Your Free Monthly Astrology Overview for November

November astrology forecast

3rd – New Moon in Scorpio

3rd – Hybrid Solar Eclipse – Begins in the Atlantic Ocean off Est USA, moves east across Atlantic & across central Africa

3rd – 4 Planet Stellium in Scorpio – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn

3rd – Sun/Moon/Mercury/Saturn all conjunct in Scorpio

5th – Venus enters Capricorn

6th – Sun/Saturn exact conjunct in Scorpio

7th – Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer

10th – Mercury Direct in Scorpio

12th – Grand Water Trine: Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer trine Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio

13th – Neptune Direct in Pisces

15th – Venus/Pluto exact conjunct in Capricorn

16th – Grand Earth Trine: Moon in Taurus trine Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo trine Moon in Taurus

17th – Full Moon in Taurus

17th – 18th – Leonids Meteor Shower

18th – Chiron Direct in Pisces

21st – Grand Water Trine: Moon in Cancer trine Mercury/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces trine Moon in Cancer

23rd – Sun enters Sagittarius

23rd – Grand Fire Trine: Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon in Leo trine Uranus in Aries trine Sun in Sagittarius

27th – Venus in Capricorn exact opposition Jupiter in Cancer

  • Tap into a deep reservoir of strength
  • Put spiritual insights into practice
  • Return to the wisdom within

Although we do not have anything as exciting as a Star of David in November, it is nonetheless one of the busiest months of the year in the sky with many planets changing both direction and signs and of course – an eclipse occurring at the time of the new Moon heralding new beginnings or a new phase in some area for all of us.

The new Moon and eclipse occurs in Scorpio – sign of power and transformation. With the Sun also in this sign as well as Mercury (presently retrograde) and Saturn we will have four planets align in there on the 3rd – the day the eclipse takes place. With the Sun making an exact conjunction to Saturn in there on the 6th (although all four planets are in orb of each other at this time) all of us will be able to tap into and access a deep level of strength and personal power we may never have known we had access to.

Venus enters Capricorn on the 5th and she is going to meet Pluto in this sign on the 15th. The transformative power of love will become a theme as this is a real ‘Beauty and the Beast’ meeting. Love is the great transformer as is using this force as a building block for what we want to achieve. If we do not come from a place of love then what we build cannot last.

On the 7th, Jupiter planet of luck and expansion turns retrograde in nurturing Cancer. The message is to still those restless hearts and reconnect to the archetype of the mother. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female – nurturing and the need to be nurtured is a basic human trait – and desire. None of us should ever forget that the retrograde periods of planets are basically an illusion. Planets do not travel backward in the sky. The retrograde periods occur when the Sun casts a shadow on that planet and from our perspective here on Earth it looks as if the planet is going backwards or has stopped. This is literally the ‘shadow’ side that we explore when retrograde periods happen. Jupiter retrogrades can last for a long period – usually around 120 days and Jupiter will not move forward until March 2014. Forward progress may seem difficult and whereas Jupiter is usually all about expansion it can appear stalled. The solution is not to look for progress in the outer world but progress on an inner level especially around themes of mothering, security and what you need to sustain you. Return to the wisdom within and also connect to universal mothering energy. We may see more issues arise around planetary sustainability during this period as the Earth is after all, the mother we all share.

Mercury moves to forward motion in Scorpio and hopefully during his retrograde period you will have reviewed your relationship to your personal power. You will now be given an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice in the outer world. Putting spiritual truths into practice and operating from a sense of soul wholeness is possible when Neptune turns direct in Pisces on the 13th followed by Chiron on the 18th.

The full Moon in Taurus may obscure the Leonids meteors on the 17th-18th. Meteor showers can deliver literal flashes of inspiration and this one is all about how you can shine in some way. This has nothing to do with being a celebrity per se – we all want to be acknowledged for whatever it is we do well. Where do you shine? Don’t be shy in showcasing this now.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 23rd and we will also see a Grand Fire Trine form. Don’t forget Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter is retrograde and all Sagittarians with have their birthdays under the retrograde influence this year. If you are a Sag please see your individual forecasts for this month and December for more information on how this will affect you. On the 27th, Venus in Capricorn will oppose Jupiter retrograde in Cancer. Look to building love that sustains you – in all areas of your life and that love is always to be found closest to home – within.


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