Cancer – Your Free Monthly Horoscope for May

1st – Mercury enters 11th
5th – 6th – Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower emanates from 8th
8th – Mercury/Mars conjunct in 11th (exact) conjunct Sun in 11th trine Pluto in 7th
9th – Venus enters 12th
10th – New Moon in 11th
10th – Annular Solar Eclipse in 11th. The path of annularity will begin in Western Australia & move east across the central Pacific Ocean
15th – Mercury enters 12th
20th – Sun enters 12th
22nd – Mercury/Venus conjunct in 12th (exact) sextile Uranus in 10th square Neptune in 9th
25th – Full Super Moon in 6th
25th – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 6th. Visible throughout most of North America, South America, Western Europe & West Africa
28th – Venus and Jupiter conjunct in 12th
31st – Mercury enters 1st
31st – Mars enters 12th

 Integrate outer experiences with inner feelings
 Work moves on to a new level
 Something is about to be revealed to you

You’re going to experience a profound shift this month as it will begin with an emphasis on socialising, friends, events and contacts of all kinds (including professional), and then suddenly flip from outer shared experiences to individual inner ones. You may also feel at some point you are on an emotional rollercoaster as your ruler the Moon plays a huge role in this month’s planetary Strictly Come Dancing and your finely tuned emotional radar may be working overtime as a result. The months kicks off with Mercury entering your 11th of friends, networks, social gatherings and long term goals. News and invitations could arrive and singles especially should be making the most of the first week and a half of this month as you also have Venus in this sector making it a great time to meet a potential love interest. After the 9th, Venus moves off into your sector of spiritual truths and all things hidden. A lot of planets are about to follow and you will find a soul theme over the next few weeks will be learning to integrate events with your emotions and placing this in a soul-growth context.

The solar eclipse takes place at the time of the new Moon of the 10th and could bring in an important new connection into your larger social circle so as with all eclipses, pay attention to anyone who appears in the five days before or after this event. Now the shift into your 12th begins in earnest as Mercury enters there on the 15th, the Sun on the 20th and Mars on the 31st. Mercury, Venus and the Sun all co-join there on the 22nd while making some interesting aspects to Uranus and Neptune and Venus meets Jupiter in there on the 28th. You could meet someone whom you feel a strong past-life connection while others may find something revealed they were in the dark about. Whatever form this takes – it’s going to be big.

You will already be feeling the effects of the massive Super Moon of the 25th which is in your work and wellness sector. This Super Moon is eclipsed so its effects are magnified 100 fold. Work is about to move onto a new level or wellness issues may reach a critical point. Above all, do not allow yourself to be depleted by work demands at this time or your energy level may be affected. Unforseen events at work could bring out an intense emotional reaction in you – even if you maintain a professional façade.
The month ends with Mercury entering your sign. Get ready to let others know what it is you’ve discovered as the month has progressed. Soon it’s time to show them a whole new you. Are you ready? You’ve a month to get prepared.

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