Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs Sept 3


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 6th trine Pluto in 10th trine Moon in 2nd

7th – Venus enters 5th

9th – Saturn in 7th trine Moon in 3rd (exact)

  • Take care of day-to-day tasks
  • Express yourself via what or who you love
  • You balance needs with the right moment

You could allow yourself to just sit back and hit cruise control when it comes to work and career this week, Aries thanks to the Grand Earth Trine of the 5th across your career sectors. Work should flow easily and you could just sit back with your feet up on the desk. If you do that you’ll be missing out on a fantastic opportunity to impress others with how you take care of details by attending to housekeeping tasks with your usual élan. Use the energy to pay attention to the small stuff instead of just the broad strokes and you may be surprised at who’s noticed your thoroughness.

On the 7th, Venus enters your house of creativity, pleasure and love. You could find passion re-entering your life or else get caught up in passionate self-expression via a creative project or even through your involvement with children.

On the 9th Saturn in your partnership zone beams across a perfect trine to the Moon in your 3rd of communication. If you’ve been waiting for the moment to act in a close relationship now’s your time. You’ll manage to obtain the perfect balance between your own needs and not stepping on any toes to get them met. Who knew you could be such a diplomat?


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 5th trine Pluto in 9th trine Moon in 1st

7th – Venus enters 4th

9th – Saturn in 6th trine Moon in 2nd (exact)

  • Wherever you end up you feel at home
  • You exhibit unusual adaptability when it comes to plans
  • Your consistency gets you noticed

Your idea of the holiday from hell is probably to have to tag along with a Gemini and a Sagittarian. Not only will plans change without notice they will veer off into unknown territory and worst of all you will have no idea when your next meal will be much less whether you will like it or not. Have they no respect for schedules? Routines? Your stomach? Should you find yourself experiencing this scenario first hand, this week you will find yourself coping better than usual thanks to the Grand Earth Trine. The Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 5th house trines Pluto in your house of adventure which trines the Moon in your 1st. No matter where you end up your emotional needs remain met and Venus entering your 4th of home and security on the 7th means you feel grounded especially when it comes to tackling the everyday details such as where along that mountain track the nearest tea house may be located.

When it comes to the day-to-day routine no other sign can match you and you’re quite happy to sit for hours paying close attention to tasks that would make the average Aries throw the lot out of the window in exasperation. This week all your diligence might just pay off thanks to taskmaster Saturn in your 6th house of everyday work which trines your Moon in your 2nd of assets. Could be someone has noticed all that extra effort you’ve been putting in and you now find yourself in the perfect position to benefit. Enjoy your moment. You’ve earned it.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 4th trine Pluto in 8th trine Moon in 12th

7th – Venus enters 3rd

9th – Saturn in 5th trine Moon in 1st (exact)

  • You are extremely sensitive to your environment
  • Your gift is putting others at their ease
  • An opportunity arrives to showcase your expertise

The Grand Earth Trine on the 5th boosts your sensitivity, Gemini. You’re going to be able to pick up on the energy of a place the moment you arrive there. This also applies to your home life. There’s a hidden opportunity here if you care to look for it. The Trine will make you alert to any opportunities that are available to you around your home and your immediate environment. Take note especially if you’re looking for ways to boost your income. They could literally be under your nose.

With Venus entering your 3rd of communication on the 7th your ability to connect is amplified and no matter the circumstances you’ll find the words to put others at their ease. You could just win their heart in the process as well as you are going out of your way to get people to like you thanks to the Moon in your 1st house which trines Saturn in your 5th of love, creativity and children. Normally I would be saying that this could bring in restrictions or hard work around romance, creative projects or your children but this aspect bestows on you an opportunity to showcase your expertise in some way. You could just have good, old fashioned life experience to offer or in-depth knowledge on a subject someone needs. Whatever it is, others will show their appreciation.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 3rd trine Pluto in 7th trine Moon in 11th

7th – Venus enters 2nd

9th – Saturn in 4th trine Moon in 12th (exact)

  • Change and variety in your social life
  • Asset-boosting opportunities occur
  • Don’t shirk your responsibilities

Somebody with a cosmic sense of humour has transformed you from a home-body into a party-animal Gemini this week, Cancer. The Grand Earth Trine on the 5th delivers a yearning to expand your social circle and to get out and mingle. You could find yourself inundated with invitations.

Just don’t neglect your responsibilities either at home or at work as you endeavour to become the life and soul of the party, that’s all. On the 7th, Venus enters your 2nd house, a sector of your chart she is extremely comfortable in. Watch for opportunities to boost both your net worth and self-worth.

With all this being the life and soul of the party, don’t shirk your responsibilities either at home or at work. On the 9th, Saturn in your sector of home and emotional security beams a fabulous trine to your ruler the Moon in your 12th house of hidden resources, spiritual growth and karma. If you’ve enjoyed yourself but kept up with what you need to do then expect rewards to follow – possibly with you discovering a previously over-looked resource. However if you’ve been engaged in anything clandestine – such as calling in sick when in fact you have a hangover – you may get caught out. Stay true and reap the rewards instead.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 2nd trine Pluto in 6th trine Moon in 10th

7th – Venus enters 1st

9th – Saturn in 3rd trine Moon in 11th (exact)

  • Material and emotional needs may feel the same
  • You’re either feeling laid back or fired with inspiration. Which is it?
  • You may prefer work to socialising

Your Leo ambition and natural desire to shine may take a backseat to your emotional needs this week. But hang on – how come they feel one and the same? You feel loved up and/or appreciated and it’s feeling like a promotion or money in the bank – and vice versa. Just think of it all in terms of wellbeing thanks to the Grand Earth Trine lighting up your status, assets, career and security sector. It doesn’t matter where the positive strokes come from – it’s how they make you feel.

On the 7th Venus enters your sign. Venus can be all about indulgence or intense creativity. Are you firing off ideas left, right and centre or do you just want to lie back and indulge yourself? One thing is certain, the planet of love, beauty and sensuality will be making her presence felt. Now hand me those chocolates.

However, on the 9th Saturn in your 3rd house beams across a trine to the Moon in your 11th of socialising. Friends may seem remote, invitations may dry up but funnily enough others may see you as the withdrawn one as you find yourself quite happily focussing on work matters at precisely the right moment to get your extra efforts noticed. At least you can keep the chocolate handy in your desk drawer.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 1st trine Pluto in 5th trine Moon in 9th

7th – Venus enters 12th

9th – Saturn in 2nd trine Moon in 10th (exact)

  • Expansion and optimism are the order of the day
  • Choose relationships wisely
  • Small investments may pay off big-time

Wow, Virgo. Out of your fellow Earth signs it is probably you who will feel the benefits of the Grand Earth Trine on the 5th the most. The Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 1st bring a feeling optimism. Combine this with transformative Pluto in your creative sector and the Moon in your house of luck and expansion and you’re all set to receive a soul boost that sends you rocketing down the path towards your goals.

However, Venus in your 12th house of spirituality and secrets may boost your compassion to the point where others may try to take advantage. And in your relationships take care not to get involved in anything clandestine – otherwise you could end up with your hand caught in the karmic cookie jar.

Saturn in your 2nd making a trine to the Moon in your 10th at the end of the week gives even the smallest investment in your talent, career or assets a huge boost that could yield a big pay day in some way and ultimately improve more than just your financial status.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 12th trine Pluto in 4th trine Moon in 8th

7th – Venus enters 11th

9th – Saturn in 1st trine Moon in 9th (exact)

  • Work behind the scenes brings rewards
  • Friends and colleagues offer assistance
  • Seek out mind-and-social expanding experiences

Those Librans who work behind the scenes could discover this is their week to shine as the Grand Earth Trine on the 5th highlights the value of spiritual work, sharing, selflessness and work done around the home and for others. If your work involves supporting someone, making someone else look good, taking care of the invisible details or altruism of any nature you could find yourself getting the acknowledgement you deserve.

This is given a boost by your ruler, Venus who enters your 11th house of friends and groups on the 7th. Friends and colleagues may offer you support for your goals or you could just find yourself enjoying some of life’s pleasures – good food, music, a performance, with a fabulous group of people.

On the 9th, Saturn in your 1st beams across a trine to the Moon in your house of expansion. If you’ve been feeling over-cautious of late or just plain nervous about taking the next step then this trine eases the restrictions around you. Expand your worldview even if you don’t leave your home by reading about different cultures, places and beliefs. Or you could just run into somebody who embodies these themes and who acts as a catalyst for broadening your horizons. Just see this as opting to order a bigger slice of life or even the entire pie.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 11th trine Pluto in 3rd trine Moon in 7th

7th – Venus enters 10th

9th – Saturn in 12th trine Moon in 8th (exact)

  • You take an innovative approach to dealing with the feelings of others
  • The force is strong in your career zone
  • Economic and personal relationships enter a new phase

Your sensitivity which is always acute is at an all-time high this week, Scorpio thanks to the Grand Earth Trine on the 5th which allows your emotional antenna to accurately tune in to the emotions of those close to you and to come up with innovative ways to adjust to this. Anyone who understands your sign knows that its your incredible ability to transform yourself and your reaction to others that gives you your power and magnetic quality.

On the 7th, Venus enters your 10th house of career and status. When we’re talking of magnetism this is where your Jedi powers are this week. You may find others flocking to you just to hear your opinion or else offering you benefits which enhance your professional reputation.

Saturn is still in your 12th house of spiritual growth and you may have been chafing at any limitations that have been imposed on you during the last two years. These may lift on the 9th when the Moon in your 8th beams across a trine to the grand karmic taskmaster. Suddenly you’re seeing the reason behind the contraction and the way to start to move forward. You could receive a cosmic ‘get out of jail free’ card as your economic or personal relationships transform into something that suits you better.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 10th trine Pluto in 2nd trine Moon in 6th

7th – Venus enters 9th

9th – Saturn in 11th trine Moon in 7th (exact)

  • You’re seeking out the limelight
  • Travel, upskilling or benefits from in-laws
  • Older friends and partners provide your emotional needs

This week’s Grand Earth Trine is all about you being in the spotlight, Sagittarius. The planets are all arranged across your work, career and money sectors meaning that not only may your bank account benefit but you may find yourself centre stage in some way. Make like a Leo and enjoy the attention.

On the 7th, Venus enters your 9th house of expansion, travel and further education. Opportunities to up-skill, travel or broaden your horizons may present themselves. Other archers could find themselves benefiting from the generosity of their in-laws.

For two years Saturn has been in your house of friendships and social activities. Many archers may have felt that their social lives have been curtailed as a result. Or you may have found you just prefer the company of older or more experienced friends. With Saturn still in this sector but beaming a trine to the Moon in your partnership zone it will be partners and people who know you best who are best able to provide you with what you need now. Forget large gatherings for once. Keep it one-to-one and you’ll discover just how heart-opening that can be.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 9th trine Pluto in 1st trine Moon in 5th

7th – Venus enters 8th

9th – Saturn in 10th trine Moon in 6th (exact)

  • Love can be found in study and travel
  • You benefit from the resources of others
  • Reach out when it comes to career matters

You’re one of the signs feeling the Grand Earth Trine the most thanks of course to Pluto in your 1st. On the 5th he’s making fabulous aspects to the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 9th of expansion and education and the Moon in your 5th of love and creativity. If you’re travelling or about to embark on a course of study you could discover a new love – either in a person or where you go or what you’re doing.

On the 7th, Venus enters your 8th house of shared resources. Others may put their assets at your disposal or share their wisdom or expertise with you.

On the 9th, Saturn your ruler still in your status sector, beams across a fabulous trine to the Moon in your 6th house of work and wellbeing. This is only a short-term transit but time it right and you could see your efforts acknowledged. Make sure you reach out to others – co-workers, customers, clients, contacts, and in doing so you’ll position yourself to promote your own agenda and have the added benefit of reaping the emotional satisfaction that comes with it as well as the professional pat-on-the-back.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 8th trine Pluto in 12th trine Moon in 4th

7th – Venus enters 7th

9th – Saturn in 9th trine Moon in 5th (exact)

  • You can bring others around to your point of view
  • Travel brings benefits
  • You crave intimacy or is that nurturing? Discuss.

Your powers of persuasion are at a peak this week Aquarius, as the Grand Earth Trine lends you both a powerful magnetism plus the ability to influence people’s emotional response with your words. Good thing this transit isn’t around for long as otherwise you could use your powers for evil instead of good. This trine is also about using its gifts to benefit those close to home – partners and loved ones. Swaying the masses may have to wait.

With Venus in your partnership sector from the 7th close personal relationships are in focus in more ways than one. You may find yourself wanting to get close to the people you care about. Is it intimacy you’re after or do you need to be nurtured instead? There’s a big difference so make sure you understand it so loved ones can give you what you really need.

Saturn in your 9th house of expansion may have left you feeling fenced in of late. That could change this week thanks to a fabulous trine between the Lord of Karma and the Moon in your 5th house of love and creative self-expression. Women may prove to be especially helpful in freeing you of any restrictions. Get out and about, enrol in a course or study group or head for the country. In freeing your spirit you’ll free up your life.


5th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun and Mercury conjunct in 7th trine Pluto in 11th trine Moon in 3rd

7th – Venus enters 6th

9th – Saturn in 8th trine Moon in 4th (exact)

  • Close personal relationships affect your mood
  • Cooperation is the key to career progress
  • Don’t resort to controlling behaviour

Partners and close friends will impact on your mood this week, Pisces thanks to the Grand Earth Trine in your relationships and communication sectors. You’re all too aware of the needs of loved ones and their emotional states will affect you more than usual. Let’s hope they are in an up-beat mood as this transit can really boost your social life and make any gathering enjoyable.

Venus enters your 6th house of work and wellbeing on the 7th. She’s not all together happy here but there are benefits to be reaped once you realise that she’s asking you to extend the hand of cooperation to co-workers. It’s all about teamwork now so include others in your vision and you’ll be seen as an emotional leader rather than someone who just manages a task.

When it comes to your home life this week, is a feeling of insecurity leading to a desire to control your environment or other people? Are you using money, resources, emotional blackmail or sex to achieve this? Saturn is making a fabulous aspect to the Moon in your 4th house which could lead to you not only feeling emotionally safe but also hand you the opportunity to benefit from others’ generosity. However, if you’re utilising your own resources as a means of manipulation you’ll be rewarded by loved ones withdrawal. Know you don’t have to bargain or blackmail. People want to be with you for exactly who you are. Knowing that is where your true security lies.

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