Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview October 28

30th – Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio
31st – Mars in Virgo opposition Chiron in Pisces (exact)
3rd – New Moon in Scorpio
3rd – Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
3rd – 4 Planet Stellium in Scorpio – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn
3rd – Small Talent Triangle: Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. Both sextile Sun/Moon/Mercury/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio
3rd – Yod: Sun/Moon/Mercury/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo. Both quincunx Uranus in Aries

 Make positive action not reaction your goal
 Intense transformations take place
 Ask for the reasons why – ‘it’s always been done that way’ is no answer

Transformation and power are the themes we may all be looking at this week. The reason being a four-planet line up in Scorpio including an eclipsed new Moon. All four planets are going to get entangled and this includes mighty Saturn, time-keeper of the Zodiac as well as Mercury who is presently retrograde.

Intense, button-pushing transformations of all kinds are likely to occur and we could all be asked to keep our cool. Positive action not reaction is the key here. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn all meet on the 30th and we could see new and decisive ways of dealing with od problems emerge especially when given a little bit of a push by Mars – Scorpio’s ancient ruler presently sitting in Virgo and who will move to oppose Chiron in spiritual Pisces on the 31st. We can let go of the knee-jerk reaction now, the need to be right and also the desire to fall back on excuses such as ‘it’s always been done that way.’ The eclipsed new Moon hints at transformational new beginnings if we will allow them space to manifest. Do you fear change? On a personal soul growth level we need to ask ourselves this question. Change is inevitable and hanging on to the past or something we have out-lived or worn out is counterproductive. Because the themes of the week do revolve around power we may need to acknowledge we are often powerless when it comes to change – and be okay with that.

As well as the eclipse, the 3rd brings us a Small Talent Triangle and a Yod. This is all about relinquishing those old ways. Uranus is all part of this – he sits in Mars’s ruling sign of Aries making a tense aspect while Mars makes a positive one to Pluto – ruler of Scorpio. New and decisive decisions need to be made as old structures transform. Don’t hang on to the past and don’t try to stop change – you will get swept away. Instead – surrender and flow with it. Look at things with fresh eyes now – and this includes your approach to change.

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