Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology – North Node in Pisces

the astrology of soulmates

If you have your birthchart (please see Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology on how to do this) and it shows your North or True Node in the sign of Pisces then you have chosen to walk the path of the Spiritual Believer.

Your Soul Path Journey: You have chosen to develop your artistic, spiritual, empathic, musical, healing or even scientific gifts to help yourself and others. This soul path encompasses everything from working as a psychic reader or artist to working as an alternative therapist, doctor or physicist. To do this you have to believe in a ‘higher power’ – even if that higher power happens to be equations!

Your South Node: Is in analytical and detail-oriented Virgo. This allows your imagination to make quantum leaps but be grounded in fact and conscious process.

How Your Soul Mate Will Recognise You: You are reflective, empathic and even if you claim not to be – often quite psychic blended with unarguable logic! Are you half human, half Vulcan? You may well be the child of two worlds – an irresistible combination. A true soul mate will encourage you to explore the world of your imagination (and you still need that for scientific research or to operate the Large Hadron Collider!), trust your instincts and to tap into your creativity.

It’s Not a Soul Mate When: You turn into a workaholic, criticise, are picky, fault-finding (with yourself as well as others), over analyse things, demand perfection all the time, are anal retentive, become almost OCD about where things go or turn into a hypochondriac. Take stock and then get out.

Remember, every connection we make is here to teach us something about ourselves. North Node in Pisces demands you have belief in things which cannot be seen but which nonetheless are very real and then bring these things into some kind of tangible form whether it’s a healing modality, scientific theory or creative work.

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