Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview November 11

12th – Grand Water Trine: Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer trine Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio

12th – Kite: Sun/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer. Both sextile Mars in Virgo and trine Moon in Pisces

13th – Neptune Direct in Pisces

15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (exact)

16th – Grand Earth Trine: Moon in Taurus trine Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo trine Moon in Taurus

16th – Kite: Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo. Both sextile Saturn in Scorpio and both trine Moon in Taurus

17th – Full Moon in Taurus

17th – Cradle: Venus in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Cancer opposition Venus in Capricorn

  • Change long term patterns
  • What don’t you want to see?
  • Creative transformations are possible

November really does offer us amazing transformational aspects throughout the entire month but this week really does offer peak experiences on so many levels for soul growth. The planets do not impel us to do anything. We always have a choice. Transits always contain polarities – dark and light, negative and positive, yin and yang. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ labels when it comes to planetary movements – only experiences which we enter which offer us soul learning.

The Sun/Saturn conjunction which was exact last week on the 6th still remains in effect for the first half of the week and this features in two ascension aspects on the 12th – a Grand Water Trine and a Kite. Jupiter in Cancer also appears here and Jupiter is now retrograde. It’s all about going back over what we need to be creating for ourselves to nurture and nourish on a physical, mental and a soul level. Retrograde planets are, as I pointed out last week, an illusion. We all know that planets don’t move backwards in the sky but from our Earth-bound perspective that’s what appears to happen. They allow us to review our progress and also to side-step for a while the planets usual influences – again, this is neither good nor bad, it is purely experience. The power of astrology and indeed, the retrogrades is unlocked once we become aware of the illusion and start to see through it. Neptune who rules illusions, turns direct on the 13th. During his retrograde period we should have been able to step outside the illusions that Neptune creates. These can range from collective illusions that we are all separate instead of a connected whole, to illusions we may hang on to about our relationships. Neptune retrograde says: I can see clearly now. So, if Neptune retrograde has ripped off those rose-tinted glasses, the challenge is not to put them back on now he has turned direct. Instead of being in denial, we need to face the truth – no matter whether it’s pretty or not or how distressing it may be to us in the short term or what changes clarity may require us to make.

Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn this week making one of the most powerful transformational aspects we will see for the remainder of this year. This is all about the power of transformation now and for some of us, this conjunction could herald the beginning of an intense relationship. Those of you whose relationship is on firm ground will see the ties become stronger but if you have been feeling that you have lost that all-important spark with someone or that the relationship has been lived out, then you may have to be prepared for an ending. How you cope all depends on whether you have left off Neptune’s rose-tinted glasses or not. Transformations in what we have built or created are also likely in order for us to replace what exists with something of real value and worth.

The Venus/Pluto conjunction forms part of the Grand Earth Trine and Kite on the 16th – as does the Moon in Taurus. It is well worth mentioning at this point that this Moon will be full the following day which tells us something is coming to a peak now. This is echoed in the Cradle which appears the day of the full Moon. These aspects are pushing us to change long term patterns. Look back at your path and see where you faced changes. Even if they were challenging at the time they forced you to connect to your creative/problem solving ability and chances are you wouldn’t be where you are now if not for them.. What are you giving birth to on a creative or soul level? The answers lies in the changes going on around you this week.



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