The 10th House in astrology

Welcome to the zenith of your chart – the point at which the Sun and other planets are elevated in your chart – the 10th house. The 10th house is all about what your soul has come here to do – therefore we say the 10th house is all about status and ambition. It is associated with the sign of Capricorn and ruled by the planet Saturn.

The 10th house rules the parent who has had the greatest influence on us, family traditions and all matters that affect us outside of the home. It’s about authority – how we cope with it if we have it and how we react to others in positions of authority over us.

Most of us however will be more concerned with 10th house issues around career and goals. If someone has a personal planet in the 10th house in their natal chart (ie: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars), there will be a powerful emotional need to express themselves via their career or ‘calling’. If you have a long term or powerful planet transitting your 10th house, ‘fate’ may well take a hand in career matters – you may embark on a new career path or receive a ‘lucky’ break.

Because the 10th house is concerned with our status – in other words, how society sees us and measures us, for a woman it was traditionally associated with the husband or partner. It’s easy to see how this came about as of course, in the past as many women did not work or assume positions of authority, the only ‘status’ she had in society’s eyes was through her husband. Now of course we look at the 10th house in the same way for both sexes as it gives us a real indication of what we have the ability to achieve. However, what we have to remember is that for women and men alike, the choice we make in our partner can have an effect on every aspect of our lives from our material to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Therefore the 10th house can give us an indication of not only the type of person we may attract as a partner, but the impact they will have on our lives.

Above all, the secret of the 10th house lies in telling us how we can best express ourselves and reach our goals using our own unique gifts. When we talk about ‘status’ it’s not about necessarily achieving more, having more or being more competitive. It’s about individuality and the way we use that to build a reputation.

A transit of the 10th house can act as a real ‘go for it’ catalyst for us – giving us that extra soul-boost to achieve our goals and dreams. A session with one of our gifted astrologers can shed some light as to what’s going on with your 10th house – and all the other houses too.

You 10th house is all about ‘being all you can be’. The Sun reaches the pinnacle of your chart here and shines down upon you. The 10th is truly you shining your light out into the world.

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