Your Bedroom Sign – Venus is in the House!

Venus in our charts is all about love, passion and how you express yourself in tbe bedroom. The sign Venus is in the day we are born tells us a lot about our future love-life – and how that will be acted out. So, if you know which sign your Venus is in – read on. If not – take a moment to generate your birth chart with out free chart wheel generator and then look up just how you express those erotic tendencies!

Venus in Aries


Fiery and assertive when in love (or lust) you are usually the pursuer and don’t want to wait! You could succumb to mad, passionate quickies and as for the volume – well, nobody can expect you to turn it down!

Venus in Taurus

Venus is in one of her ruling signs here. Sensual and affectionate you go for a slow-burn. Love is a four course meal to be savoured but you’ll build up to an earth-shattering climax which can leave lovers breathless – and begging for more.

Venus in Gemini


You are extremely tactile and also brimming with erotic ideas which you want to share. Talk dirty? You bet. However, you’re also looking for that mental turn-on. Take your time to establish it as you know stupidity turns you off like nothing else.

Venus in Cancer


You want to make sure your lover’s every need is satisfied. Giving pleasure gives you a rush and your partner telling you what they want you to do to them turns you on like nothing else. Don’t mother your partner however.

Venus in Leo


When you’re in love the whole world knows it as you beam affection out there at everyone. In the bedroom you’re looking for a true consort – the King or Queen that matches you in every way. You crave adoration – but you give it back in return.

Venus in Virgo


The devil is in the details. You love coming up with erotic scenarios and going over the details of what you’re planning just gets you hotter. Ignore the mess and concentrate on enacting your favourite scenario over and over again until it’s exactly how you imagine it. Nobody would believe you can be that inventive – or naughty.

Venus in Libra


Venus is in her ruling sign in Libra. Sex is an art form and you’re looking for a fellow artist to perfect it with. You need to be turned on well before you reach the bedroom. You are usually up for anything provided its done with taste and finesse.

Venus in Scorpio


You are one bundle of sizzling sexuality. You are usually on a quest for sex with depth and you want to know every hidden desire your partner has. Getting you to reveal yours may be more difficult however even though you usually have your own handcuffs.

Venus in Sagittarius


Adventurous in the bedroom you are searching for that sexual experience that opens up a new sensual highway to both body and mind. You’re up for a quickie or a long, drawn out encounter but partners need to be able to keep up with your appetite and your desire for variety. Otherwise you’ll be off looking for new horizons and fresh conquests.

Venus in Capricorn


You may come across as reserved or even uptight on the outside – little do they know what a simmering pot of sexuality you are on the inside. Those who take the time to find out will be amply rewarded as you take sex seriously. It’s not whether or not you take 30 minutes to reach orgasm – it’s how many you can have in 30 minutes. Your idea of bliss? The orgasm that lasts 30 minutes – or longer.

Venus in Aquarius


Open-minded, experimental yet detached sometimes, you may often feel like a voyeur in your own bedroom as part of you observes what you are your lover are doing. You are usually open to trying anything once although you do have a reserved side which can surface at times. You may be attracted to lovers who are very different in some way.

Venus in Pisces


Highly attuned to your lover you can sometimes not know where you end and they begin. You are committed to making love a spiritual and sexual art form. Highly empathic you know what your lover wants often before they do. Your only fault? Putting your loved one on a pedestal and then being dismayed when they come toppling down from it.

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