Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview April 1

1st – T-Square: Moon in Sagittarius opposition to Jupiter in Gemini. Both square Mercury in Pisces.

1st – Sun/Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunct in Aries sextiles Jupiter in Gemini and trine Moon in Sagittarius.
1st – Mercury in Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio.
6th – Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries (exact)
7th – Moon in Pisces square Jupiter in Gemini (exact) and conjunct Chiron in Pisces
 Surprising turns of events impact both collectively and personally
 Something returns again for examination
 Nothing seems meaningless or small now

Welcome to your super-sized week! Expect surprising and larger-than-life events to dominate both the news and depending on your sign, your personal life (for more details see our weekly and monthly forecasts). The month kicks off with a T-square forming between the Moon in Sagittarius opposing Jupiter (sag’s ruler) in Gemini and both squaring Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) in Pisces. Expect more revelations to surface that may rattle established structures especially as there is a four planet conjunction between the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries on the same day which impacts on the Gemini/Sag/Pisces T-square. Some of what is stirred up could be long-established companies, thought-forms, laws and beliefs or even illusions surrounding governing bodies as the Mercury in Pisces will trine Saturn ruler of society’s ruling structures and what we would call ‘the establishment’. Because Jupiter and Sagittarius feature what goes down will not be minor and all of us will feel a pull to expand in some way. Whether we answer the call on a soul level is another thing entirely.

On the 6th, Venus and Mars are exact conjunct in Aries, Obviously Mars is the ruler of Aries and happy where he is. Not so for Venus however and we may see this played out in imbalances between the male and female and even in continued debates about same sex unions as despite appearances to the contrary, this is another area which demonstrates where the energy is out-of-kilter. It’s time to stop being scared of people, things and ideas we have no experience of. Being different doesn’t mean we don’t all want the same things on a soul level. Acceptance and tolerance balance energy.
The next day a soothing Moon in Pisces squares that Jupiter off and conjuncts Chiron shining a light on issues that surfaced last month but which still require examination and healing. Look back to the start of last month and the insights you received about your inner healing and growth and return to them if necessary. When you commit to inner change, you become the change you want to see in the world. This is our soul task for the week.

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