes in your work or the way you work are on the way – even if you have to wait a few months.

At the end of the month Venus still in your 12th beams a positive aspect to Saturn planet of karma in your 4th. If your feelings that something was wrong have resulted in an ending expect this transit to make it less painful than you thought. Even if that broken clock is still right twice a day that’s no reason not to throw it out. Your higher self knows when something is no longer working for you.


3rd – Full Moon in 6th

4th – Mars enters 3rd

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 9th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 11th trine Mars in 3rd sextile Mercury in 1st

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 1st

19th – New Moon in 12th

23rd – Sun enters 1st

31st – Venus in 11th trine Saturn in 3rd

  • You are an advocate or debater
  • Hopes, dreams and wishes are important
  • You hide a secret desire

Look forward to gaining insights into situations to do with your career or even your neighbourhood that you never thought to discover this month, Leo. The full Moon in your house of career and wellbeing makes a call to action to Mars which enters your 3rd house of communication on the 4th. As usual you’ll be looking to showcase this knowledge on a larger stage and the Uranus retrograde in your 9th house of the big picture combined with a Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunction in your 11th house of friends and groups means you could be well getting on your soapbox. Expect fabulous results if you use this energy to gain support for something worthwhile.

On the 15th, Mercury turns retrograde in your 1st house and this is closely followed by a new Moon in your 12th of secrets. Because of the current line-up in your sector of hopes, dreams and soul purpose, you could be talking about one thing but behind this hiding a secret desire or ambition. On the 23rd the Sun enters your sign helping you integrate your dreams with your soul journey. On the 31st, Venus planet of creativity trines Saturn planet of karma, work and structure in your 3rd. The message here is that right now it’s okay to just dream your dreams and keep them to yourself for a little while longer. You know when you’re ready to talk about them you’ll dazzle just like you always do.


3rd – Full Moon in 5th

4th – Mars enters 2nd

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 8th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 10th trine Mars in 2nd sextile Mercury in 12th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 12th

19th – New Moon in 11th

23rd – Sun enters 12th

31st – Venus in 10th trine Saturn in 2nd

  • You stock the cupboards with comfort food
  • Don’t measure your worth solely by what you have
  • Handle people and situations differently than you have in the past

There’s a few buttons being pushed this month for you Virgo, all down to the full Moon which occurs in your 5th house on the 3rd and augmented by some planets entering your mysterious 12th house of secrets and spirituality. Even you may be unaware of your own motivations at times. You could end up saying one thing and doing something else entirely. And without even considering all the repercussions first.

This is so unlike you it’s likely to have you reaching for your favourite snacks in order to regain some kind of feeling of control. What’s going on? Are you turning into a closet Cancerian? This month is actually offering you a chance to break free of the restrictions of your past. With Uranus retrograde in your 8th house of power and rebirth on the 13th and Mercury retrograde in your 12th house from the 15th you’re going to be seeing all too clearly how you’ve been disempowered by others or had to resort to certain behaviours just to survive.

It’s a huge opportunity for your soul growth boosted by some illumination by the Sun which also enters your 12th house on the 23rd.

You are now able to handle people and situations differently that you have before giving you a real feeling of satisfaction with the results. And with both Mars and Saturn in your house of assets and self-worth you’re suddenly seeing it’s not about what you have or don’t have that makes you feel worth something. It’s how you do something that counts.


3rd – Full Moon in 4th

4th – Mars enters 1st

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 7th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 9th trine Mars in 1st sextile Mercury in 11th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 11th

19th – New Moon in 10th

23rd – Sun enters 11th

31st – Venus in 9th trine Saturn in 1st

  • Lightning-fast attractions could happen
  • For once you’re putting yourself first
  • Your personal life may be in the public eye

For once this month you’re putting you and your needs before those of partners, Libra. It’s all down to Mars planet of action and expression entering your sign on the 4th. When Uranus planet of the unexpected turns retrograde in your partnership sector on the 13th, relationships could well turn out to be all about you and your needs now. Single Librans could find themselves literally love struck by an unusual stranger who will be very different to anyone they have known before or not their usual ‘type’. It could even lead to some taking a sudden and totally unexpected trip down the aisle. A word of warning here – if your sudden impulse leads you to drop a long term partner in favour of someone new or if you morph into a Bridezilla there is no guarantee this will last.

Librans whether taken or single are always in love with love and Mercury retrograde in your 11th house beaming across to your ruler Venus conjunct with Jupiter and the Moon in your 9th means that partners (or prospective ones) could influence your public image now for better or worse. Even if you are that sad creature a single Libran, you could well see your personal life become the subject of public conjecture now so make sure you don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t want made public knowledge when it comes to any relationship be in friendship or otherwise now.


3rd – Full Moon in 3rd

4th – Mars enters 12th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 6th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 8th trine Mars in 12th sextile Mercury in 10th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 10th

19th – New Moon in 9th

23rd – Sun enters 10th

31st – Venus in 8th trine Saturn in 12th

  • Don’t compare the past to the present
  • Wait if you don’t feel you are getting credit at work
  • Armchair travel if you can’t travel physically

With so much of this month’s planetary activity focussed on your 8th house of transformation, shared resources and power and your 12th of secrets, inspiration and spirituality, your deep Scorpionic side will be more active than usual.

With Mars your co-ruler and Saturn both in your 12th house there is a danger that you will jump to conclusions when it comes to other’s motivations now – perhaps comparing their actions to things that have occurred in the past. Resist this if you can as Mars is likely to make you jump to all the wrong conclusions.

With Uranus turning retrograde in your house of career on the 13th you certainly need to take a step back if you feel you’ve not been getting the credit you deserve on the work and career front. Mercury which turns retrograde in your 10th house of status will be joined there by the Sun on the 23rd and give you the opportunity to re-evaluate your situation and see clearly if it’s worth hanging on to. If you fire off your CV too quickly you could end up in a situation you’ll regret. Wait until Mercury turns direct again next month before making any hard and fast decisions.

The new Moon in your sector of adventure and expansion on the 19th combined with Venus making a positive aspect to Saturn in your 12th on the 31st may well make you feel like getting away from it all. If you can’t pack your bags then buy some guidebooks or watch films set in locations which stir your soul on some level. It’s all about broadening your experience on a spiritual level as well as a physical one now.


3rd – Full Moon in 2nd

4th – Mars enters 11th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 5th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 7th trine Mars in 11th sextile Mercury in 9th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 9th

19th – New Moon in 8th

23rd – Sun enters 9th

31st – Venus in 7th trine Saturn in 11th

  • You want everything to be exciting and unpredictable
  • Doors open to partnerships
  • Contact with friends is more important than usual

The focus is all on friends and partners for you this month, Sagittarius. Above all, you don’t want the same old, same old. Sagittarians are the butterflies (or the ADHD’s) of the zodiac depending on your perspective. They need constant change and variety and partners who can provide them. With Uranus planet of change, innovation and the unpredictable now turning retrograde in your house of love, passion and creativity we can say that everything old is new again which is just the way Sag likes it.

For Sagittarians in a relationship, the superb line up of Venus, Jupiter your ruler and the Moon in your 7th could well bring through the opportunity to acquire a new home. With these planets making fabulous aspects to Mars in your 11th house of friends, all Sagittarians will be feeling more sociable than usual but single Sag’s could well connect with a like-minded free spirit while at a social event especially around the new Moon on the 19th which occurs in your sector of sexual attraction.

On the 23rd, the Sun enters your house of travel and adventure. Your watch-words really. It’s also the house of luck. You could get that lucky career break or find yourself holding a winning ticket. If it’s a ticket to a far flung destination so much the better. Or you lucky break could just be that fabulous new group of friend you’ve stumbled across. If that’s the case Venus trineing Saturn in your 11th says they’ll be in your life for some time to come.


3rd – Full Moon in 1st

4th – Mars enters 10th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 4th

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 6th trine Mars in 10th sextile Mercury in 8th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 8th

19th – New Moon in 7th

23rd – Sun enters 8th

31st – Venus in 6th trine Saturn in 10th

  • Relationships get a green light
  • Golden opportunities appear in work and career
  • Business negotiations are favoured this month

One of your challenges Capricorn is always when to go for it and when to hold off? Sometimes people think you are deliberately procrastinating, not realising you are waiting for your moment. This month is that moment starting with the full Moon in your sign on the 3rd and then some serious aspects in your sectors of career, aspirations and status occurring all month long.

Mars enters your 10th house on the 4th. He’s urging you to push forward with whatever it is you want to achieve. When Venus, Jupiter and the Moon all meet in your career sector on the 15th and make a fabulous aspect to the planet of action as well as Mercury which moves retrograde in your house of shared resources and corporate money, expect some status-enhancing moves made with your signature cautious style that produce exactly the outcome you were hoping for.

On the 19th the new Moon in your partnership sector gives partnerships whether personal or professional a green light.

This month is all about rewards and responsibilities. If you have done your groundwork you’ll begin to reap the harvest now as doors open as if by magic. If those doors are remaining stubbornly closed however or if you are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for your moment Venus in your 6th house trineing your ruler Saturn in your 10th is all about taking responsibility for success in this moment. Your time is now.


3rd – Full Moon in 12th

4th – Mars enters 9th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 3rd

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 5th trine Mars in 9th sextile Mercury in 7th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 7th

19th – New Moon in 6th

23rd – Sun enters 7th

31st – Venus in 5th trine Saturn in 9th

  • Single? See if there’s a Gemini or Virgo hovering near-by
  • Children may feature
  • How much do you like yourself?

This month kicks off with you in an introspective mood, Aquarius. The full Moon in your 12th house is stirring up issues around how others see you. Or how you think they see you. You may find yourself worrying about whether they would like you if they knew what you were really like. The message here is to work on the most important relationship you will ever have – the one with yourself. After all, if you don’t like you how do you expect anyone else to?

It’s important that you feel good about yourself this month Aquarius as most of the aspects are firmly focussed on your sectors of love, creativity, children and partners this month. Even if you don’t have children you may find them featuring in some way. If you’re a parent you may find your ambitions for your children increase. If you get engaged or married this month expect the first question people to ask you to be when you are starting a family. Uranus retrograde in your 3rd house of communication means your answer may not exactly be tactful.

With Mercury retrograde in your 7th house of partners on the 15th and the Sun entering on the 23rd, you and your partner will find communicating easy. If you’re seeking a partner Venus makes a lovely aspect to Saturn planet of longevity in your long distance travel and adventure sector on the 31st. Fate could bring the two of you together. Watch out for a chatty Gemini or secretly sexy Virgo. As a unique individual yourself you’re in the best position to appreciate someone who’s one of a  kind.


3rd – Full Moon in 11th

4th – Mars enters 8th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 2nd

15th – Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunct in 4th trine Mars in 8th sextile Mercury in 6th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 6th

19th – New Moon in 5th

23rd – Sun enters 6th

31st – Venus in 4th trine Saturn in 8th

  • You encounter someone who acts as a catalyst for you
  • Your personal life dictates career matters
  • Invest in yourself and your beliefs – not in others

What do you share with others, Pisces? Ideas? Property? Values? Money? With Mars joining Saturn in your 8th house of shared resources on the 4th along with Venus, Jupiter and the Moon all conjunct in your 4th house of home and security on the 15th, your focus is going to be on all these issues. On the 15th Mercury turns retrograde in your 6th house of career and wellbeing. You’ll be putting your home and personal life before your career now but when the Sun also enters your 6th on the 23rd if you have to leave home for work reasons you’ll find everyone supportive.

You’re actually now being asked to look at your investments especially those you have with others. These need not necessarily be property or stocks or shares. You may look at your investment in your partnerships and close relationships or even your investment in yourself. Do you invest in your own ideas? Your own self-worth and wellbeing? You could well encounter someone this month who acts as a catalyst for you in these areas and who makes you realise your own value.

The new Moon in your 5th house of creativity and love on the 19th could see you brimming with ideas and feeling incredibly focussed. This could translate into redecorating or beautifying your home in some way. It’s all part of the transformation that’s been taking place in your life for some time now. A new phase of life is opening up. Single Pisces could attract a partner that’s radically different to them. It’s the differences that make the relationship worth investing in. This one could prove that opposites can not only attract – they can make it work over the long-haul.

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