Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology


There’s no doubt about the fact that astrology is one of the most powerful tools we have to reveal our soul path and purpose – that’s probably one of the reasons I love it so much! But did you know astrology can also help you find and identify your soul mate? (notice I said ‘soul mate’ and not ‘sole mate’ – we have many soul mates – not the one many people would have you believe!).

To discover your soul mate you do need to generate your birth chart (you can do this for free on my front page). Please note you DO NOT need your time of birth so please don’t panic if you don’t have it. Go onto one of the sites that allows you to generate your birthchart for free. Once you have generated your chart what I want you to do is to look for a little symbol like this that looks like an upside down ‘U’ with curls and will usually have the words ‘True Node’ beside it. This is your North Node or the point in your chart that karmic astrologers believe reveals your soul’s purpose, your soul path and also your soul mate. So, for example let’s say you have found your North Node and it’s sitting in the sign of Taurus. Your South Node will be in the opposite sign of Scorpio. The South Node represents your karmic past so these two points in your chart are the path of your journey which is intended to take you from what one sign represents to the other – in this case it would be to retain the transformational qualities and emotional depth of a Scorpio and fuse this with the earthly sensuality and practicality of Taurus. Are you with me so far? So your task is to integrate the best of both signs in which your North and South nodes are situated. Life is a journey and the nodes show us our path.

Now, when it comes to a soul mate, we meet true soul mates when we are clear about our soul path because soul mates are walking the same path as us! When you look at things this way we can’t help but meet them which takes away all anxiety and panic about meeting ‘the one’. Get clear about your path and you can’t but help bump into them!

So, generate your chart and then when you have located your North or True Node, go to the Astrology School section for that sign and read up on how to start walking the path to your soul mate today (don’t forget, we have many soul mates and not all of them are romantic partners. A soul mate can be your boss, your teacher, your best friend, your neighbour or even a pet). If your True Node is in Aries you will find all the information in the Aries Astrology School section under ‘Finding Your Soul Mate – North Node in Aries’ – and so on. What’s more, you’ll discover not only how they will recognise you when you meet but how to avoid being sidetracked by people who aren’t true soulmates.

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