Star Sign Seduction – Gemini

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Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.


Anyone wanting to seduce a Gemini needs to know they have to appeal to both sides of the Gemini personality – the fun side and the serious! You need to use your intuition here and figure out which twin is dominant at the crucial moment. When Gemini’s fun side is around then seducing them is usually a breeze – their flirtatious demeanour will let you know you’ve got green lights all the way. If your Gemini is in a more serious mood then appeal to their intellect – either by asking them to help you with a problem or else posing an interesting question that merely by asking it makes you oh-so-intriguing. Because you really do get two for the price of one with a Gemini a little blowing hot and cold never hurts. Flirt then back off and see how they react. With Gemini they don’t see this as mean – just you expressing your interest without being all needy. And once their interest is piqued – you’ll have both sides undivided attention.

Gemini Man

If you want him in your bed – get into his head first so he can’t stop thinking about you. This is easy enough to do. A story about a sexy fantasy you’ve had will keep you front-of-mind. Gemini is all about the communication and loves to know you’re thinking about him but don’t get heavy – keep it witty. Use humour to express what it is you’re dreaming about him doing to you. The mental image will turn him on before you get the opportunity for him to do this in person. Gemini likes to please you so make sure you let him know exactly what it is – and don’t put the dirty talk on lockdown when you do get to the bedroom either! This guy likes you to stand behind him and put your hands where you want while keeping up the x-rated conversation. One thing about a Gemini is you’ll be able to express yourself!

Gemini Woman

You’d better be good at communicating because you need the intellectual connection with this lady before you’ve a hope of connecting physically. Don’t whatever you do talk about yourself incessantly. She needs to feel she is being listened to so ask her questions and make sure you pay attention to what she is saying and show you’ve been doing this with your responses. As with Gemini males, sex happens in her mind way before you get to the bedroom. Tell her you’re thinking of her and how you want to touch and kiss her. She is actually very tactile and appreciates you running your fingers through her hair and stroking and complimenting her on her skin. Do this before even attempting to go for second base as she will appreciate the fact that you appreciate her. She adores long, lingering kisses and she loves to give as well as receive. However, she will wander off if she gets bored so it’s your task to keep things interesting – and that’s outside the bedroom as well as in it.

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