Jupiter Retrograde In Cancer

Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer

Reviewing Our Ideals

Jupiter has been in Cancer since late June 2013 and will be residence until July 2014. It will be in a retrograde cycle starting on 7th November 2013. This energy will be around for about four months until Jupiter goes direct next year on 6th March 2014.  There’s other cosmic interactions during this time, but let’s just focus on this particular occurrence.

So what does this mean? The mention of a planet going retrograde is enough to send chills down some people’s spine and run for the hills. Well, no-one can hide for long, especially with the outer planets. And Jupiter is the biggest of them all.

Jupiter is about expansion, both physically and intellectually. Acquisition of knowledge is important in order to develop an understanding of others. It urges individuals to be philosophical, broadminded and optimistic. It forces us to evolve our soul which is what we are here for! If you ignore Jupiter’s powerful encouragement and refuse to expand it’s possible you will put on a lot of weight, especially when in Cancer! Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter (Neptune is now the official ruler of Pisces but Jupiter was Pisces ruler before Neptune was discovered)  which finds strength whilst in these signs.However, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon and this influence softens Jupiter’s exuberance with a feminine touch thus allowing Jupiter to become more refined without diminishing its magnificent presence. If anything its energy is enhanced.

Cancer embodies nurturing, emotions, imagination and a protective nature. There is a danger of being insecure or clingy though the intentions are well-meant. Don’t forget though that Cancer’s symbol is the Crab. That shell gives security, the pincers tenacity, and there is the ability to stem the tides of change. Allow Jupiter to give you these Super Powers!

On a collective level Jupiter in Cancer is seen in the increase of benevolence and natural kindness to others and their problems. Humanitarian activity, especially regarding children and families, could be under the spotlight. The negative side could be the fear of the unfamiliar or overindulgence leading to weight gain or health issues.

When a planet follows the natural orbital course we are gaining experience in areas that relate to its influence. Reversing the orbital direction, or going retrograde, gives us the opportunity to go over these experiences and gain perspective. It can also be seen as a second chance or a reprieve and allow us to re-evaluate. Do you have any issues to heal with your mother or a powerful woman or even as a parent yourself? If so now is the time!

Ideally, when Jupiter is in retrograde, many would advise against travel or finalising any new important legal or financial deals. But in this day and age, time is of the essence. We don’t always have the luxury of time. The best course of action is to plan for the worst and hope for the best. That may sound dire but it is not meant to be. It is about setting up contingencies just in case there are setbacks. I was just reading an article in the paper where a woman booked a flight to Granada Spain and ended up in Grenada in the Caribbean!

As Jupiter is about growth and Cancer about nourishing, then if there are any medical concerns go and have them checked out and dealt with. Look at your diet if you are gaining weight and re-evaluate your meal plans and see what may need adjusting. If your offer for that perfect house has been rejected, then Jupiter in Cancer retrograde is a great time to go over your finances and make another offer. There is the possibility the vendor may come even back to you and accept the initial offer!

Another great opportunity this retrograde presents is to get your house in order. Declutter and reorganise passing on your unwanted items to those who really need them. With the Christmas period fast approaching, this retrograde allows you to assess the needs of you and your family and consider any changes to make the festivities flow easily for all concerned.
Most of all, this retrograde motion allows you to reconsider ideals previously overlooked or underestimated. Step back and observe situations, especially challenging ones, as an outsider and study them. Jupiter is about learning and Cancer is about instinct, intuition and imagination. These concepts can free you to explore other perspectives. Be brave. You may have a change of heart.

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