Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs Oct 22nd


23rd – Sun enters 8th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 8th sextile Pluto in 10th

28th – Jupiter in 3rd opposition Mars in 9th (exact)

  • What you share with others is your key to progress
  • Showcase your inner strengths
  • Goal progress becomes soul progress

The focus is not so much what you can achieve as an individual this week, Aries but what you can achieve in harmony with others. The Sun in your 8th house heralds a time of transformation and focus on shared resources. This can involve anything from sharing of time, ideas, knowledge or more tangible resources such as money. Whatever form this takes look at what is being placed at your disposal this week or alternatively, what you have to offer which can assist others.

On the 25th the Sun meets Saturn in your 8th and sextiles Pluto in your 10th. If assistance you have been relying on is suddenly withdrawn this week this is a sign you are meant to go it alone. Conversely, long term plans may now be able to be initiated thanks to the backing you receive.

Mighty Jupiter planet of expansion now retrograde in your 3rd house opposes Mars in your 9th of expansion on the 28th. Time to showcase what you have to offer. This is no time for false modesty. Jupiter is urging you not to undersell yourself now especially when it comes to what you have to offer the world. Progress towards your goals especially those connected with career and travel is part f your soul progression now. Cooperate with the planets as they place what you need at your disposal.


23rd – Sun enters 7th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 7th sextile Pluto in 9th

28th – Jupiter in 2nd opposition Mars in 8th (exact)

  • You move to end something that’s no longer meaningful
  • Partnerships enter a new phase
  • Someone acts as an agent for change for you

Being a fixed sign you like the familiar. However, change comes whether we want it or not. This week however you may be the initiator of change as you see all too clearly a situation has been allowed to drag on long past its use-by date and how this is impeding your progress.

With the Sun now in your 7th, partnerships and close personal relationships are going to come under scrutiny. On the 25th, the Sun meets Saturn and sextiles Pluto in your 9th. Transformations now occur for your benefit. Single Taureans who attract a partnership prospect now will feel the connection has a ‘fated’ element to it. Someone may act as an agent for change for you this week and it could be a change that transforms your personal life.

However, Jupiter in your 2nd opposing Mars in your 8th on the 28th could bring an agent for change that transforms your material wellbeing in some way. Have you noticed how often the word ‘change’ has appeared in this forecast? People and circumstances will arrive now to facilitate change. After all – unless your life changes, how can it improve?


23rd – Sun enters 6th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 6th sextile Pluto in 8th

28th – Jupiter in 1st opposition Mars in 7th (exact)

  • Selfless work pays dividends
  • Watch for energy drainers
  • Keep things in perspective

The Sun enters your 6th house of work and wellbeing on the 23rd. To fully appreciate the energy you have available to you, you have to understand the subtle difference between your 6th house which rules the tasks you perform, bosses and co-workers, and your 10th which actually rules status and career. So, the 6th rules the work – the 10th the rewards. On the 25th the Sun meets task-master Saturn in your 6th and sextiles Pluto in your 8th of shared resources and transformations. It’s time to attend to what will sustain you in the long term with no thought for immediate return.

As the 6th also rules your wellness as well as your work, you need to look carefully at which relationships sustain and which drain. Avoid energy vampires this week. You need your energy to fuel your progress – not others.

When it comes to those closest to you, Jupiter still in your 1st opposes Mars in your 7th on the 28th. When it comes to partners and close friends, keep things in perspective this week. Think before reacting as Mars can lead you to impulsiveness. Understand that if you say or do the wrong thing it may take sometime to undo the damage. Act – don’t react. This is your key to preserving energy and harmony this week.


23rd – Sun enters 5th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 5th Scorpio sextile Pluto in 7th

28th – Jupiter in 12th opposition Mars in 6th (exact)

  • Whose opinions are important to you?
  • Your energy level undergoes a shift
  • What you love you attract this week

You’re always aware of the opinions of others, Cancer, but this week they seem to impact on you more than usual. You’re being asked to look closely at whose opinions you are taking on board – and why. The Sun is in your 5th house of creativity, children, love and all things hedonistic and pleasurable. It heralds a month where the focus is on enjoyment. However, on the 25th, the Sun meets Saturn in the same house and sextiles Pluto. Are you allowing the opinions of others to dictate what you do?

This is all linked to your energy level which is set to undergo a shift thanks to this power aspect. Jupiter in your 12th opposing Mars in your 6th of work means you might discover that others’ opinions have been undermining you to the point they impact on your wellbeing. Mars however lends you the energy to do something about this.

But really the week is all about allowing yourself the creative self-expression you crave. Creativity is good for the soul whether you express it via a project or a relationship. Whatever it is you love, whatever it is that fires you up, focus on that this week. The simple act of doing will just attract more of what’s good for you.


23rd – Sun enters 4th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 4th sextile Pluto in 6th

28th – Jupiter in 11th opposition Mars in 5th (exact)

  • You create a regenerative environment
  • Creative and love goals flourish
  • Don’t be slapdash

Building something that sustains you is the theme this week, Leo. I don’t know how to tell you this but for once your focus isn’t on how you interact with the outer world but on creating an inner environment which supports you. It’s all down to the Sun which enters your 4th of home and emotional security on the 23rd. Then on the 24th the Sun conjuncts Saturn in the same house while beaming a sextile to Pluto in your wellness and work sector. It’s all about creating an environment that sustains and energises you be it at work or at home. Do whatever you need to do to achieve this.

By creating this special ‘inner space’ you will actually be paving the way to succeed when it comes to your long term goals. Remember, nobody can run on empty – not even you! On the 28th, Jupiter planet of expansion which is in your 11th of friends and goals and dreams will oppose Mars planet of action in your 5th of love affairs, children, pleasure and creative enterprises. It’s about creating another kind of environment for you – one where your deepest held wishes and dreams can flourish. However, neither of these planets are concerned with details – it’s all about the big picture so guard against being slapdash with any planning. However, this soul-enhancing aspect can be used to propel you towards creating something that sustains mind, body and soul.


23rd – Sun enters 3rd

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 3rd sextile Pluto in 5th

28th – Jupiter in 10th opposition Mars in 4th (exact)

  • Your focus shifts from work to pleasure
  • Refine what message you’re broadcasting
  • You break from restrictions

You’re going to see an increased emphasis on having fun enter your life this week, Virgo all thanks to the Sun which enters your 3rd house of communication on the 23rd. Usually a Sun/Saturn conjunction might bring you restrictions instead of expansion, but the one which occurs on the 25th will sextile Pluto in your 5th of pleasure, love and creativity delivering thoughts of life’s pleasures and the opportunity to sample some of them.

There’s a secondary message here as your 3rd house is involved and it’s all about the messages you are sending out to others. By this I don’t necessarily mean what you’re saying verbally. The majority of communication is non-verbal. Look at the sub-text behind your words and also what you say with your body. Is this consistent with what you want people to understand? If you’re not getting through or getting what you want Saturn is giving you the opportunity to refine this now.

Get ready to break free of anything that is restricting your progress in both career terms and around the home thanks to Jupiter in your 10th opposing Mars in your 4th on the 28th. If moving house has been on the agenda for some time this could give you the push you need. No matter what this is a soul and status boosting aspect that just makes enjoyment your key word this week.


23rd – Sun enters 2nd

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 2nd sextile Pluto in 4th

28th – Jupiter in 9th opposition Mars in 3rd (exact)

  • Your base is your greatest asset this week
  • Waiting is not the answer – action is
  • Look to arrivals

Your core or your home base is going to turn out to be your greatest resource this week thanks to the Sun in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth. If it’s not your actual home, you may discover inner assets you didn’t think you had access to thanks to a fabulous aspect on the 25th when the Sun conjuncts Capricorn and beams a sextile to transformational Pluto in your home and emotional security sector. Remember, when we are in touch with our inner power centre (usually located around your sacral chakra), we have a strong foundation. Breathe into your core this week.

Now is not the time to think about your goals but take action towards making things happen. On the 28th, mighty Jupiter in your 9th of expansion opposes Mars in your sector of communication. This is a real ‘what are you waiting for?’ aspect. It’s also about expanding your horizons and what you believe is possible for you to achieve. If you feel you’re stepping outside your comfort zone then practice that core breathing.

Watch for what arrives this week especially if it comes from afar. This could be a piece of news, a person, an item or an opportunity. Its source will open your life up in a new direction. Now – take a deep breath . . . .


23rd – Sun enters 1st

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 1st sextile Pluto in 3rd

28th – Jupiter in 8th opposition Mars in 2nd (exact)

  • Are you alone or lonely?
  • What is the universe giving you?
  • Look to your inner strength

Being one of the most sensitive and deep thinkers of the zodiac, Scorpio, if I ask you if you are lonely or just alone you will immediately understand the difference. You can be in a relationship or with a crowd of people and feel lonely. However, being alone is another matter. Powerful aspects this week may put you in circumstances where you are faced with this distinction. The Sun enters your 1st on the 23rd hopefully putting you in a birthday frame of mind for the next month. It will conjunct Saturn (also in your 1st) on the 25th while making a sextile to Pluto your ruler in your 3rd. Don’t go looking for love in all the wrong places if you are lonely. It’s all about being content with your own company if that’s what’s happening now.

Understand that the universe often sends gifts in disguise – and this can include alone time. There’s something to be said for getting to know yourself better because you then understand what it is you need. However, on the 28th, Jupiter planet of expansion in your 8th opposes Mars in your 2nd. Some of you may embark on what turns out to be a trip of a lifetime (if only a journey to understanding yourself better). Others may literally discover themselves recipients of someone’s generosity. If money comes your way invest it wisely. Best of all – look to your inner resources. Being one of the most resilient signs of the zodiac the real you is ultimately what sustains you more than anything else.


23rd – Sun enters 12th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 12th sextile Pluto in 2nd

28th – Jupiter in 7th opposition Mars in 1st (exact)

  • Do your actions speak louder than words?
  • Breakthroughs arrive in disguise
  • Do you believe the world owes you something?

Your sign is the one most often accused of foot-in-mouth disease, Sag. However, this week I’d like you to take a look at what your actions say about you more than your words. You may be inadvertently broadcasting what you truly feel by saying one thing while engaged in doing something else entirely. Look at where what you’re doing betrays you when the Sun enters your 12th on the 23rd and then makes a conjunction to Saturn on the 25th.

Also on the 25th that powerful Sun/Saturn conjunction forms a sextile to Pluto in your 2nd of assets and self-worth. Do you believe the world owes you something? Are you feeling short-changed in some way? If so, does this come from a sense of entitlement or from a true sense of self-worth. Remember, we are rewarded for what we contribute. Provided you are operating from a sense of true worth and a desire to share whatever you have to offer then expect breakthroughs to follow although they may turn up in disguise. Part of your growth is in seeing them for what they truly are.

On the 28th Jupiter your ruler in your 7th of partnerships opposes Mars in your 1st. If you’ve been hoping for a breakthrough in a relationship then this brings it. Remember, you need never apologise for who you are. Just your actions. Make every action an act of sharing yourself this week.


23rd – Sun enters 11th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 11th sextile Pluto in 1st

28th – Jupiter in 6th opposition Mars in 12th (exact)

  • Goals undergo metamorphosis
  • Does your work fuel your personal growth?
  • Backstage or centre stage? Which it it?

The Sun moves into your house of friends, social connections and goals this week, Capricorn and on the 25th, the Sun meets Saturn your ruler in the same sector while making a sextile to Pluto which as all of you know unless you’ve been living on Pluto for the past few years, is in your 1st house. Of all this signs you are the one who will feel this aspect the most and are also in the position to benefit from it.

Your goals could not only undergo a metamorphosis but you could receive long-term support to aid in attaining them. Watch what happens around this time as friends, colleagues or your network could provide what you have been looking for.

There’s going to be a focus on work and how it fits into your overall wellbeing this week. Jupiter currently in your 6th of work will oppose Mars in your spiritual 12th. You’ll be looking at how your present work enhances or restricts your soul growth. If you find what you do no longer energises you, you’ll start to take steps to change this while also examining in what capacity you need to be functioning in. Expect some Leo-like questions to surface. Should you work behind the scenes or in the spotlight? The answer is – whichever provides the best showcase for you.


23rd – Sun enters 10th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 10th sextile Pluto in 12th

28th – Jupiter in 5th opposition Mars in 11th (exact)

  • Get ready for a psychic de-clutter
  • Love takes a passionate turn
  • Look to older and more experienced people

Get ready to chuck out any ideas, beliefs or even people whose energy drains you this week, Aquarius. It’s all part of a great psychic de-clutter that needs to be done to make room for ideas, energy and people who resonate and sustain you now. You will have the energy to get this done thanks to the Sun entering your 10th of status and career on the 23rd. On the 25th, the Sun meets Saturn in there and sextiles Pluto in your 12th. Expect others to show their true colours. Your energy is at a peak this week and if you are faced with goodbyes try to be a tactful as possible.

If you’re looking for love or already involved, this week could heat things up thanks to Jupiter in your 5th of love, indulgence and creativity opposing sexy Mars in your 11th of friends, groups and goals. Looking for love? Get out and about. Already involved? Things could get 50 Shades hotter!

When it comes to soul progress especially in terms of your goals, long term partnerships and career look to people who are older or just older in experience. If you’re looking to change jobs established companies hold the key to success or else establish something of your own. After all, didn’t you just de-clutter in order to make room for something better?


23rd – Sun enters 9th

25th – Sun conjunct Saturn in 9th sextile Pluto in 11th

28th – Jupiter in 4th opposition Mars in 10th (exact)

  • Are you ready for expansion?
  • Inner peace brings outer transformations
  • Avoid confrontations

I hope expansion is on your list of goals, Pisces because opportunities to expand your life, goals or worldview could be on their way thanks to the Sun entering your 9th of long distance travel, expansion and adventure on the 23rd. Saturn is also in your 9th and meets the Sun there on the 25th while both make a fabulous sextile to Pluto presently in your 11th of friends and long term goals. Friends could hold the key to new opportunities as this sparks off an important two and a half year cycle where your world opens up to reveal that what’s possible for you is far more than you dreamed.

On the 28th, Jupiter the ruler of your 9th house but now in your 4th of home and security, opposes Mars in your 10th of career and status. While we’re talking of expansion what are you looking to achieve in this area in the long term? By creating an inner sanctum of peace you will bring about the changes you’re seeking in the outer world. The emphasis here is on action and assertiveness rather than confrontations which should be avoided at all costs this week as arguments could get out of hand. Provided you’re operating from inner strength and fairness, you’ll see obstacles removed. You are after all, the sign where peaceful waters flow.

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