Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Do you fear the power?

On October 21 we arrive at that time where travel plans are subject to disruption, computers go haywire and what we say may be subject to misinterpretation or just not get through at all. Yes, it’s Mercury Madness – the final Mercury retrograde of 2013 and this one takes place in powerful and secretive Scorpio. As with all Mercury retrogrades, none of us should buy a new computer/phone/car or make fresh travel plans and we should try to put of signing important documents if possible until he turns to direct motion again on November 10. I would add that this does not apply if you were born during a Mercury retro period (an astrologer can tell you this) or if a contract you thought you had missed out on or lost returns or resurfaces during this time. However, everything else holds true.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the possible negative influences of a Mercury retro and ignore the opportunities it brings us. Mercury retrogrades bring gifts of revision, readjustment and reassessment. If we are involved in writing and publishing (which Mercury rules), the retrograde period is our opportunity to go back over our work and make any changes necessary. Depending on the sign Mercury is going backwards in, there are often deeper lessons to be explored as we can reflect on our relationship to the themes that the sign is associated with. So, as Mercury moves backwards just what is your relationship to issues around power, control, shared money and sex? Who controls these in your life? What do you share with others and what do they share (or withhold) from you? Remember, withholding is a form of exercising power – a negative one, but nonetheless it is a form of manipulation and control. Do you fear using your personal power? Are you ready to embrace it? Mercury retrograde in Scorpio asks us to delve deeply into areas that may push a few buttons or even scare us.

We mustn’t forget that the other symbol for Scorpio is the Phoenix. I always think this is a far better one than the Scorpion. Scorpio rules death, endings and also re-birth and the Phoenix is a perfect symbol for this. The gift that a Mercury retrograde in this sign may bring us is therefore a re-birth on some level. This can be an inner, spiritual re-birth as after a period of inner work we emerge from this process transformed with a new outlook on life and operating from a place of authentic power (very different from manipulation and control which are its opposite). Because Scorpio is the sign that rules relationships where sex is important, we can even see the re-birth of an intimate relationship under the influence of a Mercury retrograde in here. Whether this time it proves to be lasting however will depend on other factors. But news from a former lover is likely under this transit. Remember, sex is a transformational act and the ultimate thing you ‘share’ with another human being. It is also about sharing and giving up power – in an ideal situation the power shifts from one person to another and back again. There is nothing like our intimate relationships to show where there may be a imbalance in power!

No matter what our sign is, we can all look forward to looking at power issues in our lives and to be ‘re-born’ in some way when Mercury moves direct. Get ready to embrace your personal power and take flight like a phoenix!

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