The Cardinal Grand Crosses of 2013-14: Manifestation or Mayhem?

In mid-2013 we all witnessed an incredible event in the sky. We saw not one but two Stars of David form within a month of each other. A Star of David is an incredibly rare event and the last one formed almost 70 years ago. To have seen two appear within a month is practically unheard of. In the wake of the Stars which of course have now broken up, we are left with a series of Cardinal Grand Crosses – planets occupying the Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, which form squares and oppositions to each other. The reason we have so many of these aspects is that we have two slow-moving planets in two Cardinal Signs – Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn within a square orb of each other. With Jupiter in Cancer all we have then needed is a faster-moving planet – the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or even the Sun to shift into Libra and we will get another Cross forming. These will start to lessen in frequency once Jupiter moves out of square of Uranus and Pluto which will happen in 2014.

Everything happens for a reason however and the ‘job’ of all these Grand Crosses is to bring into being all the potential that was contained within the two Stars! However – this may not be an easy process as true soul work never is. The Grand Crosses contain tense aspects so we have to grow and stretch and above all, deal with the challenges that are going to occur before we reap the rewards both on an individual and a collective level.

Many of the events that occur with the Grand Crosses are going to feel intensely personal and the result will be that our lives will be transformed in a key area. This is due to the involvement of Pluto. This may feel intensely uncomfortable but it’s part of the process of change and surrender. The transformations may also occur suddenly or require us to react to something unexpected due to Uranus being in the mix. He loves surprises – whether we love them or not is neither here nor there! Because Uranus will oppose any planet in Libra, we may see power struggles appear in relationships and our relationship status may be subject to sudden change. However, we have Jupiter in Cancer as part of this. Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic’ and is exalted in Cancer – the sign of mothering, home and safety. This gives us a clue that we will weather whatever storms may occur and we are ultimately being cared for.

Pluto represents power and he is in the sign of worldly power – Capricorn, which represents governments and what we consider to be the ‘establishment’. So, power struggles will not just be played out on a personal level but on a global one. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is interested in astrology that the day the United States government shut down coincided with the first day of the October Cardinal Grand Cross! Helen Fielding’s long-anticipated Bridget Jones 3 was published on October 10 – as the Sun moved out of orb of the Grand Cross in Libra (the sign of partnerships) and the remains of the Star of David can clearly be seen – aspects which echo Bridget’s changed relationship status (no spoilers here!) but also hold promise for her future. In our creative work as well as our collective endeavours, we can see how the Grand Crosses are impacting on our lives.

What these Grand Crosses are all about for everyone is a call to action in one or more area of our lives that needs attention (one of our astrologers can help you with this). By taking action in these areas, we align ourselves with the energy contained within the Stars and bring about outcomes we may not be able to anticipate but which nonetheless turn out to be for our ultimate wellbeing. To understand the process, just read Mad About the Boy and watch how Bridget plays all this out perfectly!

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