Your Weekly Horoscopes Forecast For All Signs January 28th


29th – Yod: Uranus in 1st sextile Sun in 11th. Both quincunx Moon in 6th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 3rd

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 11th trine Moon in 7th trine Jupiter in 3rd

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 3rd sextile Uranus in 1st. Both quincunx Saturn in 8th

2nd – Venus enters 11th

2nd – Stellium in 11th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 12th

  • You may feel connected to the collective on a new level
  • Watch for travel and communication changes
  • The call to individual expression has gone out – how will you answer it?

A soul-call of opportunity has gone out, Aries and for you this is going to involve taking a look at how you fit into the grand scheme of things – in other words your place in the collective. Uranus planet of change and thrills is in your first and makes the first cosmic entanglement of the week on the 29th when it will sextile the Sun in your sector of friends and social connections while making an angle to the Moon in your work area. With what is known as a stellium – three planets or more, forming in this zone – the Sun, Venus on the 2nd and also Mercury – it’s all about your connection and contribution to the larger whole as an individual.

Travel and communication changes may beckon when Jupiter presently in the sector of your chart which rules these aspects finally turns direct on the 30th. Jupiter is also involved in a soul-uniting Grand Air Trine on the 1st and also a Yod which once again ropes in Uranus but this time puts the emphasis on Saturn in your transformational 8th. Your life could be changed by opportunities around travel, transport or how you communicate. If you’ve thought about writing now’s the time. On the 2nd Mars enters your 12th house. He’s there to uncover something and to ensure that when you find out what it is you take the appropriate action. Now is not the time to sit back and do nothing. That’s the message this week.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 12th sextile Sun in 10th. Both quincunx Moon in 5th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 2nd

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 10th trine Moon in 6th trine Jupiter in 2nd

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 2nd sextile Uranus in 12th. Both quincunx Saturn in 7th

2nd – Venus enters 10th

2nd – Stellium in 10th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 11th

  • Something becomes apparent you couldn’t see before
  • You are in touch with what you really need now
  • Ideas abound – pick one and don’t scatter your energy!

Something that’s been obvious or right under your nose is revealed this week, Taurus thanks to some revealing aspects in your 12th of all-things-hidden. It’s all down to Uranus planet of surprises in that zone forming part of two Yods. Whether you like what you see is another matter. That’s not Uranus’s concern. Just remember – knowledge is power.

Money and values also feature as Jupiter turns direct in this area of your chart on the 30th and a Grand Air Trine breezes through your entire work, money and career sectors. Expect delays around career or finances to be lifted especially as your ruler Venus moves into your career and status zone on the 2nd. This is a focal point for you now as what is known as a stellium – three planets or more, has formed in that sector. Direct your energy into one specific area. You may find yourself afire with ideas right now but the important thing is not to scatter your energy. Think of ideas like laser beams – direct one towards its target. Mars in your 11th of friends and goals from the 2nd ushers in a busy time for you socially and also gives you the energy to keep up a busy social life or direct the same energy into your goals. What is it going to be? Use your psychic laser vision to direct the lightshow of your life.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 11th sextile Sun in 9th. Both quincunx Moon in 4th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 1st

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 9th trine Moon in 5th trine Jupiter in 1st

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 1st sextile Uranus in 11th. Both quincunx Saturn in 6th

2nd – Venus enters 9th

2nd – Stellium in 9th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 10th

  • Look to the future and shut a door to the past
  • Love could beckon from far away
  • You’ll take action in pursuit of career goals

This is a real ‘out with the old, in with the new’ week for you, Gemini. Jupiter turns direct in your sign on the 30th and also forms part of an expansion-building Grand Air Trine with the Sun in your 9th of adventure and the Moon in your 5th of attraction. Before that the Yod which formed on the 29th also has the Sun in your 9th while a second Yod of the 1st ropes in Jupiter again. As Jupiter moves forward once more its important that you close a door on past people, events, experiences and thoughts that have been holding you back. Small thinking has no place in your life right now. There is a stellium (three planets or more in a house) forming in your 9th and when Venus enters there on the 2nd she will be beaming good vibes across to Jupiter. Opportunities could arrive from far away or even a new love interest. Many of you will be thinking about that overseas trip but even if you go no further than your locality now the world may come to find you.

Mars steps up the action when he enters your career sector on the 2nd. You could be off in pursuit of that next career move. As I’ve said – expansion is the key word now. Take a chance and chances are, life is going to take one on you now.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 10th sextile Sun in 8th. Both quincunx Moon in 3rd

30th – Jupiter Direct in 12th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 8th trine Moon in 4th trine Jupiter in 12th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 12th sextile Uranus in 10th. Both quincunx Saturn in 5th

2nd – Venus enters 8th

2nd – Stellium in 8th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 9th

  • You react to sudden changes
  • An emotional milestone is reached
  • A key area expands – you decide which!

It’s a time of change, Cancer and sadly there’s no getting around it. The good news is you do have a certain amount of control over this – even if some of the changes catch you by surprise. On the 29th your ruler the Moon is in your 3rd and gets caught up in a Yod between the Sun in your 8th of endings and Uranus in your 10th of status. When Jupiter turns direct in your 12th of secrets the next day something could come to light that you may initially wish hadn’t. But rest assured, better out than in. Don’t forget, we can always choose how we react to situations even if we don’t choose the situations themselves. A Grand Air Trine with the Moon in your 4th on the 1st may have you initially looking for that security blanket as a coping mechanism. However, the Yod of the same day means you can push through this and see this as a creative or emotional milestone. By the time the stellium forms in your 8th on the 2nd (three planets of more) thanks to Venus entering that sector, you could be congratulating yourself on the changes you’ve been able to bring about.

Mars entering your 9th brings the expansion back into a key area of your life. This is where you get to choose. So pick an area you’d like to see transform and go for it this week.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 9th sextile Sun in 7th. Both quincunx Moon in 2nd

30th – Jupiter Direct in 11th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 7th trine Moon in 3rd trine Jupiter in 11th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 11th sextile Uranus in 9th. Both quincunx Saturn in 4th

2nd – Venus enters 7th

2nd – Stellium in 7th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 8th

  • Don’t get too attached to plans this week
  • How do you react to change?
  • What is your partnership goal now?

Any changes taking place now are designed to broaden your life experience. The question is how you are going to react to them. Thrilling and unpredictable Uranus in your adventure sector promises life won’t be dull and this week he’s caught up in two Yods which are designed to bring about changes both on a personal front and on a wider scale. On the 30th Jupiter turns direct in your 11th of social connections and goals. If you’re social life has felt stagnant of late this could be one of the areas which opens up or you are suddenly given an opportunity to head full-tilt towards a long-desired goal. Benefits may come to you via friends or professional contacts now so say ‘yes!’ to all invitations and above all, don’t get too attached to plans. Be prepared to change them at short notice as good things can come from the unexpected.

The emphasis is also on partnerships and whether you’re coupled up or not goals around partnerships feature. Perhaps you’re wanting to improve a current relationship or you are on the look out for someone either as a business partner or as a love interest. There’s a huge line up forming in your 7th house. Venus enters there on the 2nd and this brings the planetary total to three. Mars moves out of your 7th and into your 8th on the same day. It’s all about you and others this week.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 8th sextile Sun in 6th. Both quincunx Moon in 1st

30th – Jupiter Direct in 10th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 6th trine Moon in 2nd trine Jupiter in 10th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 10th sextile Uranus in 8th. Both quincunx Saturn in 3rd

2nd – Venus enters 6th

2nd – Stellium in 6th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 7th

  • Changes occur to work and wellness
  • News could result in expansion
  • You are the catalyst when it comes to partners

Work and wellness are your themes this week with this sector of your chart ablaze with activity. The Sun forms a powerful Yod and also a Grand Air Trine in there and any changes at work are going to feel intensely personal now. On the 30th, Jupiter turns direct in your career and status sector and any projects or career moves that have been in limbo get the green light at last. News could arrive that sees you set on a course for a promotion or better job boosting feelings of wellbeing. However, Venus in your 6th from the 2nd may distract you if you’re not careful. The entry of Venus into this part of your chart makes what is known as a stellium – three or more planets. Provided you keep focussed on what needs to be done, you could end up feeling you can’t put a foot wrong this week. Bosses and supervisors could be impressed with your extra effort.

When it comes to partnership matters you could be acting as a catalyst for those closest to you thanks to Mars entering this sector on the 2nd. The planet of action means you won’t be waiting for loved ones to take the initiative. Expect existing relationships to be re-invigorated with sizzle as a result or you could be letting that special person know just how you feel in no uncertain terms.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 7th sextile Sun in 5th. Both quincunx Moon in 12th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 9th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 5th trine Moon in 1st trine Jupiter in 9th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 9th sextile Uranus in 7th. Both quincunx Saturn in 2nd

2nd – Venus enters 5th

2nd – Stellium in 5th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 6th

  • Lightning could strike in love and romance
  • Plans which have been on hold suddenly move into hi-gear
  • You could spend money on beautifying yourself, your home or on creative ventures – keep your budget in check!

Single Librans (surely the saddest sight in the entire zodiac?!) could be surprised by an unexpected love interest now thanks to Uranus in your partnership zone and a big planetary line-up in your romance sector. On the 29th, Uranus gets caught up in the first of the week’s two Yods and this one has the Moon in your spiritual 12th. You’ll feel as if you’ve known anyone new before. On the 30th, Jupiter turns direct in your 9th of travel, luck and adventure putting life into high gear again and on the 1st a Grand Air Trine sees the Moon now in your 1st trineing Jupiter and the Sun in yes – your romance zone. The second Yod of the week happens the same day between Uranus again, Jupiter and Saturn in your 2nd of assets and self-worth. Love is an asset we tend to forget we have.

Your ruler Venus moves into your 5th on the 2nd making a stellium (three planets or more) in that house. If romance isn’t beckoning you’ll use the vibe to spend money beautifying yourself or even your home or else splurge on materials for creative ventures. Just ensure you keep your spending in check as Venus tends to focus on aesthetics rather than budgets. Lucky for you Mars enters your work sector the same day. He’ll at least ensure you have the drive to earn the money to pay for all this indulgence.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 6th sextile Sun in 4th. Both quincunx Moon in 11th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 8th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 4th trine Moon in 12th trine Jupiter in 8th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 8th sextile Uranus in 6th. Both quincunx Saturn in 1st

2nd – Venus enters 4th

2nd – Stellium in 4th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 5th

  • Look closely at long term work goals
  • Home is in focus this week
  • A key process which stalled is suddenly revived

Home and what makes you feel safe and secure is your main focus this week, Scorpio. When it comes to work however, unexpected events could have you looking closely at your long term plans and seeing how your present position measures up thanks to a Yod on the 29th. On the 30th, Jupiter finally turns direct in your 8th of change and shared resources and on the 1st, gets caught up in a Grand Air Trine which puts the focus back to your home and emotional foundations. Something you began earlier which has been on hold could suddenly come alive again. If you’re taking work problems home with you you need to practice a ritual where you leave them behind the moment you step out of your place of employment. Home should be your sanctuary now.

Venus enters your home sector on the 2nd making a total of three planets now in this zone. It’s your opportunity to create a sanctuary and place of nurturing and rejuvenation for yourself. Do you like where you live? If so, commit to being there. If not, start to make changes. On the same day Mars enters your love area. Single Phoenixes could find a spark turns into a flame very quickly. It will be up to you to see if you can keep the fires burning in the long term.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 5th sextile Sun in 3rd. Both quincunx Moon in 10th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 7th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 3rd trine Moon in 11th trine Jupiter in 7th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 7th sextile Uranus in 5th. Both quincunx Saturn in 12th

2nd – Venus enters 3rd

2nd – Stellium in 3rd – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 4th

  • Get ready to be the focus of news
  • Check home security and watch for frayed tempers
  • Ideas ignited with passion will take you forward to success

Connect to your passions this week, Sag as your creativity and ability to act as an attractor will be at a peak thanks to your ruler Jupiter finally moving direct in your partnership sector. Doesn’t matter if you’re coupled-up or not. Think of yourself as in partnership with life right now. On the 1st a Grand Air Trine includes Jupiter as well as the Sun in your 3rd and the Moon in your 11th. As far as your social circle goes you could be the centre of attention and this could involve something that has been waiting to come to fruition for some time thanks to Saturn in your 12th forming part of a Yod with Jupiter on the same day.

Venus in your 3rd from the 2nd puts a positive spin on communications so expect good news to be shared especially as Venus’s entry into this area forms what is known as a stellium – three planets or more in a sign. You can expect positive responses from others so use this time to push forward with your goals. When you back up your ideas with passion you’ll turn into an irresistible force. Mars also enters your home sector on the 2nd – make sure you check hoe security issues and when it comes to those you share your space with keep things on a even keel.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 4th sextile Sun in 2nd. Both quincunx Moon in 9th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 6th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 2nd trine Moon in 10th trine Jupiter in 6th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 6th sextile Uranus in 4th. Both quincunx Saturn in 11th

2nd – Venus enters 2nd

2nd – Stellium in 2nd – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 3rd

  • Changes occur around home or feeling ‘grounded’
  • Time to plan for what you want to invest in now
  • What direction do you feel called to explore?

Changes around the home may impact your self-worth or even your bank account this week, Capricorn. You may also yearn to expand your horizons but it may feel as if you’re being restricted. Don’t fight it. You are being called in a new direction but the secret to freeing yourself now is to actually work at being grounded in place right where you are right now. You’ll certainly feel these opposing forces when two Yods fire off – the second one on the 1st featuring Saturn your ruler. Resist any thoughts that everyone is at a party except you although it may feel as if work and day-to-day tasks are also conspiring to keep you in place when Jupiter turns direct on the 30th. The good news is that Jupiter also forms part of a Grand Air Trine breezing through some welcome changes across your entire money, work and career sectors.

In fact your money and self-worth zone is highlighted this week thanks to the entry of Venus on the 2nd which brings the total planets in there to three – something known as a stellium. It’s time to look at what you should be investing in for the future so get those finances organised especially if they are showing an increase or even invest in yourself. You’ll be able to put any plans into action thanks to Mars entering your communication sector on the same day. What matters now is not how much money you have but how you use what you have.


29th – Yod: Uranus in 3rd sextile Sun in 1st. Both quincunx Moon in 8th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 5th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 1st trine Moon in 9th trine Jupiter in 5th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 5th sextile Uranus in 3rd. Both quincunx Saturn in 10th

2nd – Venus enters 1st

2nd – Stellium in 1st – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 2nd

  • Unexpected news could bring up choices
  • Where do you see yourself?
  • This is your week to shine – be an original

With the astro action concentrated in your 1st house of you and your 5th of attraction you should be set to bring whatever it is you want to you this week, Aquarius. How? Well, does a magnet have to make an effort to attract iron? It does it just through being a magnet. You’ll attract what you need just through being you. Your ruler Uranus is caught up in two Yods – one of the 29th the other on the 1st and both of which contain planets in your communication, transformation and love and attraction zones. Meet the unexpected with unexpected responses and take time to think not just about how you want to be seen but where you want to be seen as travel could beckon. Jupiter turns direct in that area as well so expect any romance or creative project to get a jump start especially as the Grand Air Trine also on the 1st brings a breath of fresh air and new possibilities in.

The world will reflect back how you see yourself like a mirror this week and with the Sun and Mercury already in your sign, Venus’s entry on the 2nd means that if you see yourself as loveable and unique then everything that happens will just reflect that belief. Mars enters your money zone on the 2nd. You may be infused with the desire to increase that bank account. Love or money? Who says you can’t have both now?


29th – Yod: Uranus in 2nd sextile Sun in 12th. Both quincunx Moon in 7th

30th – Jupiter Direct in 4th

1st – Grand Air Trine: Sun in 12th trine Moon in 8th trine Jupiter in 4th

1st – Yod: Jupiter in 4th sextile Uranus in 2nd. Both quincunx Saturn in 9th

2nd – Venus enters 12th

2nd – Stellium in 12th – Sun, Mercury and Venus

2nd – Mars enters 1st

  • Delays on the home front are resolved
  • You are being prepared for something – what is it?
  • You’re ready to take action now

If you’ve been waiting for changes to occur on the home front such as move, the good news this week is that Jupiter presently in your home sector finally moves forward on the 30th bringing delays to an end. Perhaps you’ve been juggling money in order to make changes and if so partners or a source you might have previously discounted could hold the solution. Follow your intuition especially around the 1st when a Grand Air Trine connects you to transformative ideas.

There’s a feeling around you now of being like a chrysalis waiting to burst free and unfurl your wings. You may have been feeling for some time that you’re waiting for a new phase of life to begin. You’re almost ready but not quite. Venus enters your 12th of spirituality and secrets on the 2nd making a total of three planets in this zone and giving you an inclination of what this new phase holds. On the same days Mars enters your sign and you’re ready to take that first step towards it. Wait a month and what this new cycle is about is going to become abundantly clear.

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