Venus in Sagittarius. Exploring the Map of the Human Heart

On October 7, 2013 Venus shifts into free-wheeling, free-spirited Sagittarius – the sign of the explorer and the quest for higher truth. You don’t have to be a Sagittarian or even a fellow fire sign to feel the flames of love being fanned now. What I can tell you about this transit is that all of us may feel the desire to explore what love means for us personally and also to reach for that bigger and above all, more fun love connection. If there’s one thing the sign of Sagittarius is all about its learning while having fun. The appearance of Venus in here just indicates the party is about to start in earnest!

Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer and we can say the human heart holds more mysteries to be explored than any other region. Venus in here asks us to first go on a journey of inner exploration – to discover what it is our hearts really want. Only by knowing what this is can we hope to get our relationship needs filled. Venus in Sag promises that learning about our heart’s desires is going to involve fun, adventure and self-expression. If you are single right now, Venus may very well decide that your learning adventure is going to take the form of having a relationship – or at least going on a few dates! Because Sagittarius rules long distance travel and foreigners don’t be surprised if that romantic opportunity turns up in the form of someone from overseas or from a very different background or country. They could also embody Sagittarian qualities – think outgoing, adventurous, larger-than-life personalities. If this doesn’t sound like your usual ‘type’ then consider the fact that they not only have something to teach you but could have arrived to awaken these qualities in you. I guarantee you’ll have fun whether the relationship lasts or not.

Those of you already in a relationship may find yourselves letting the good times roll – but even when pleasure is your destination you’ll become aware of how you are learning more about what you both need and how much fun this can be. You could find yourselves planning a trip or even a permanent sea change. If it leads to soul learning through fun, this is the path you should take now.

For those of you who remain single while Venus is in Sag – what’s your fun, soul lesson to be? Well, as I said, this transit is all about finding out what makes our heart beat faster whether we are travelling through life solo or coupled up. For Sagittarians, learning has to be fun – otherwise what’s the point? Venus in here puts us in touch with what we love to have fun doing while the general Sag vibe pushes us to expand that. So, no matter what your sign, just head towards what quite literally fires you up – a hobby, pastime, activity, learning opportunity – your heart knows what direction it wants you to go in. When our hearts are fulfilled by doing something they love the love we receive just floods in from every possible direction we can think of. Expanding love is what Venus is Sagittarius is all about.

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