Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview January 7

7th – Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

8th – T-Square:  Moon in Sag opp Jupiter in Gemini both square Neptune in Pisces.

9th – Venus enters Capricorn

11th – New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus

11th – Stellium in Capricorn: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto

  • News arrives that could shake or make stronger
  • A time for expansion and free-thinking solutions
  • Can we find a new way to connect emotionally?

Transformations need to happen both on a personal and collective and we could be reminded of that this week. Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn on the 7th and if we all look to the outer world the news will be focussed on where changes in attitude need to take place. There’s tension around but the message is that expanding our beliefs to encompass a more universal way of thinking is the key to change if we need the message of the T-square on the 8th between the Moon in Sagittarius which opposes Sagi’s ruler Jupiter in Gemini and both square Neptune in Pisces. We can’t pretend any longer there are things which need fixing and Sagittarius and Jupiter call for justice while Neptune at his most positive asks us to open ourselves to empathy and compassion for all. The message here: don’t look away.

The focus on the sign of Capricorn continues when Venus enters this sign on the 9th followed by a new Moon of fresh starts conjunct Venus on the 11th. Love within structured boundaries is the message here. A friend of mine describes Venus in Capricorn like the Melanie Griffith character in Working Girl. If you’ve not seen the movie rent it and you’ll totally get what this transit is all about.

The 11th also sees a stellium in Capricorn (a stellium is when more than three planets occupy a sign or house in the zodiac) – the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto. Babies born this week are coming in with a job of constructing something – or this could be a re-construction. That’s the message to us all now – rebuild your world and make some lasting rise out of any rubble in your life. The results could be truly beautiful.

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