Astro Tarot – The Fool and Uranus

The Fool represents our soul’s journey and usually pops up in a reading to herald a new beginning, venture or phase of life. There’s a wonderful exuberance about The Fool and his dancing dog. It’s not that he’s stepping blindly into the unknown as many people believe, but that he trusts where he’s being led. The Fool therefore contains both faith and potential as he’s on the start of a journey and cannot know where he will end up but clearly trusts it will be where he needs to be.

If we look closely at how The Fool is depicted in any deck you will note he is not burdened down with possessions but carries a small bundle on a stick. This is symbolic of leaving the past behind. Therefore to capitalise on the possibilities contained in The Fool we have to discard anything that no longer serves us – outworn possessions, thoughts, relationships, paths and ways of living and set off into the unknown.

Because of this association with the new and innovative, The Fool’s astrological counterpart is the innovative and revolutionary planet Uranus. Uranus disengages us from whatever is holding us back and propels us towards something better. Sometimes this can happen suddenly and we can be thrust out of our comfort zone with no warning. So, when The Fool and Uranus turn up you can expect your everyday life to go through some kind of revolution. You have to leave the past behind and there is no going back. The only way is forward into the unknown.

In astrology, Uranus is associated with the sign of Aquarius and the 11th house. Our 11th house rules friends, groups of people such as clubs, work colleagues, the collective and also your hopes, dreams and goals. Aquarius is very much the sign of the individual thinker – someone who walks their own path and whose priorities are very much around being true to themselves. Uranus also rules unusual professions and radical shifts as well as challenges and thrills along the way. So, with this additional knowledge about the astrological meaning behind The Fool how would you interpret the card when it appears? Obviously you will also look to the surrounding cards to see where the new beginning is taking the person but you will now be able to bring all this new Uranian knowledge to your interpretation. If the surrounding cards point to a love affair then you would be safe to say that it will be with someone unusual – perhaps not the person’s usual ‘type’ or someone from a radically different background to them. If it concerns a work question then the person could literally be off on a new path very different to the one they have been pursuing up until now. In accepting what is different and new, the person will be better able to fully realise the wonderful potential that The Fool brings.

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