Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview November 4

4th – 6th – Yod: Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo. Both quincunx Uranus in Aries

5th – Venus enters Capricorn

5th – T-square: Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. Both square Moon in Scorpio

6th – Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio (exact)

7th – Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer

10th – Mercury Direct in Scorpio

  • What is the puzzle you have to figure out?
  • What have you learned about power?
  • Connect to the soul of the matter

Major transits define this week the first one being the meeting between the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is the solar system’s great time keeper. Time will therefore feature in some way for us all and we may even see the concept of time on a quantum mechanical level being discussed in the media. If the universe is comprised of multiple dimensions or even multiple universes how does the concept of time sit within that? As Einstein pointed out: Past, present and future exist simultaneously. If you believe you have no time or that ‘time is running out’ this is just an illusion. Saturn is also the keeper of karma – what goes around comes around. With a Yod forming on the 4th – 6th and the Sun/Saturn conjunction exact on the 6th we may see the effects of this. So, exactly what is a Yod? Known as the Hand of God, or Finger of God, a Yod is an unusual aspect where two (or in the case three) planets form a sextile (60 degrees) from one another – the Sun/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and Mars (Scorpio’s ancient ruler) in Virgo. These planets then form an angle known as a quincunx (150 degrees) with a third planet – in this instance Uranus in Aries (the sign Mars rules today). Yods are a puzzle as they can contain energies which on the face of it seem opposed or to have little in common. Think unpredictable Uranus and structure driven Saturn. Yods contain great potential for learning and increasing our awareness. The energy of a Yod often doesn’t get released until the activation point or fulcrum of the Yod – in other words the planet at the top of the triangle the Yod has formed – is activated. In this case this is Uranus and we may have to wait a few days until the lessons in the Yod become apparent. What we may well see is that structures we have created are in need of a radical overhaul or transformation as Saturn will call ‘Time’s up!’ and the Sun illuminates where changes need to be made especially with regards to resources and caring for people. We will see themes around this come into play during the Jupiter in Cancer retrograde period which begins on the 7th and will last until March 2014. So, these may be the themes of the puzzle the Yod wants us to figure out.

Venus enters Capricorn on the 5th. Remember, Venus is the planet of love, creativity and pleasure and Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, structure and commitment. On the face of it we can say what on earth do these two have in common? Well, this a great transit for making that relationship commitment and also for committing to a creative project as it means you will see it through. If you were born with Venus in Capricorn (you can cast your chart on our site and see or else one of our astrologers can tell you) this means you are having your Venus return – a fantastic time for attracting love, success or goals.

This same day sees a T-Square with Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in its own sign of Pisces (also still in orb with Chiron), all of which square the deeply emotional Moon in Scorpio. It’s all about connecting and expressing what is going on below the surface and embracing the power of the shadow side which if repressed, can erupt in ways we do not like. Life is a balancing act between the light and the dark – and that includes our soul balance. All those aspects of ourselves we keep hidden or think are unacceptable. They contain our true power. This is what we are being put in touch with this week.

Mercury moves direct on the 10th bringing to an end communication breakdowns, travel snafus and computer/travel glitches. Give him a few days to get going and it will be safe once more to sign those papers, buy that phone/computer/car and make those travel arrangements. What you’ve learned about power during this retrograde period can now be used to transform on some level. Whether it’s the soul one or a more mundane one isn’t the issue. Embrace the power of commitment now – even if that commitment is just to yourself.


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