Wish Upon a Star! The Star of David – Manifestation Magic

On Monday 29th July a very special event takes place in the sky. A Star of David forms – the first one we’ve seen in 70 years. This once-in-a-lifetime event is traditionally linked to the birth of a king in astrology and we’ve already seen that happy event occur a week before the Star. Very often with powerful transits in astrology we see the effects coming through either a week before or a week after.

What many people don’t realise – astrologers included, is that a Star of David contains massive potential for all of us to realise our dreams and manifest our goals. The energy contained within this aspect is thought to be the most powerful and propitious there is. This is an open invitation from the universe to manifest our desires and bring them into the physical world from the energetic world of our thoughts.

Many of you will have a planet that makes up the Star of David in your 11th house of your goals, wishes and dreams and those of you who do may find that you are getting an extra ‘boost’ from this (check your forecast to see if you have one). However, the Star also makes a Hexagon which contains many many aspects on this day so we can say all of us have access to this marvellous vibration now.

Between now and Monday when the Star forms, start to think about what it is you want to achieve or bring into being. If you’re already on the Quantum Creating process then you have your list of goals. If not – now is the ideal time to get clear about what you want and those of you who have already set their goals might want to just take some time to check their relevance or see if you have new ones to replace those you have reached.

On Monday, set aside some time to write out your goals again or create the new ones. Once you have done this read your list aloud looking up at the sky. You do not have to wait for nightfall to do this! The Star will be in place during the day and as I’ve said, with a powerful aspect like this the effects begin as the Star starts to form. They peak on the day but any time during the 29th is fine.

State your intention and what you want clearly. Once you have done so close your eyes and imagine yourself imprinting the energy of your desires on the Star. You may even feel an energy shift occur while you are doing this – if so this is a very positive sign!

Once you have finished stating and imprinting each of your goals energetically on the Star then let go of them. However, remain alert especially over the next week or so for opportunities, synchronicities, events and people to crop up or cross your path that have been sent to help you realise your goals. Remember, the distance between your dreams and reality is action!

The Star of David really does represent manifestation magic for all of us who want to take advantage of it. We may not see another one in our lifetimes so on Monday go on – wish upon a star!

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