Delusion vs. Evolution. Solving the Neptune Code

Neptune turned direct in Pisces on the 11th November. If you’re a regular visitor you’ll know from previous articles that this is Neptune’s first visit back to his ruling sign since 1861.

Neptune rules our soul evolution, secrets, soul promises and also places of confinement such as hospitals, hospices, prisons etc, sewers (not Pluto as many of you might think!), illusions, hidden enemies, addictions, dreams and in extreme cases, mental instability. Because Neptune is the ruler of the 12th house of our astrological chart many astrologers say he rules ‘womb and tomb’ – in other words, where you were before you came here and where you’re going next!

Neptune is in Pisces to enable us to evolve to a higher level of compassion and spiritual understanding. It’s no coincidence that since Neptune tip-toed into this sign and put his toe in Pisces shining and mysterious sea, that issues around the ocean (Neptune’s realm), and also amazing discoveries in Quantum science have been making headlines. Neptune rules what exists but cannot be seen – namely scientific disciplines like theoretical physics. Neptune’s gift to us now he’s back in Pisces is to continue to explore our personal spiritual evolution while gaining a better understanding of how we are all connected. New theories such as the idea the universe and all it contains may be a hologram are very Neptunian and we can expect to see areas like this open up as more of us accept these new views of what constitutes ‘reality’ as fact not science fiction or mysticism.

However, as with all the planets, Neptune has his dark side. Instead of listening to Neptune’s higher calling we can get lost in illusions which appear real but are nothing but a Neptunian pipe-dream. We can get caught up in sudden, delusional crushes that appear real but have no basis, seek escapism via food, shopping, alcohol or drugs, or just refuse to face reality even when it’s kicking in our front door with Saturnian jack-boots on. An extreme example of this is someone wanting to know if a former lover is returning despite the fact they split up five years ago and he’s now happily married with two children. Yet she refuses to let go of the fantasy they will be together – thus remaining stuck in Neptune’s realm and unable to move forward with her life. Negative Neptune will keep us a prisoner of our own illusions. Remember, Neptune rules hidden enemies and in the majority of cases the hidden enemy is the one we have the most difficulty seeing – ourselves. This also applies to the collective when we look at the number of people who refuse to accept that global warming has been caused by humans. This is a perfect example of entire groups of people in the grip of a Neptune delusion – especially as the climate and climate change is ruled by Neptune!

To live up to Neptune’s promise we need to keep our feet firmly on the shore while watching the ebb and flow of the tides. We have to act compassionately but maintain our boundaries. We need to understand we are all part of an immense interconnected universe which cannot function without each and every one of us doing our individual part with complete consciousness. This is true evolution. As the poet Rumi put it: ‘Don’t go back to sleep’.



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