Soul Cycle Astrology – How the Planets Constantly Bring Us Opportunities

‘The soul goes round upon a wheel of stars and all things return’ – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

In our busy, day-to-day worlds we can all too easily fall into the trap of thinking of time as linear. However, Quantum physics has taught us that time isn’t a line linking one event to another but a field where literally everything is happening at once! You could say we invented time in order to make sense of our world. If we fall into the trap of linear time we may start to think that once an opportunity is lost it is gone forever, however astrology teaches us this just isn’t so. Time being a field loops back visiting us again and again – just like a planet returns to the same point in the sky once its orbit of the Sun is complete. So, we are constantly given second chances – or even third or fourth chances thanks to this.

Soul Cycle Astrology is the process of gaining insight into what our future may hold by examining the past via our planetary cycles. The main planets we can begin with are Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon.

Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun and rules growth, expansion, higher learning, long distance travel and sport. Jupiter can usher in lucky ‘breaks’ and opportunities. To understand where you are in your Jupiter cycle think back to what was happening in your life 12 years ago. If things are not going well at the moment cast your mind back to when they were. How many years ago was that? Chances are that six or 12 years on things will start to flow again.

Saturn takes approximately 28 years to orbit the Sun and spends two and a half years in each sign. If you are under 28 you have yet to have your Saturn return – the time when Saturn returns to the point in the sky it was on the day you were born and traditionally a time of commitments, endings and maturity. Saturn brings us endings but also the opportunity to build something new and more meaningful. Because he takes almost 30 years to go around the Sun if you want to understand what Saturn may bring you need to think back 7, 14, 21 or 28 years depending on your age. Did you learn important lessons during those periods? Were you rewarded or did you find yourself blocked? Saturn sends us ‘back to school’ if we’ve failed to take in important lessons for our growth – giving us the opportunity to sit our exams again if you like. He also rewards for hard work. Many people find their careers receive a boost during important Saturn transits.

The Moon governs how we deal with our emotions, people and change in general. Obviously once every 28 days the Moon returns to where she was in the sky on the day you were born but her phase may be different. Once every 19 years however, the Moon’s cycle repeats itself. If you know your Moon sign and phase on the day you were born you can calculate where in your lunar cycle you are.  So, the changes you were dealing with 19 years ago and how well you dealt with them will determine not only the changes you will be dealing with now but also their outcome. These changes are likely to be around relationships and other people.

Soul cycle astrology allows us to see our life as a garden. By understanding these cycles we can plan our actions and ‘plant’ our ideas at the right time in order to enjoy a rich harvest later. One of our experienced astrologers can help you understand your cycles in more depth but the message from the planets is always that opportunities for growth will always come around again.

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