Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview October 15th

15th – New Moon in Libra

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in Virgo, square Mars in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Pisces

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Pisces

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • What do you need in the long term?
  • Connect and reach out
  • Emotional freedom beckons on a global scale

It’s one of the most deeply profound and emotionally charged weeks of the year which showers us with soul gifts and the opportunity for emotional breakthroughs.

The wonderful new Moon in Libra, sign of partnership and balance on the 15th is the equivalent of a candle being lit in the cosmos, an ember which will ignite the following day thanks to an amazing ‘bow and arrow’ formation stretching across all the mutable signs. If you’re a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarian or Pisces this is going to effect you more profoundly than other signs but for all of us, this rare aspect is asking us to take aim at whatever is holding us back from expressing ourselves or following our true soul path. Shoot for freedom and accept nothing else.

The message is: reach out and connect especially as on the same day the Moon will conjunct Saturn in transformational Scorpio and trine Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Pisces. Here we have an interesting line up. Scorpio is a fixed sign while of course, Pisces is a mutable one. What you’re holding on to has to be let go of and this could even be an illusion. Saturn is asking you to replace illusions with something real when it comes to what you need to sustain you in the longer term. Remember – there’s a huge difference between what you want and what you need. This aspect allows you to discern the difference.

On the 20th – 21st the Orionids meteor shower occurs. The message behind this particular shower is connectedness and your place within the grand design of life. It’s merely emphasising the soul call to freedom that’s resonated throughout the week. Every soul on the planet is opening up to understanding the need to break free of self-created restrictions and barriers we use to keep what we want at a distance. If it’s a clear night get out and dance in the stardust. Your soul gift for the week is the realisation that while we’re all unique we’re all the stuff stars are made of.

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