Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 23


23rd – Sun enters 5th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 7th trine Neptune in 12th

27th – Saturn in 7th trine Venus in 3rd

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 5th, Moon in 9th, Uranus in 1st

  • You go out of your way to please
  • New encounters seem fated
  • Your connection to the universe strengthens

The week starts with the Sun in your 5th house of love, creativity and children. Combine this with last week’s T-square which involves Mars your ruler in your 7th house of partnerships and you’ll be going out of your way to accommodate others wishes this week. No, you’ve not turned into a pushover (impossible for you anyway), it’s just that you’re infused with a feeling of being one with the universe. It’s all helped along by a Moon/Saturn conjunction in your 7th which makes a brilliant trine to Neptune presently in its own house in your chart.

On the 27th, Saturn also makes another brilliant aspect to Venus in your 3rd house of journeys and communication. If single and you meet someone new this week there’s a feeling of fate or destiny to the encounter. An old flame could also reappear and if so, you may re-ignite the connection from a perspective of being older and wiser.

The 28th sees a Grand Fire Trine take place between Uranus planet of innovation, unpredictability and surprises in our first house, the Moon in your 9th of expansion and a stellar Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 5th. Long distance travel, out-of-the-box ideas and even beautiful strangers from far, far away could feature. Whatever the universe sends you this week, say ‘Yes’.


23rd – Sun enters 4th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 6th trine Neptune in 11th

27th – Saturn in 6th trine Venus in 2nd

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 4th, Moon in 8th, Uranus in 12th

  • Are you really lacking or is it just your perception?
  • Decisions are made that enhance your security
  • Expand your comfort zone

What is it you feel you’re short of this week, Taurus? Time? Money? Recognition? Love? The Sun is now in your house of home and security and with Saturn and the Moon in your 6th house of career and wellbeing this week, you may be looking closely at what it is you need and what it is you lack. You’re being asked to retreat to your emotional base in preparation for a big push forward later. Take stock of what you do have which sustains you and focus on that. When Saturn and the Moon aspect Neptune in your 11th house on the 25th, you may be tempted to compare your situation with others. Resist if you can as any perceived lack may only exist in your mind.

On the 27th, Venus your ruler in your 2nd house of assets also aspects Saturn and puts things back into perspective for you even ushering in a long-term opportunity for building a more solid foundation.

The Grand Fire Trine on the 28th crosses your houses of security, spirituality and transformation bringing you a real growth opportunity if you’re willing to step outside your usual comfort zone. If you’re still feeling short-changed by the universe on some level the reason could be your world has become too small to allow anything new in it. Open yourself up to new possibilities and watch abundance enter.


23rd – Sun enters 3rd

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 5th trine Neptune in 10th

27th – Saturn in 5th trine Venus in 1st

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 3rd, Moon in 7th, Uranus in 11th

  • Reach out
  • What are your true feelings?
  • You search for something authentic

With the Sun in your 3rd house you’re reaching out to everyone in your own signature style so expect invitations and messages to flow as well as opportunities for travel even if they are short in either duration or distance. If you stay in touch with others they will stay in touch with you.

Saturn has been in your 5th house of creativity, children and love affairs for a while now and the Moon/Saturn conjunction there on the 25th which trines Neptune planet of spirituality in your 10th house may cause you to feel that any of these areas are either a burden or a responsibility. Creative ventures could feel blocked or despite the fact you’d like to move a relationship forward nothing is happening. When Saturn beams a positive aspect to Venus in your 1st on the 27th, you could arrive at a beautiful solution to any impasse as this literally makes you ‘lighten up’. Remember, any relationship or venture that feels like hard work may have outlived its purpose.

This is all about expressing what you really feel in an authentic way. And that’s what this week is all about. Authenticity. The Grand Fire Trine which lights up your 3rd, 7th and 11th houses on the 28th allows you to communicate with others from a place of truth. You’ll expect this same thing in return. If this is what you receive expect a new dimension to open up in all your connections. Be the real you and you’ll get the real thing in return.


23rd – Sun enters 2nd

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 4th trine Neptune in 9th

27th – Saturn in 4th trine Venus in 12th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 2nd, Moon in 6th, Uranus in 10th

  • Long term investments are made
  • What is it you want to showcase?
  • Are you your beliefs?

The events or decisions of this week may make themselves felt for a long time to come, Cancer thanks to the Sun entering your 2nd house of assets and the call of Saturn in your 4th of home and security. For a while now you’ve been asked to create something that sustains you. It’s a time to take a long term view of all your investments and that includes the emotional ones. Pushing forward to get results will only be met with resistance now.

With the Moon your ruler all tangled up with Saturn on the 25th and making a trine to Neptune in your 9th house of higher learning you may find yourself questioning some long-held assumptions. Do you define yourself by what you believe in and are those beliefs actually grounded in reality? There’s a call going out to you on a soul level here – when you change what you believe about a person or situation you transform both yourself and the belief.

If you’ve been working towards something and you’ve finally achieved it then the Grand Fire Trine of the 28th may bring out the closet Leo in you as you show the world what you’re capable of. Those who have underestimated you in the past may be in for a shock.


23rd – Sun enters 1st

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 3rd trine Neptune in 8th

27th – Saturn in 3rd trine Venus in 11th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 1st, Moon in 5th, Uranus in 9th

  • Don’t resist change
  • Spirituality, metaphysics and physics intrigue
  • Is the world ready for the new you?

There’s been a brighter, shinier, bolder more radiant you in the making for some time now, Leo. Is this even possible? When the Sun enters your sign this Monday it’s your cue to roll out the changes. The message throughout this week’s alignments is don’t resist the urge to transform. It’s been going on for a while thanks to Saturn in your 3rd house and so subtle those closest to you might have missed it but when Saturn beams a trine first to Neptune and then to Venus on the 27th, nobody could miss what’s been going on.

But it’s not just how you’re appearing to the world that has been undergoing a shift. You’ve been engaged in a spiritual renovation too. You could find this week sees you immersing yourself in anything to do with hidden realms and the deeper side of life. Astrology, tarot, dreams and reincarnation may fascinate you more than usual and also bring answers that transform your outer world. Physics is another area where you may delve – looking for your own Higgs Boson perhaps – the answer to everything that matters.

The Grand Fire Trine which occurs on the 28th features a Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 1st, the Moon in your love and creativity sector and Uranus planet of the unexpected and thrills in your 9th house of adventure. Single and this line up may bring in someone keen to embrace the fantastic vibrant being you have become. Others may just have to get in line. Ready or not, here you come.


23rd – Sun enters 12th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 2nd trine Neptune in 7th

27th – Saturn in 2nd trine Venus in 10th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 12th, Moon in 4th, Uranus in 8th

  • What are you broadcasting?
  • Look at the grand design of your life
  • Are you a spectator or participant?

The Sun in your 12th house this week is asking you to look closely at whether what you do and what you say are in alignment, Virgo. Who we appear to be to others is often based on how they interpret our actions. Ensure there is no room for misinterpretation this week especially when the Moon meets Saturn in your 2nd house of assets and makes a trine to Neptune on the 25th. When it comes to dealing with partners and those who have a direct impact on your status (i.e. bosses, clients or those in authority) you need to ensure there is no room for misunderstandings or for anyone to pick up on contradictory messages. Look at what you are broadcasting about yourself and if you feel your image/message dynamic needs adjusting take steps to rectify this.

With the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 12th and forming part of a Grand Fire Trine on the 28th, you’ll also be looking at the bigger picture – the grand design of your life. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person you may find yourself involved in a creative venture of some kind now even if this is nothing more than being asked your opinion. You’ll start to see how visual messages have to work together with verbal ones to get results,

Fire Trines are all about action and spontaneity. Yes, that goes against the grain for you as you like planning ahead. By all means sit on the sidelines this week and develop your game plan. Trouble is, by the time you do all the action may be over. Understand that some things just can’t be planned for and instead jump in and let the details take care of themselves. Sometimes you don’t have to know the rules of the game – you just have to participate.


23rd – Sun enters 11th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 1st trine Neptune in 6th

27th – Saturn in 1st trine Venus in 9th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 11th, Moon in 3rd, Uranus in 7th

  • Look at ways to work more creatively
  • Involve others in your vision
  • What’s the universe sending you?

Much of this week’s astro action is centered around friends and social groups, Libra. The week starts with the Sun entering your friendship sector and two days later the Moon meets Saturn in your sign and beams across a positive aspect to Neptune in your wellness and work area. It’s all about looking at how you can work more creatively and also how you can get others involved in what you want to do. If you work in an area that relies on collaboration, then expect everyone to be in accord. If you’ve been feeling blocked or struggling at work then look to how others can assist you – and don’t forget to rope in that difficult person as well. Chances are by going out of your way to include them you can covert them into an ally.

The same goes for your personal goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance especially when Saturn trines Venus your ruler in your house of expansion on the 27th. It’s a fabulous aspect which can reward you for patience or hard work. You may find an opportunity just falls into your lap.

Take a good look at whether the universe is rewarding or restricting you when the Grand Fire Trine happens on the 28th and be aware that if rewards do appear they may not appear in the form you thought they would thanks to Uranus in your 7th. That doesn’t mean to say you’re not being sent exactly what you deserve. Remember – what we need and what we want are two different things. The universe never gets the order wrong. Say ‘Thank-you’ and understand the power of gratitude.


23rd – Sun enters 10th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 12th trine Neptune in 5th

27th – Saturn in 12th trine Venus in 8th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 10th, Moon in 2nd, Uranus in 6th

  • Act as if you have it and it will appear
  • Seek out new opportunities
  • Others may offer their resources

I can already hear the Scorpios out there begging me not to say anything about the deep side of life this week. But really, do you want me to treat you like a powder puff Libran or slapdash Sagittarian? See – I didn’t think so. On the 23rd, the Sun moves into your status sector helping you make all the right moves. I hope you’re dressing to impress this week, Scorpio as you’re being watched closely by people who can help raise your collateral in some way. Even if you don’t know where the next penny is coming from, act as if you have a million pounds this week as the world is going to reflect your thoughts back at you.

It’s all down to Saturn in your 12th house first getting creative with Neptune in your 5th and then making a fabulous aspect to Venus in your shared resources area on the 27th. Be seen as someone who is going places and you may be amazed at what people may offer you in order to get there.

There’s a Grand Fire Trine on the 28th when Mercury conjuncts the Sun in your 10th house while the Moon in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth also trines Uranus in your career sector. You should feel good now about what you’ve managed to achieve. No matter what you’ll end the week richer for the experience.


23rd – Sun enters 9th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 11th trine Neptune in 4th

27th – Saturn in 11th trine Venus in 7th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 9th, Moon in 1st, Uranus in 5th

  • Don’t be too critical
  • What is dragging you down?
  • Expansion and innovation set you free

With Saturn and the Moon meeting in your 11th house and pulling in Neptune in your 4th there’s a push-pull going on between your natural desire for new experiences and a deeper calling to explore the world within. This may set up a conflict which results in you losing patience with yourself for your inability to decide what it is you do want. Don’t be too critical of yourself or others this week. However, you do need to look at what is draining you as Neptune in your security zone is saying that something needs to be released. It could be you need a cleansing – either of the emotional kind or perhaps just clearing out your closet.

Long term partnership prospects flourish when Saturn again makes a lovely trine to Venus in your house of deep connections. If you’re waiting on exam results or a legal decision, good news could be on its way especially around the Grand Fire Trine on the 28th. The Moon in your 1st house gets seriously jiggy with a Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 9th house of travel and adventure and free-wheeling Uranus in your 5th of love affairs. Think big and above all, think different. This aspect is all about fresh starts and new beginnings.


23rd – Sun enters 8th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 10th trine Neptune in 3rd

27th – Saturn in 10th trine Venus in 6th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 8th, Moon in 12th, Uranus in 4th

  • What is someone offering you this week?
  • Watch for delays or restrictions in work
  • All you have is only borrowed

Take a look at what people are offering you this week, Capricorn. There’s a lot of activity around your house of shared resources. If you’ve been waiting for a loan, raise or somebody’s backing then this is the week when it could arrive. On the 25th, the Moon conjuncts Saturn your ruler in your 10th house of status and trines Neptune in your 3rd house of communication. Exercise a little caution here, at least until after the 27th when the Saturn/Venus trine may put things into a different perspective. In the interim – bear in mind that if something looks too good to be true – it probably is.

If you’re still encountering delays or restrictions on the work front, the 27th could see these ease but if they continue past this date it’s a sign that you may have overlooked something important. Take this as a given if you work in a technology environment and go back over things carefully. You may find an omission staring you in the face.

The Grand Fire Trine of the 28th again brings your shared resources sector into focus along with your home and security and your 12th house of spirituality and secrets. That includes secret enemies. You may have to relinquish something to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Understand that whatever we acquire in this life is only borrowed. We just get to use it for a while then we have to let it go. That includes our physical bodies as well. If you have to give something away to make someone go away understand it was only yours temporarily as it will only be theirs. Once we give something up we allow space for something new to come in. We never really possess anything – especially not other people. Let everything be a deep ‘let go’. Chances are if it disappears you didn’t need it anyway.


23rd – Sun enters 7th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 9th trine Neptune in 2nd

27th – Saturn in 9th trine Venus in 5th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 7th, Moon in 11th, Uranus in 3rd

  • What have you manifested?
  • Clarify issues with partners
  • Get up close and personal

It’s a wonderful week for partnerships of all kinds, Aquarius. The Sun entering your partnership sector gets a boost from Venus in your 5th house of love and creativity. If there’s been any lingering issues around your partner you’ll discover beautiful ways to clarify them this week. No partner? Saturn in your 9th house is making serious moves with Neptune in your 2nd of assets and Venus. These aspects are all about what you have been able to manifest in your life – either through conscious hard work and effort or through cosmic ordering.

Have a think back over the past two years and make a list of everything you set out to achieve and you may be amazed at what you’ve been able to manifest. If that special someone is still on that list this week could set events in motion to bring them through. You’re getting a major boost from the Grand Fire Trine which involves the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 7th house, the Moon in your 11th of friends and Uranus in your communication sector. Some Aquarians could suddenly be hit by the obvious – your ‘friend’ is now more than that. No matter whether you’re single or attached, get up close and personal with everyone this week and if you do happen to meet someone you’ll know exactly what to say to win them over. And who’s to say you didn’t manifest it that way?


23rd – Sun enters 6th

25th – Moon/Saturn conjunct in 8th trine Neptune in 1st

27th – Saturn in 8th trine Venus in 4th

28th – Grand Fire Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 6th, Moon in 10th, Uranus in 2nd

  • What are you putting off getting done?
  • You want the old and familiar
  • You take on the team leader role

No procrastination for you this month, Pisces. Not if you don’t want to pay the price for it later that is. Take a look around you at what you’re putting off doing and resolve to tackle it now. Doesn’t matter if it means having a confrontation with someone difficult when you’re trying to keep the peace or unblocking that yucky drain. Further delays will merely make the task worse. The Sun in your 6th house should be helping you take care of the details now.

On the 25th the Moon meets Saturn in your house of shared assets, endings and transformations while both beam a trine to your ruler Neptune. Two days later on the 27th, Saturn will trine Venus in your home and security sector. You may end up feeling a little unsettled during this time. One way you may try to cope is to fall back on the familiar. You may crave familiar things – items from your childhood or even comfort food. If contemplating travelling this week you will want to return to old haunts. There’s no harm in revisiting the past so long as you don’t intend to stay there.

On the 28th a Grand Fire Trine lights up your entire work and career sector. There’s going to be no lurking in the background for you this week as this aspect propels you into the spotlight. Even if you’re used to working behind the scenes you may find yourself occupying a leadership role. Perhaps it’s just leading that discussion or brainstorming session or you could find yourself being asked to step into the role on a more permanent basis. If so, accept it and understand it’s what the universe wants you to experience now.





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