Your Free Monthly Astrology Overview for November

6th – Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

11th – Neptune direct in Pisces

13th – New Super Moon in Scorpio

13th – Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

15th – Retrograde Mercury enters Scorpio

17 – 18th – Leonids Meteor Shower

19th – Mars enters Capricorn

22nd – Sun enters Sagittarius

23rd – Venus enters Scorpio

26th – Mercury direct in Scorpio

27th – Conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio

28th – Full Moon in Gemini

28th – Appulse Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

  • A new light is cast on something from the past
  • Rebirth, reinvention and transformation
  • Secrets emerge whose release can heal on a soul level
  • Karma, dharma and soul purpose unite

November has to be one of the biggest months of 2012 astrologically speaking with a Super Moon, two eclipses and a huge amount of planetary activity as we head towards 2013.

On the 6th, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius. Remember that Sag rules long distance journeys, academia, publishing, the law and mass communications. When Mercury performs his thrice-yearly backwards movement we are given opportunities to go over old ground and refine things. However, as Mercury rules transport and also communication it’s wise to make sure important documents are backed up and to allow extra time when you are travelling anywhere as snafus can occur.

Neptune planet of spirituality, all things hidden and which represents a higher vibration of Venus,  finally moves direct in Pisces on the 11th. If things have been ‘foggy’ lately expect clarity to emerge.

On the 13th the Super Moon is a new Moon so it won’t be visible from the Earth however, this Super Moon is eclipsed as a total solar eclipse occurs in transformational Scorpio and two days after this retrograde Mercury enters the sign. It’s all about casting a new light on things from the past – bringing secrets out of darkness and into the open so they can be healed. We’ve only got to look at what’s been happening in the media recently to see this process has already begun. On a soul level this allows for a re-birth and re-invention of our ideals and attitudes as two days later the Leonids meteors streak across the sky as if to emphasise the fact that our ideas are fleeting and can be replaced by new and better insights.

Fiery Mars is in structured Capricorn from the 19th providing us all with a way to constructively channel our energies. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius sign of the philosopher/adventurer. Sagittarius is a sign renowned not only for aiming its arrows high but also accurately. What are you aiming for now?

The planetary action however continues to be focussed on Scorpio as Venus enters the sign on the 23rd and Mercury turns direct in Scorpio on the 26th. However, on the 27th a mighty conjunction between Saturn the Lord of Karma and Venus the Zodiac’s lover of beauty and sensuality occurs. These two planets are at diametric opposites of one another. However, in the sign of transformation and re-birth this coupling offers us all an opportunity to release our karma but uniting our dharma (our work) with our soul path or purpose. Simply put: do what you love with love.

The month draws to a close with the full Moon is eclipsed in Gemini on the 28th. It’s what is known as an appulse eclipse – where the Moon just enters the shadow of the Earth. What shadows your emotions? The message is to throw a light on the shadows of our individual and collective souls. Secrets lurk in the dark. Time to light them up.



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