Seduce Your Partner By the Stars – Libra

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Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.

The sign of partnerships and balance. Librans can spend a cradle-to-grave search for ‘the one’. Librans despise head-games so don’t even go there if you’re serious. Ruled by Venus they are seeking perfection in love but not in the ‘everything in its place’ way of a Virgo, but of the true, lasting kind. However, provided you are honest with them about your intentions, they will happily have a fling even if secretly they yearn for something more lasting. Just don’t mislead them. Librans show their trust by taking you into their confidence. You’re on the right path when they share intimate details or fantasies about themselves. Reciprocate.

Libran Man

This is the man who will happily admit he has high standards. For both Libran men and women, love enters through the eyes so take note. This man has a highly developed sense of aesthetics and appreciates elegance. Bad language and trashy ‘obvious’ clothing are real turn offs. If you want to impress this man you have to think classy and subtle. This is the man who loves fabulous lingerie and he is usually happy to supply you with it but don’t expect him to rip it off you like other signs. He’ll most likely want at least some of it left on. Don’t make the mistake however of thinking this guy is all about restraint. This man loves you to appear to be behaving like a perfect lady but run your hand up his thigh under the table. Yes, he wants you to look and act like a Queen when you’re in public but when you get him home he may not be able to wait for you to get to the bedroom!

Libran Woman

Like her male counterpart she is seeking someone to compliment her natural beauty and poise. Loudmouth behaviour, bad manners, pants that hang past your buttocks exposing your boxers? Forget it. She is usually aware of her attractiveness and as a result is in no hurry to be caught as she reasons (correctly), that she has plenty to choose from. She appreciates quality and also personal touches as well as being taken to nice restaurants, concerts and art galleries. Choose places to take her where she can dress up and show off. Compliment her as she needs to know she has your undivided attention. This lady is in love with love so make sure you bring on the romance. Of all the signs this is the one who enjoys long, drawn-out foreplay the most. And shows her appreciation in ways that will astound you.


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