Your Astrology Ages of Opportunity

28, 42, 55, 56. No, these aren’t lottery numbers or something you need to enter into a machine to prevent the end of the world! They do however refer to years where we all are given opportunities to re-align our life paths, discover our purpose or soul path and in many cases, make changes that will lead to long term benefits in our lives thanks to major planetary transits which occur at these times.

The years 26-28 bring in our first Saturn return. This is where Saturn ‘returns’ to the point in the sky where it was when we were born. Saturn rules endings, karma and also our dharma – our purpose in being here. If something is holding us back or no longer working, this transit can bring it to an end which allows us to move forward towards something more relevant for our soul growth. If you have reached your late 20’s without knowing exactly what it is you want to do with your life, Saturn may now point the way forward and give you a new purpose. Saturn’s message here is all about getting serious and committing to something – be it a relationship or a career path. The decisions you make on your first Saturn return will be ones that will set the scene for how your life unfolds for many years to come.

Our next major milestone comes at 42 when Uranus planet of innovation, revolution and unexpected change, opposes our natal Uranus in our charts (Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun). This used to be the classic ‘mid-life crisis’ transit – one example of this being the man in his early 40’s who suddenly ends his marriage and turns into a sports car driving, bling wearing, younger woman dating cliché. The problem with Uranus is that it can cause us to literally ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ and rebel only to regret it later – as in the same man who later tries to return to the marriage – usually to find his wife no longer wants him! The upside of it gives us the courage to make radical changes when our lives have become stagnant simply by being able to approach our problems from a different perspective.

Because we are now all living longer, many astrologers no longer consider the Uranus opposition the real ‘mid-life crisis’ – more like the beta version! We are now only just beginning to understand the importance of our Neptune trine – the time in our lives where Neptune guardian of our soul path, makes a trine (a beneficial aspect of 120 degrees) to our natal Neptune in our charts. This occurs at around age 55. We are now seeing many people at this age who lose their jobs through no fault of their own or discover the careers they have worked so hard at no longer hold any relevance for them. With many years of productive life ahead of them, more and more people are now taking advantage of their life experience to return to full time education, change careers or start their own businesses and Neptune may provide the inspiration for doing this.

This Neptune transit is given a major boost by Saturn as our second Saturn return takes place around age 56. It often has a very different feel to it than our first. For one thing we are older and usually wiser! Saturn rewards us when we plan form, build and create our future. So we can take the inspiration provided by Neptune and with help from master-builder Saturn turn these dreams into a new reality for ourselves that will bring us a new beginning.

When we look at the planets this way we can see that we are never too old to begin a new phase of life so don’t let age hold you back as every age is an opportunity.




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