Your Weekly Astrology Overview April 15

15th – Venus enters Taurus.

15th – Sun/Mars conjunct in Aries (exact)
15th – Moon/Jupiter conjunct in Gemini
16th – Kite. Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (Grand Water Trine) sextile Venus in Taurus sextile Moon in Cancer. Venus in Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio
19th – Sun enters Taurus.
20th – Mars enters Taurus
21st – 22nd – Lyrids Meteor Shower – Gibbous moon could hide fainter meteors

 Look deep within and follow your feelings if confronted with obstacles
 News could have a big emotional impact now
 ‘Material’ and ‘wellbeing’ – do you consider them mutually exclusive?

The planetary shift out of Aries and into the neighbouring sign of Taurus begins in earnest this week when on the 15th, Venus – the ruler of Taurus, enters that sign. On the same day the Sun and Mars (ruler of Aries), form an exact conjunction in that sign and the Moon and Jupiter meet in Gemini. News could arrive that requires action but also has a big impact emotionally. Even if this is news in the media and from far away, we could all feel caught up in events and affected on a soul level.

On the 16th, a Grand Trine Kite forms stretching across the sky. This is a Water Sign Grand Trine kite. Grand Trines are wonderful beneficial aspects that come loaded with potential. However, with a kite, there is an opposition going on and here we see Venus and Saturn at opposition – two planets with totally nothing in common. Water signs are associated with the feelings and emotions. So, to release the tension of the kite in the Venus/Saturn polarity, the secret is to look within, to our gut feelings if we are confronted with issues and obstacles this week and to be open to inspiration. If we are able to do this we will manage to dissipate the tension and step into whatever positive experiences the Grand Water Trine wants to bestow.

On the 19th the Sun enters Taurus and Mars will follow the next day. The Lyrids meteors are usually one of the best shows in the sky but a Gibbous moon may mean we can only see the brightest ones. The shower will appear to emanate from Capricorn and with the planetary build-up in Taurus (another Earth sign), we need to be looking at our material wellbeing. Those two terms are not mutually exclusive and operating on a material level so we build something worthwhile for ourselves is not contrary to being a spiritual person. Look for inspiration as to where you can become ‘wellbeing empowered’ and all that term means. It’s time to welcome in earthly abundance because abundance leads to sharing. Broke? Practice generosity in your mind and you will soon discover you have far more to share than you thought. That’s your astro homework this week.

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