Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview December 2

2nd – Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

3rd – New Moon in Sagittarius

5th – Mercury enters Sagittarius

6th – Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (exact)

7th – Mars enters Libra

8th – Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries (exact)

  • Doorways open to higher learning and soul truths
  • Evolution occurs via experience
  • The world is our mirror

Everything may appear larger-than-life this week due to the planetary focus in expansive Sagittarius – the sign that rules size or mass. Watch the mass media influences and influencers especially when Mercury which rules communications enters here on the 5th. All of us may be literally on fire with ideas now – and the desire to communicate them. Mercury in here has big ideas, big dreams and big visions for the future. We may see visionaries airing theirs and also Sagittarius themes appear across the media. For those signs out there who are not Sagittarians or uncertain what these are here are just a few of them: Travel, Philosophy, Higher Education, the Law, Long Distance Travel, Foreigners, the Heavens and anywhere Far, Far Away. Horses, Gambling, Ships, Libraries, Legs, Imports and Exports, Size, Global Organizations, Multiculturalism, Thinking ‘Big’ and anyone who just seems Larger Than Life.

The Moon in Sag on the 2nd trines Uranus in Aries. Uranus is retrograde for now and so we may see emotional reactions to expansionist or revolutionary ideas – which may have stalled. The Moon moves to her new phase the following day – we can therefore say she has been dark and what disappears during that time may not resurface again. With the new Moon we see fresh opportunities to learn more about our place in the world and portals open to soul truths. What occurs in other parts of the world may feel like it’s happening close to home and compassion may be stirred on a collective level when Mercury squares off Neptune in Pisces on the 6th. At least that would be the ideal reaction.

Let’s get a bit more personal for the moment and talk about our relationships. Now, this can even be the relationship between countries, neighbours, co-workers or your nearest and dearest. Mars enters the sign of partnerships and balance – Libra on the 7th where he is set for a seven month long stay. This unusually long period in a sign that is not comfortable hosting Mars energy is set to have us all looking at the fact that the world – in other words other people – is our mirror. It’s no use getting all hot under the collar about someone else’s perceived ‘attitude’ – we first need to examine our own. This is one of the hardest lessons of Mars in this sign. But Mars also rules boundaries and he is asking us to look at whether these are too rigid or worse – if we have none. Keeping the peace is one thing. People-pleasing at personal cost is something else entirely. What do you do to keep the peace? What are you prepared to compromise on? Expect peace-keeping and border issues (boundaries) to be prominent during Mars’s stay in here.

Mercury in Sagittarius is all about learning via experiences. On the 8th he makes an exact trine to Uranus and we may be presented with unusual growth or learning opportunities as a result. It’s all part of the global and personal soul evolution process. Maintain healthy boundaries but know where compromise is necessary this week.


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