Astro Tarot – The High Priestess and the Moon

Let’s take a look at the card of the High Priestess and how this relates to Astro Tarot. The High Priestess stands at a portal – an entrance to the inner realms of emotion. Mercury and The Magician rule our minds – our rational thoughts. But the High Priestess is all about what we feel and intuitively know. As such, she is linked to the Moon and to the astrological sign of Cancer and the 4th house of the zodiac which rules our home, our emotional wellbeing, our mother or female care-giver and our roots and traditions. So, we can say themes of mothering, being mothered, nurturing, family and feeling ‘safe’ are all associated with this card as well as some of the more traditional meanings.

While Mercury as symbolised in the card of The Magician has plenty to say, the High Priestess says nothing which is why she is associated with our emotions. She is all about ‘gut feelings’ as don’t forget the part of the body that Cancer rules is the stomach. The message of the high Priestess is all about listening to non-verbal messages as opposed to what is being said. This is what makes this such an important card in the Tarot and also when learning Astro Tarot. It is a real card of opening up and relying on sub-text and what is not being spoken rather than what is. When we look at the High Priestess card we see in most decks she holds a scroll with the word ‘Tarot’ on it and there are pomegranates and oak leaves depicted either behind her, in her veil or she may be holding a pomegranate. The oak leaves and pomegranates are associated with the goddess Diana – goddess of the Moon.

This card is one of the great teachers in the Tarot and can also bring us great insight in astrology. So, if you are doing an astro-tarot reading, what does this card tell you when it comes up? First – it is not about what is being said but what is not being said that is important. If you are reading for someone else they may need to pay attention to what their gut feelings are saying about a personal or situation rather than what they are being told. Also, pay attention to the sub-text of what someone is saying. Are there contradictions creeping in? What is your ‘gut’ telling you? Remember, this card rules the home, emotional wellbeing and family sector of the chart. What are their experiences of mothering and being mothered? The pomegranate is the fruit of conjugal love. Are you being told their home life is happy yet there are little things they give away that seem to contradict that? This card is also linked to the goddess Persephone, wife of Hades who lived in the underworld. Pay attention. Is your client having an ‘underworld’ experience? If you’re reading for yourself, look at your experiences around home and family life. How do these relate to the High Priestess?

Except for the word ‘Tarot’ the scrolls the High Priestess carry have no other writing on them. Often she is depicted carrying a blank scroll or book. Again, this is because the High Priestess is not offering you an interpretation or explanation – it is up to you to discover that for yourself. This is the power of the High Priestess. Remember, the cusp of the 4th house is a karmic point in the astrology chart and our experiences with that house are always linked to our soul group. The High Priestess guards the doorway to your intuition, the key to unlocking family and emotional puzzles in both a Tarot reading and an astrology chart. The High Priestess is the Moon in all her phases, dreams, premonitions and the power of unspoken communication.

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