Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs August 27


Aug 27th – Sun in 6th trine Pluto in 10th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 12th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 12th opp Sun in 6th

Sept 1st – Venus in 4th square Saturn in 7th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 6th

  • Partners may appear unsupportive
  • Career breakthroughs possible
  • What do you need to heal?

With the Sun in your 6th house of career and wellbeing making a fantastic aspect to Pluto in your goals sector, this week could see you making considerable progress towards a long-held ambition. If there’s something on a soul level that’s been holding you back expect it to surface now thanks to Pluto’s tendency to drag what’s hidden out of the closest where it can be examined. This process may receive an additional boost thanks to the full (‘blue’) Moon in your 12th house which conjuncts Neptune the keeper of soul secrets and Chiron the wounded healer while opposing the Sun still in your 6th. It may be painful but you will now see clearly what needs to be done.

On the 4th, Venus in your home and security sector squares off Saturn in your house of partnerships. The result is that partners and loved ones may come across as distant and you could end up feeling unsupported. Don’t worry – this is only temporary. However, if a relationship has begun to feel like hard work this may be a good time to examine it.

On the 2nd, Mercury planet of communication moves into your career zone. Expect messages concerning your career and long term goals to flow. It’s a good time also for any hobbies, making adjustments to your diet or starting a new exercise regimen. Whatever you do, don’t get bogged down in routine.


Aug 27th – Sun in 5th trine Pluto in 9th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 11th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 11th opp Sun in 5th

Sept 1st – Venus in 3rd square Saturn in 6th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 5th

  • Long-distance travel, higher education all favoured this week
  • Which friendships support you?
  • Progress with work colleagues may prove difficult

A fantastic week for anything to do with long-distance travel, higher education, the law, animals, creative projects, flirtation, speculative ventures and hedonism, Taurus. If you are travelling you may get to experience the ‘finer’ things of life in the form of an unexpected upgrade or an invitation where someone else picks up the bill. It’s all thanks to the Sun in your 5th house of love and pleasure beaming a fabulous aspect to Pluto in your 9th of expansion and adventure.

On the 31st we have a ‘blue’ full Moon in your 11th house of friends and social activities. Aside from being a blue Moon, it’s special due to the fact it will be conjunct Neptune and Chiron and opposing the Sun. The message of soul-healing this Moon brings will be different for everyone but for you it’s all about looking at which friendships support you. Do you have painful memories of a friend who betrayed you or let you down in some way? Were you bullied? Do you have friends around you today who put you down or only call you when they need to vent or want something? This aspect will allow you to review your long term friendship history and make any changes you need to bring your social circle into alignment with your soul expression.

On the 1st, Venus your ruler squares off Saturn in your career sector. Progress will career, bosses or co-workers may be slow at this time and you may find it difficult to get your point across. If that’s the case sit back and wait.

Mercury enters your 5th house on the 2nd. If you’ve started a flirtation expect things to hot up. You feel inspired this week and it’s going to find expression one way or another whether it’s a creative project, a postcard you write from an exotic location or that ’50 Shades’-inspired text.


Aug 27th – Sun in 4th trine Pluto in 8th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 10th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 10th opp Sun in 4th

Sept 1st – Venus in 2nd square Saturn in 5th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 4th

  • Long term security plans receive a boost
  • Don’t doubt your gifts
  • What goals have you let go of?

Take a good look at what you receive this week, Gemini as the theme is going to be all about what the universe wants to give you especially around the home and your long-term security. This also relates to your emotional security as well as financial. If someone is offering to share what they have with you or you receive an unexpected windfall this is all part of what the universe wants you to receive thanks to Pluto in your 8th house of shared resources making a fabulous aspect to the Sun in your security sector.

Remember, sometimes the most valuable assets we have at our disposal are intangible. The full Moon which is also a ‘blue’ Moon falls in your 10th house of goals, ambitions and achievements and is conjunct Neptune and Chiron also in the same house. This is all about your goals. Have you let go of any goals simply because you have begun to think they are unattainable? That you’re over-reaching yourself? When Venus in your 2nd house of assets squares off Saturn in your 5th of creativity on the 1st if you’ve let go of your dreams simply because you’ve doubted you’ve got the inner resources to make them happen, this aspect will ask you to think again. Yes, it may be hard work but if it’s soul work then it’s worth it.

Your ruler Mercury enters your 4th house on the 2nd. Paradoxically you may now realise that in order to feel emotionally secure you have to take a few risks. Combine your goals with your inner assets and going for your dreams may turn out not to be such a risk after all.


Aug 27th – Sun in 3rd trine Pluto in 7th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 9th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 9th opp Sun in 3rd Sept 1st – Venus in 1st square Saturn in 4th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 3rd

  • Who or what is restricting you?
  • What you say has more influence than you think
  • What is the ‘it’ you want to get away from?

Choose your words carefully this week, Cancer as what you say will have more influence on your close relationships than usual. Partners may surprise you by repeating something you said a long time ago and telling you of the impact it’s had or else you could transform a current relationship simply by opening up a deeper level of communication and understanding thanks to Pluto in your partnership sector making a fabulous aspect to the Sun in your house of communication.

Usually when we talk about your home Cancer, you give a welcome sigh and reach for a cup of tea and a plate of cupcakes. For once this may not be the case as this week’s aspects may make home feel restrictive or even cold.  The main culprits here are an unhappy aspect between Venus planet of pleasure in your 1st house, and restrictive Saturn in your 4th of home. Not only may home not feel like home, responsibilities may chafe or feel downright restrictive. The full ‘blue’ Moon which falls in your 9th house of adventure and expansion is also conjunct Neptune and Chiron and opposing the Sun in your 3rd. You may feel like packing your bags and getting away from it all especially when Mercury ruler of transport enters your 3rd house on the 2nd. If this is the case ask yourself what the ‘it’ is that you are trying to escape. If you feel there is more of the world you’d like to see and experience then this is a good aspect to plan for that. If however you are just seeking escape remember – wherever you go, there you are.


Aug 27th – Sun in 2nd trine Pluto in 6th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 8th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 8th opp Sun in 2nd Sept 1st – Venus in 12th square Saturn in 3rd

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 2nd

  • Draw upon your wealth of talent
  • People show their true colours
  • Others offer assistance in unexpected ways

This week is no time for false modesty, Leo. Have you been using your skills to their best advantage? This week is the time to showcase what you’ve got especially when it comes to your career. If you’re going for an interview or making a presentation you need to dress to impress in more ways than one. People in a position to help you are going to be watching you carefully. While you’re never one to lurk behind the scenes the Sun in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth is beaming a trine at Pluto in your career sector and asking you to draw on your talents and make certain everyone understands what you’re capable of.

Also, don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking you have to go it alone. The full Moon of the 31st which is also a ‘blue’ Moon falls in your house of transformations, endings and shared resources while conjunct spiritual Neptune and Chiron the healer and opposing the Sun in your 2nd. People may put their resources at your disposal and if so, don’t be too proud to accept.

Venus in your 12th house squares off Saturn in your 3rd on the 1st. Be prepared for people to reveal their true colours and these may be shades you don’t like.

On the 2nd, Mercury joins the Sun in your 2nd house. At this point get ready to receive validation for your efforts earlier in the week. Investing in yourself will bring the best returns now.


Aug 27th – Sun in 1st trine Pluto in 5th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 7th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 7th opp Sun in 1st

Sept 1st – Venus in 11th square Saturn in 2nd

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 1st

  • Disappointments with partnerships may surface
  • Friends may prove elusive
  • Let the good times roll!

This week is a combination of gifts and restrictions, Virgo. Let’s start with the good news first. The Sun in your 1st house beams a fabulous trine to Pluto currently in your 5th house of pleasure, creativity and love on the 27th. This is a real ‘good times in excess’ aspect. Someone could enter your life who offers hedonistic experiences or you could find yourself immersed in a creative project or performance that transforms you on a deep level.

The full Moon on the 31st which is also a ‘blue’ moon is conjunct Neptune and Chiron in your 7th house of partnerships and opposing your Sun. You may find yourself examining where close relationships have failed to live up to expectations. Perhaps you’ve been harbouring lingering hurts over something a partner has said or done. Or perhaps your disappointment lies in having no-one to call your own. This aspect provides you with the opportunity to examine your feelings and the reasons behind them once and for all.

Your social life may feel a little dull this week thanks to Saturn in your 2nd making a hard square to Venus in your 11th of friends. Get-togethers may prove hard to organise or people may cancel or just prove plain elusive. With Pluto still aspecting your Sun you’ll probably just console yourself with reading the 50 Shades trilogy. By the time your ruler Mercury joins the Sun in your 1st house on the 2nd expect to be back to being the top of everyone’s invitation list – if you can be bothered to tear yourself away from Mr. Grey that is.


Aug 27th – Sun in 12th trine Pluto in 4th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 6th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 6th opp Sun in 12th Sept 1st – Venus in 10th square Saturn in 1st

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 12th

  • Illusions may get shattered
  • Are you living well and working well?
  • Don’t buy into ‘ageism’

Nothing will prevent a few illusions being shattered thanks to the Sun in your 12th making a trine to Pluto in your 4th, this week Libra.  This can take the form of your illusions about people being shattered or on a more positive note you could be in for events which totally transform your worldview into a universal view and open your mind to the limitless possibilities of existence.

The full Moon of the 31st which also happens to be a ‘blue’ Moon, falls in your career and wellbeing sector. It will be conjunct Neptune and Chiron and oppose the Sun. It’s asking you to look at how you’re living and how you’re working and place both these issues into your overall well-being. Does your job enhance your wellbeing – or the reverse?

While we’re on the subject of possibilities, on the 1st Venus your ruler in your sector of goals and ambitions makes a hard aspect to Saturn which is still in your 1st house. Are you abandoning your goals and dreams because you believe it’s too late or that you’re too old? Perhaps you’re not so much older but more experienced and better able to make things happen. Mercury enters your 12th house of spirituality on the 2nd and you could find yourself hearing a whisper about what steps you should take that turns into a soul calling. Don’t buy into ‘ageism’ especially if it’s self-imposed.


Aug 27th – Sun in 11th trine Pluto in 3rd

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 5th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 5th opp Sun in 11th Sept 1st – Venus in 9th square Saturn in 12th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 11th

  • Friends bring benefits
  • Are you feeling ‘confined’?
  • Are others trying to make you conform to what they want?

You may benefit from friends or your larger social circle this week, Scorpio thanks to Pluto your ruler in your 3rd house trineing the Sun in your expansive 11th. Your aspirations could also receive a real validation – friends could offer you ways to achieve long term goals. However, a word of caution. Ensure that taking help doesn’t mean having to relinquish your vision.

On the 31st the ‘blue’ full Moon conjuncts Neptune and Chiron in your 5th while opposing the Sun in your 11th. How have friends influenced your creativity, love life or ideas about raising children? If it’s for the better then fine. If not, time to release any resentment and negativity and admit your way may be best after all.

If you’re feeling confined or restricted you can blame Saturn in your 12th squaring off Venus in your 9th who just wants to expand your world. Saturn isn’t about to let that happen but the spiritual lesson here is that everything happens in its own good time. On the 2nd when Mercury enters your 11th you’ll move back into the swing of things with a clearer idea of how much influence you’re now prepared to let your friends have.


Aug 27th – Sun in 10th trine Pluto in 2nd

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 4th conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 4th opp Sun in 10th Sept 1st – Venus in 8th square Saturn in 11th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 10th

  • Your talent could turn into a gold mine
  • A friend may see things differently
  • Where do you call home?

Dig deep this week, Sag as you could be sitting on a gold mine thanks to the Sun in your 10th of reputation and achievement making a fabulous trine to Pluto in your house of assets. One of your talents could literally transform your self-worth. Often people forget Pluto presides over the riches of the underworld – he could be about to release some of them for you to utilise.

On the 31st we have a ‘blue’ full Moon in your 4th house of home and security conjunct Neptune and Chiron and opposing the Sun in your 10th. Where do you call home when you’ve finished exploring those far horizons, Sag? If you’ve been feeling that you need a sound base from which to plan your adventures, this aspect will get you taking steps to establish it.

Be careful with friendships around the 1st thanks to Venus in your 8th house of transformations and endings caught up in a difficult aspect with Saturn in your social sector. There’s a real possibility of misunderstandings and also if you’ve started to think of a friend as more than just a friend chances are they may not feel the same way.

On the 2nd, Mercury joins the Sun in your 10th house. You know what you want to achieve and that you have the ability to do it. Now, go out and tell the world about it.


Aug 27th – Sun in 9th trine Pluto in 1st

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 3rd conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 3rd opp Sun in 9th Sept 1st – Venus in 7th square Saturn in 10th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 9th

  • A week of expansion, windfalls and wins
  • Do you feel entitled to express yourself?
  • Partnerships are under pressure

Buy that lottery ticket, Capricorn. This week the Sun in your 9th house of expansion, adventure and speculative ventures beams a trine to Pluto currently in your 1st house (as most of you are all too painfully aware!). Here is the positive aspect of Pluto. You could experience a literal stroke of good-luck or embark upon a life-transforming journey, all courtesy of the God of the Underworld. It’s all about calculated risks but they could just pay off right now.

On the 31st there’s a ‘blue’ full Moon in your 3rd house conjunct Neptune and Chiron and opposing the Sun in your 9th. You may find yourself looking at who or what may have caused you to feel you can’t express yourself in your own unique way. Time to say what’s on your mind just the way you feel you need to say it.

Partnerships continue to be under pressure this week thanks to a hard aspect between Venus in your partnership sector and Saturn in your house of status. What a partner says or does this week may affect you in more ways than one.

On the 2nd Mercury ruler of communication, transport and short journeys gets a boost as he moves into your 9th. Expect a deluge of messages, travel and those short trips could just transform into longer ones. The universe wants to expand your horizons so why not let it?


Aug 27th – Sun in 8th trine Pluto in 12th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 2nd conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 2nd opp Sun in 8th Sept 1st – Venus in 6th square Saturn in 9th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 8th

  • You find spiritual answers in unusual places
  • Put big plans on hold this week
  • Do you feel worthy?

For once both the Scorpios and Capricorns have escaped their usual forecast about experiencing the deeper, transformational side of life. This week it’s your turn, Aquarius. Let’s look at some tricky subjects. Sex. Death. Power. Shared assets. Big business. Legacies. The Sun in your 8th house making a fabulous aspect to Pluto in your spirituality and hidden meanings sector may bring you the opportunity to look at these subjects and frame then within a context of spiritual growth. Can you be powerful and still be spiritual? What have giant corporations got to do with soul growth? You may be surprised at the connections you discover.

The ‘blue’ full Moon of the 31st conjuncts Neptune and Chiron in your 2nd house and opposes the Sun in your 8th. Watch out for what you receive around this time. Does it match your expectations? It’s all about what you feel you’re worth. Are you worthy of respect? If you’re self-worth needs an upgrade this is your chance.

Any big plans you may be harbouring need to be put on hold this week due to Saturn making a hard aspect to Venus in your 6th house. Venus isn’t happy in the 6th and she certainly doesn’t like task-master Saturn. Instead work diligently in the background and accomplish mundane or ‘housekeeping’ tasks. Your chance to shine will come soon enough.


Aug 27th – Sun in 7th trine Pluto in 11th

Aug 31st – Full ‘Blue’ Moon in 1st conjunct Neptune and Chiron in 1st opp Sun in 7th Sept 1st – Venus in 5th square Saturn in 8th

Sept 2nd – Mercury enters 7th

  • Casual friendships transform into something more substantial
  • Are you the one who loves or the one who is loved?
  • Responsibilities may conflict with enjoyment

The Sun in your 7th house means partnerships are in focus now and when it trines Pluto in your 11th of friendships you could well see certain connections becoming deeper and more important. For some this could well mean you discover that your perfect partner has been right under your nose all along. Others could just find that what they considered to be just a social connection has become a lasting friendship.

The ‘blue’ full Moon on the 31st takes place in your sign and conjuncts your ruler Neptune and Chiron while opposing the Sun. While we’re on the subject of close personal relationships this brings an opportunity for you to look at the role you assume in these. Are you the one who loves or the one who is loved? In a healthy relationship we swap these roles. If however you end up feeling you are always the one who loves more than you are loved in return its now time to redress the balance. You’ll be able to find the words to express this when Mercury lends a hand on the 2nd when he also enters your partnership zone.

However, you may find yourself wanting to enjoy yourself but having to assume more responsibility instead. It’s all down to restrictive Saturn in your 8th house squaring off Venus. Saturn wants to work while Venus is a girl who just wants to have fun. Understand your power this week comes from being able to put what you need to do in front of what you want to do. Just find a way to have fun while you’re doing it.

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